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14px-Astrological Sign Leo svg August 3  

Gender FEMALE 


Naruto:13-17  Shippuden: 18-23 (Deceased)


150 cm. 


52 kg 

Blood type



18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure , Keikoku 




Ninja Rank

       Chunin / Missing Nin

Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age

12 /13  


Chei Ai (Father)
Satsune Ai (Mother)
Itachi Uchiha (Lover)
Satsuna Uchiha/Ai (Daughter)
Torao Uchiha (Son)
Disuke Ai (Uncle)
Shinju Ai (Cousin)


Cat Clone Jutsu
Cat Fire Claw Jutsu
Fire Release: Fire Ball Jutsu
Clone Jutsu
Fire Release: Fire Tiger Explosion
Nekozume-Cat Claw

Megumi Ai (愛メグミ, Ai Megumi) Is a former Konohagure ninja and is currently a member of the organization known as the Keikoku . Her goal is to take back her clan as leader but her goals changed as she is with the Keikoku. 


053 0007
Megumi was born on August 3 to Chei and Setsuna Ai of the Ai clan. The Ai clan is one of the many clans that live in the village of Konohagure . Megumi when she was born at the Medical core like all her cousins and father before her had her ears pointed symbolizing her clans ties to their feline partners.  Like the Inuzuka clan Megumi's clan the Ai clan had feline partners. This ranged from tiny house cats to large cats like tigers, lions, and leopards. Later in life Megumi was enrolled in the ninja academy at age 6 and there she met her future friend Itachi Uchiha. However the two didn't hit it off as friends really quickly.  

When she entered the academy Megumi was put into a different class because her mother was a teacher at the academy, and Setsuna didn't want any trouble for Megumi. At the age of 8 Megumi was given her choice of her first partner. Megumi chose a runt from a litter of tiger cubs and named her Yuki. 

While she was still at the Academy Megumi would practice her lessons by herself and Disuke would make a move to talk to her only when Itachi would interupt and invite Megumi to train with him,  Disuke hated Itachi for this but Itachi had promised Megumi's mother that he would look after Megumi becasue he had a bad feeling about Disuke . It was because of this Disuke turned his attetion to his oldest daughter Shinju Ai. Shinju was Megumi's older cousin by two months and was once Megumi's biggest influence . They also looked a like a part from the tint in their hair ( Megumi - blue  and Shinju - red ) when the sun would hit them and Shinju's eyes were a darker green than Megumi's 

Shinju would bully Megumi at the academy and threaten her if she ran to Itachi all the time she would be see as a coward to the clan and the rest of them would turn their backs on her. She hated it when Itachi got involved and stuck up for her young cousin. 

During the Kyuubi attack Megumi ran away from her house hiding in her training ground scared. Her parents after going to fight the fox went to find their daughter finding her hidden under a large tree root 

At the age of 11 Megumi graduated the ninja academy however August that same year she turned 12  Her Jonin was her uncle Disuke Ai . Her two teammates were a boy from another clan and a Inuzuka boy who Megumi had a friendly rivalry with . Megumi's mother was also worried about this hoping Disuke wouldn't do anything to Megumi. During her times with Disuke however he seemed to do just fine. ( That and Itachi hadn't left the village yet ) 

At Age 13 Megumi is moved to another team taking a test from her new sensei and joins a new team after ranking Chunin . Her father had her moved becasue Disuke was telling Megumi stories about her father Chei and Megumi would relay back to her mother . 

It was during a startting mission which was a escort mission  with her new team that night Itachi murdered his clan and fled the village . Disuke was happy about this because no one was around to stop him from his goal to become leader of his clan. Disuke with Shinju began plotting as Megumi came home after her missoion with her new team was over. Setsuna told Megumi what happened after Megumi asked where Itachi had gone and why the streets of the Uchiha estate were closed off. After Setsuna told Megumi  she refused to believe it  there was no way Itachi would do something like that without a reason. 
Megumi dark night

Two months after Itachi killed his clan Megumi was getting ready for a mission when she got a visit from her cousin who while Megumi went to go get some tea for the two  Shinju stole two of Megumi's Kunai and three shuriken putting them in her sleeves and holster . After seeing Megumi off  Shinju went back to meet her father Disuke 

Megumi joines the Keikoku after two years of living on her own as a rouge after her father is murdered by her uncle and cousin who pinned the murder on Megumi herself stealing her ninja tools so it is to be believed that Megumi killed her father. That night after Megumi left Shinju went to Megumi's home disquised as Megumi and told Chei as Megumi she need to see him before she left on her mission that there was a delay. Shinju lured Chei outside her  her father waited for his bother to kill him. Setsuna noticed a commotion outside seeing Disuke outside with Chei and someone that looked like Megumi. Knowing suddenly that it was Shinju  for she and Megumi looked somewhat alike . Setsuna watched as Shinju placed Megumi's ninja tools near Chei's body only to make it look like Megumi had killed Chei out of rebelion  before her mission. Setsuna swiftly sent one of the clans messenger cats named Yuri ( Yuri = Courage) after Megumi to let her know what was going on. 

Deep in the woods Megumi was on a spy mission with her team only to hear the sounds of rustling bushes . Megumi was about to attack only for Yuri to jump out of the bushes. Megumi was startled to hear what happened in the village. Her Jonin asked Megumi what had happened and Megumi crying even on mission saying her father was killed and she was being framed by her cousin and uncle. In the note her mother sent told Megumi not to come home. Knowing it would be risky for Megumi not to come home and Konoha would see her a traitor Megumi knew she couldn't go home.  Megumi also told her Jonin not to tell anyone about had had happened and with that left the mission spot. 

Megumi stayed out of sight for two years after the death of her father and Setsuna her mother with out Megumi's knowledge left Konoha as well to the Land of Grass. Megumi has joined the newly formed Keikoku founded by a ex Sound ninja named Minako and has swore to come back to Konoha for her revenge. Her sweet loving self has been put aside however that dosen't mean she still isn't there. 

Megumi comes back five years after her fathers muder and in the organizations new attire. She added a face mask and cut her hair  While in the village meets her old Jonin and a old friend : Itachi Uchiha. At first they have a bit of a hostility toward each other. Megumi demands to know why Itachi killed his clan however he will not tell her. After thier encounter with each other in Konoha the meet at a hotspring far off from Konoha. Itachi drags Megumi into his room to demand to know what happened. Megumi now being stubborn refeuses to tell him but he gets it out of her. 

Megumi is in a secreat relashionship with Itachi Uchiha before his death. However due to both orgnization's mission schedule they hardly see each other. She has two children by him. Her first child is daughter :Setsuna Uchiha /Ai  and a Son : Toroa Uchiha/Ai only a day after having her son Megumi was killed by a ninja under Edo Tensei with a poison kunai. 


When Megumi was younger she was way more dependant and was too trusting of others . This is shown when Disuke would tell her stories and Megumi believed them when she was younger. She didn't realize this until Itachi Uchiha when she met him pointed it out. Disuke just called her a moldable tool in his plans . As Megumi was growing she tried doing more things for herself like training on her own However when she would be by herself is when Shinju would come along and bully her or Disuke would come along and tell her more lies. 

After her Itachi killing his clan and  her fathers murder Megumi because issolated and wouldn't talk to anyone all she could thinkg about was revenge on her uncle and cousin. Megumi felt like she couldn't trust anyone anymore  After joining the Keikoku however allowed her to vent out the steam that needed to be let out. Also venting her anger out  and revealing her feelings to  Itachi when she meets him again also helped a little bit but she still wanted revenge for what her two relatives did to her.  

When Megumi has her first child (Setsuna Uchiha) she becomes very protective sometimes paranoid if someone would come around and think they were going to kill her daughter. However if one of the other Keikoku  is looking out for Setsuna Megumi is okay. When Setsuna is taken to the Akatsuki hideout by her father Megumi worries to the point of almost crying.  However because Megumi has to keep Setsuna with her when she goes on missions gets hard especially if no one is staying at the base at this point. 

After finding Setsuna Ai in the land of Grass Megumi leaves her daughter in her mothers hands. Megumi comes back though to get her daughter after a mission is done.  When Itachi dies Megumi is saddened and is crushed to tell Setsuna she will never see her father again. Megumi is also sad when she has her second child knowing Toroa would never know Itachi.  At the end of her life Megumi dies with a smile on her face seeing Itachi during the war  one last time . She cries though because she is leaving her newborn son. 

Appearance When Megumi was younger her hair used to be long than it looks now it was mid back . However she always wore it in a pony tail as she does now. When she graduted the academy  she cut her hair just below her shoulders.

Megumi's eyes are green and her Iris is a cat like. This only occurs in females of the clan  the rare colors are blue , and Amber . Common colors are Green and sometimes Gold . Males can get this feature only it is a rarity that they do so . The only known males to have this eye are Chei, and Disuke. Megumi's grandfather also had it.

Her clothing a a kimono like top with a purple lining and obi , When she  is working with the Keikoku her attire changes  She wears a white kimono like cloak . Sometimes she adds a hood  and mask when she is visiting Konoha so no one notices her right off the bat. 


053 00014

Family Rituals ​

When a child is born she or he are named after their grandfather or grandmother .

When they are born or at least one years old  they are taken to the Medical core to have their ears pointed. This sybmbolizes the tie between the clan and their feline companions. Sometimes though the ear has to be done multiple times before it stays the wat it is. 

The female members of the Ai clan all have cat like eyes and their Iris are cat like . The color of the eye can vary mostly common are  Gold, Green and Amber. The Rarest of the eye colors of the clan are Blue and Red . Megumi's mother Setsuna has blue eyes. However those with blue eyes become deaf over time.  Also male members of the clan can receive this trait however only a select few have it. Chei and Disuke Ai both have this eye. Chei's are Green and Disuke's are Gold 

When a child of the Ai clan hits a certain age they are given a choice of their feline partner. This partner they will train and become close with as they go on missions  together. Megumi received hers at age 8 while she was still in the Academy. 

Family Jutsu

Cat Clone Jutsu : Megumi uses cats to form clones of herself. The clones when destroyed separated and become cats again. The cats then disappear.

Cat Fire Claw Jutsu : When Megumi uses this she throws kunai at her opponent after ward doing hand signs setting the kunai a fire. She calls it Cat fire claw because the Kunai act as the cats claws.

Known Jutsu:

Clone Jutsu Fire Ball Jutsu Fire Release : Fire Tiger Explotion Nekozume-Cat Claw


Part Ninjutsu Taijustu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Handseals Total
I      2      3       0      3      2    3     2     2   17
II     4       3      2       4       3    5      4     2   28

Part I 

Keikoku cloak
From the beginning of Naruto Megumi has just joined the Keikoku which is a group of female ninja that left their villages because they felt like they were wronged or didn't like how their villages elders/ leaders were  ruling. The group was founded by a ex-sound ninja Minako .They however have a rocky start because three of their members are sought out by the Akatsuki to be subbordinates for their members. Megumi becomes a co Leader of the Keikoku and tell the remaining girls/women to do what they wanted until she came back  . 

By this time the Chunin Exams had ended in Konoha and Megumi sets off to do her own mission with her Tiger partner Yuki by her side she is dressed in her Keikoku attire for the first time and heads out to Konoha since she left 5 years earlier. She hesitates for awhle about going back , but she wants to go see if her mother is okay. However at the same time she noticed someone else was heading for Konoha.  Megumi had Yuki go ahead of her to check who these two cloaked figures were and recognized the cloak pattern from Minako's discriiption. These two were Akatsuki members, but didn't know who they were. Megumi swiftly followed the two only when they stopped for the night Megumi went ahead of them. 

By the next day Megumi made it to Konoha Yuki meeting her at the entrance and going through a short cut Megumi knew of going into the village. When she enters the village she is confronted by her previous sensei after Disuke since her father before his death moved her to another team with only two people. He asked her what she was doing in Konoha and Megumi explained but in a short conversation.  However he did let her know that Setsuna Ai after Megumi had left Konoha after her uncles take over and went to another village however he didn't know where. Megumi thanked him and told him not to tell anyone they had talked. 

Megumi was on her way to her families estate when she noticed the two figures from before however she didn't stop to see what was going on she had other things on her mind. While spying on her clans estate she is surprised to see one of the Akatsuki members standing below her  however she was surprised to see it was none other than
Running from Itachi
Itachi Uchiha . Megumi confronts Itachi infront of her clans estate however he tries to avoid her and stays silent. Megumi notes to herself how he had changed since she last saw him. 

However their meeting is short lived when he is joined by the other Akatsuki member and Itachi's partner Kisame Hoshiagki . Kisame makes note about her but Itachi says nothing and the two go off in search of Naruto. Megumi however leaves to the nearest town to rest up before heading back to the Keikoku hideout.  As she is sitting at a tea house she realizes even what Itachi had done was terrible she still had feelings for him. Megumi though tells herself she shouldn't let her emotions get in the way of what her goal is.

Megumi meets Itachi and Kisame again at a hotspring Megumi stops at for the night .There she is confronted by Itachi only he looks weaker than she meet him in Konoha. Itachi asked her what she was doing and that he had heard about the  murder and why she had done it. Megumi yelled at him saying it wasn't her that had killed Chei. Itachi had to use his Sharningan to get more information out of her though. Her feelings also surfaced.  Megumi also noticed Itachi had some medicine next to his bed she asked why but Itachi wouldn't answer. Worried he hadn't taken them she put the pills in her mouth and made him swallow them. Itachi after swallowing is surprised when she is crying. She yells at him telling Itachi he is the only one knowing what she is going through and she needed someone to support her no matter who it was or what they had done.

That night the two stayed together until Twilight when Itachi and Kisame left for the Akatsuki base and Megumi leaving the Keikoku hideout.   After the encounter with Itachi Megumi returns to the Keikoku hideout to find Minako Kiku and Sango have returned after faking their death and leaving the Akatsuki as they were playing as spys to keep close eye on the Akatsuki.  Megumi later after two months  finds she is pregnant with her first child  The group also opened a hotspring as a way to fund their organization.  During her pregnancy Megumi is on a mission and has a confrontation with Naruto Uzumaki Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno and their Jonin Kakashi Hatake on their way back from a mission.  Naruto is the first one to encounter Megumi commenting how pretty she was. Sasuke and Sakura are coming after Naruto when Sasuke notices Megumi and goes on a rage knowing she was once Itachi's friend.  He tries to attack her but Kakashi stops him  telling Sasuke he shouldn't hit a pregnant woman.
Baby joy

Kakashi confronts Megumi on her secret that he found out from her Jonin  and that her uncle had died suddenly . Megumi is surprised at the death of her uncle however her cousin Shinju had taken over as leader of the Ai clan. Kakashi then asked who her child was by and then asked if it was a Uchiha. With that Megumi left going back to the Keikoku hotspring to work until the baby was born.  A year later Megumi gave birth to a daughter who she named Setsuna Uchiha 

I love you

Part II

Three years later the Keikoku are set out on missions and Megumi has had her daughter Setsuna Uchiha /Ai . Megumi after having Setsuna was ordered several weeks of working at the hotspring so to take it easy on herself  Setsuna is now 2 years old and able to walk on her own. Megumi if she has to take Setsuna on missions with her keeps a stronge eye on her for she likes to get into trouble herself. Setsuna once got kidnapped by Itachi and Kisame taking her back to the Akatsuki hideout only for Itachi to return Setsuna that night in a miniature Akatsuki cloak Konan had given her.  Megumi during her missions with the Keikoku finds her mother in the land of Grass and leaves Setsuna there with her grandmother. Megumi one night goes on a mission is met by Itachi who tells her that time is about up for him and he will be going to fight Sasuke to the end. Megumi is crushed by this and he tells her that he will always be with her. That night the two spend time together making love one last time. After that night she and Itachi never see each other again. Megumi afterward leaves the Keikoku after the group slits up for Minako has been killed by Orochimaru and they don't know what to do with out a leader. Megumi goes out to Konoha with a realization in her mind. Megumi can't go through with her revenge against her cousin and wonders why. She then has a relalization that she had something else to live fore other than revenge. She had her daughter and also one on the way coming and those were more great to her than anything. After giving up the fight with Shinju she leaves and goes back to the Land of Grass where she has her son Toroa Ai / Uchiha. Megumi is then sent into battle when a group of ninja under Edo Tensei attacks the Land of grass and Megumi tells her mother to take her children to a secret area Itachi had told her of. Megumi tells Setsuna ( her daughter) to look out for her little brother.  
Dying kiss
During a battle with ninja Megumi was injured in battle. and is poisoned. While laying against a tree  she meets Itachi again after he is freed from the Edo Tensei . She smiles and says she is happy he was there. Itachi then watched her slowly give up life and promised her that he would end the jutsu before she could be summoned by it. with a smile on her face she died in Itachi's arms. 
Child Setsuna

Setsuna Uchiha / Ai in her Akatsuki cloak


  • Megumi has a bit of OCD. Reason for this she likes to color code her weapons 
  • Megumi had her son Toroa Uchiha/Ai  before she dies during the war by a posion Kunai 
  •  Toroa and Setsuna Uchiha are in the care of their grandmother Setsuna Ai. However they do not live in Konohagure anymore. They live with Setsuna at the old Keikoku hideout they have made their home after the group seperated. 
  • Weaknesess : Genjutsu, Heights, scared of her feelings, Her children, saftey of her mother 
  • Her best friend in the Keikoku is Kiku from the Snow Village and Sango from the Mist 


I want this one daddy ! - Megumi to her father when choosing her partner Yuki 

I am !?  - Megumi to Itachi when he points out she is too trusting of others 

What ! Daddy is dead ! No it can't be I just ...  - Megumi  ( after hearing about her fathers death) 

I need you around your the only one knowing what I am going through ! I don't know why but I still care for you . I have tried a lot of things and thought alot about you . But the one fealing I can't feel is hate for you - Megumi to Itachi  ( when they meet again after 5 years at a hot spring ) 

I.. I can't do this anymore . - During Megumi's last fight between Shinju and herself 

Revenge isn't someting I am living for anymore  .  -  To Shinju after giving up the fight. 

 I have something more to live for  I have two people who need me more than a whole family of people  - To Shinju 

Reference - is a mixture of Oc art and transformation art. 

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