Masayuki Kanako



(雅之なし砂漠加奈子, Kanako No Sabaku Masyuki)

Masayuki' No Sabaku' Kanako ('雅之なし砂漠加奈子, Kanako No Sabaku Masayuki') 'is Grandson to Kankuro , son of Kankuro's daughter Kimiko, he is a well exprienced Ninja and has a shoe problem.


As a young boy Masayuki was always pick on for having to parents who are female. Adults questioned how he was born. he never liked shoes growning up so his parents let him rome free around Sunagakura shoeless sense he didnt go any where else but stay in the village, at age 6 his sister Masumi was born.


Masayuki and his baby sister Masumi

soon after his parents got packed on missions and had no time for Masayuki and Masumi so he watched over her and had fun, growning up with his little sister Masayuki now wondered why he looked only like his mother Ema and why Masumi looked like no one in his family, being part of the Kanako Clan, Masayuki is a master puppet master at his young age he created his first puppet which he used to keep his little sister happy when ever she cried durning the long days in door from the sand storms. living a lonely life with his sister and watching as the rouge ninja attacked his village Masayuki protected his sister and got a scar on his leg and arm. later the Kanako clan burned the clan symbol into his leg to symbolize what he owed the clan for almost killing them, just for his sister.


Masayuki is personally a funny guy no matter who he is around when he meets new people before he says hey he says "take off your shoes" sometime people dont understand why he doesnt where shoes and he finds it hard to explain,


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