Mayumi Sasaki - Literally meaning ‘true bow’ (archery, 真弓)==


Mayumi was born into the Sasaki clan to Michio and Kazumi (nee Yamamoto). The earliest signs of Mayumi's talent in using a bow and arrow came when her father would take her out on his hunting trips (much to her mother's disapproval). From there she would be encouraged to try and shoot a small animal (such as a squirrel or vole), which she did with surprising ease, and led to her Village believing that she was an archery prodigy. The excitement about the news was short-lived as it was thought that long-range fighting would be almost useless in battle, but her father still took her on regular hunting trips and taught her all he knew as an archer. 

When she was 7 years old her mother had caught greencough, a deadly flu that had been effecting Konoha at that time. The Kobayashi clan were the main providers in helping the sickness disappear (because of their medical background) which was where Raiden and Mayumi first became friends, as his mother was helping treat hers. Unfortunately, Kazumi passed away from greencough, one of the few villager to do so, as her sickness was treated too late. 

After the death of her mother, Mayumi isolated herself from the rest of her classmates and would occasionally skip school to hunt in the forest. In the last of her many hunting trips she became too ambitious and tried to shoot a fox, which she missed, and resulted in the fox attacking her. Fortunatly a ninja passing by heard Mayumi's screams and came in to save the day, but the fox had still left a long, thin scar on the left side of her face, along with a bite on her right leg (which only left a faint mark after being treated). After the incident she received multiple detentions and was often teased by her classmates for the scar, and was even called 'Fox-Face' or 'Scar-Face'.

Mayumi found it hard to make friends at school, as she didn't share the same interests that they had and usually had trouble starting a conversation. 


Mayumi is a quick-witted, independent and often bad-tempered kunoichi that may come off as snobbish to someone she doesn't like. She can be quite proud, and will go to greatly inconvenient lengths to prove she's good at something. Although her moodiness and sarcasm may be a little off-putting, she is as loyal to Konohagakure as any ninja, and will protect the village and it's people with her life. 

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