Last Resort

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(打ち止めラストオーダー Uchidome)


Manga Part II
Anime Part II
Movie N/A
Game N/A
Appears in Anime, and Manga
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
English N/A
Birthdate Made on July 10
Gender Female
  • Part II: 16
Height Part II: 3.2 feet tall
  • Part II: 42 pounds
Blood type B
Catch-phrase Na No Da
Classification S-rank Ninja

  • Akatsuki Member

Akatsuki Hide-out

Orochimaru Hide-out

Team Akatsuki
Clan None
Ninja Rank Part II: S-rank 
Ninja Registration Doesn't have one
Academy Grad. Age Never graduated

Sasori (Father-like figure)

Konan (Guardian)

Pein (Leader)

Deidara (Guardian)

Rest of Akatsuki (Brothers or Guardians)

 [HideNature Type


Last Resort (Uchidome (Last Resort) lit. "The End") Is the 20001 experiment Orochimaru made. She was made by InsaneChild.


Last Resort is depicted as a ten year old girl, but is actually sixteen. She has shoulder length Chestnut brown hair with a piece of hair sticking up that acts up as humorous moments. Her eyes are also Chestnut brown, but has a little dark brown speck in them. She wears a blue polka-dotted dress with a lab coat and brown sandals.


Last Resort is very child-ish, and loves to whine when stuff doesn't go her way. She is annoying and curious, like stealing Naruto's ramen, as well as playing tag with him. At first when she was made, she had a mental mind of a new born. She can be serious sometimes when it comes to people hurting her love ones and someone picking on her.

She has a child crush on Naruto for saving her life, from Sasuke when he tried to kill her to find where Itachi was.


  • SasoriLast Resort approached Sasori to ask him for help. Although reluctant at first Sasori eventually decided to protect Last Resort with his life. It has been stated that Sasori is a parental figure for Last Resort, and their interactions are like that of father and daughter. Near the end of the forth Shinobi ninja war Sasori admitted that he always wanted to be with her
  • Konan: Konan is one of Last Resort's gaurdians and acts more like a mother to her. Giving her food and making Pein not let her on missions.
  • Naruto: Last Resort has a tiny crush on him for saving her from Sasuke, and taking care of her when she got lost in Konoha.


She was the final experiment made from Orochimaru, She functions as the command center of the experiments and the administrator of the Expri.Network, making her their superior. According to Kabuto, Last Resort was created as a fail-safe mechanism in case the experiments go out of control; by sending a set amount of brainwave signals to her, the researchers can control the Expri.Network from the outside. She was kept into the form of a child,so as she can be easily controlled.

Part I

Altough she wasn't in this at all, Last Resort's silhouette is briefly seen inside an incubation tank.

Kabuto had tried to upload a virus in all 20,000 experiments, but was denied by the Main Unit- Which was Last Resort- Herself and she ended up with the virus herself.

Part II

Last Resort's first real appearence was in the Kazekage Rescue Arc, when she was seen making Sasori come back to life by sending brainwaves to him making him human,and making him be connected to the Expri.Network. Asking him if he could help her find Orochimaru, so she could get the virus out of her head. She had followed him back to the Akatsuki's hide-out, and stayed there for the night. She had lectured him in the morning saying that when he had died, he had saw what Chiyo's move was, but never blocked it, she said he was not a bad guy in the heart. Sasori was about to storm out, when she had  collapsed due to her weak state, Sasori left with out knowing Kabuto was going to take her.

Kabuto takes her outside the now-abandoned Hide-out, and starts the Virus to kill everyone in Konoha. Kabuto left, but kept a eye on her to make sure nothing goes wrong. Sasori later discovers that the virus has started preparing to activate, and with no time left to spare, Sasori chooses to save Last Resort instead of killing her. He used Chakra to delete the virus, but kabuto had hit him with one of his medical ninjutsu attacks. Sasori didn't get all of the Virus, but Last Resort had denied the virus once more. Konan came later and got Last Resort in a new Incubation tank, and got Sasori to Kakazu.


In addition to the abilities listed below, she can be turned into a core that is used to summon an 'Angel', when a certain code is forcibly put into her.

  • Electiricity: She is capable of picking electric locks. She can detect electromagnetic fields, and can use Hertz unit to measure them.
  • Radio Noise (欠陥電気レディオノイズ Kekkan Denki (Redio Noizu)?, lit. "Flawed Electricity"): A form of telepathy between the experiments, it links her up to the "Expri.Network" as its administrator. She controls this system and can access their memories and experiences at will.

Being the administrator of the, she can perfectly control what information flows through the network and she can consciously select who will receive it. She is known to have made 'a comical use' of this ability. It should be noted that the experiments can not "fight back" direct high priority commands from Last Resort.


  • The name "Last Resort" was derived from the scenario of Last Resort commanding the experiments to die.
  • Her favorite food is 'Ramen.' like Naruto's
  • She joins the Akatsuki after the Virus thing.
  • Her favorite Stuff anime is a Frog, that she likes to call 'Gekota.'
  • Her lest favorite food is Vegetables.
  • She has a child-ish phrase saying Na No Da after every sentence.


  • (To Sasori) "Hmm, I was wondering. Why are you so mean to me, yet you haven't killed me yet? Could it be that you grown attached to me Na No Da!? Or maybe your actually a Lolicon/Pedophile Na No Da!? NOOOOO STAY AWAY PEDO!! Expri.Network cutter! 
  • (To Pein) "I knows what it is like. I knows how painful it is to be made to do something you don’t want to for someone else’s gain due to a program or a virus or whatever. We can’t let this happen. If that is happening to My friend, we have to save him."
  • (To Naruto, talking about Sasori) "He's weak, even though he had save my life.. He can't do anything the same without having a cruch or being connected to a Network...So this time..I'll be the one to save him! Also even when he's covered with blood he won't hesitate to kill the bastard who hurt me!

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