Kyo Kishimoto


(岸本キョ, Kishimoto Kyo)


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Anime and Manga

Voice Actor


Akio Nakamura


Robert Lee



18px-Astrological Sign Cancer.svg June 21st


Male Male


Part I: 13-14
Part II: 15- 17
The Last:19


Part I: 152 cm
Part II: 160cm


Part I: 36 kg
Part II: 43 kg

Blood type




Ninja Information


Kishimoto Clan


18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure


Team 5/Team Tanaka


Ninja Rank


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age


Ninja Registration Number



Kim Kishimoto (Mother)
Kumiko Kishimoto (Older Sister)
Kin Kishimoto (Younger Brother)

Nature Type

18px-Nature_Icon_Fire_svg.png Fire Release


Mystical Palm Technique
Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique
Cherry Blossom Impact
Chakra Enhanced Strength
Chakra Scalpel
Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning
Fire Release: Flame Kunai
Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Genjutsu: Flying Fireballs
Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death


Military Ration Pills

Kyo Kishimoto is one of the main supporting characters of the series and a chunin- level member of Team 5/Team Tanaka.


Kyo is the middle child of his family. He is a member of the Kishimoto clan. He attended the Academy at an early age, meeting his best friend, Noboro Aburame as a young child. He also met Yuki Ikeda, who would later become a friend and teammate.

In the Academy, Kyo was a decent student, known for his precise chakra control. He spent most of his childhood playing with Noboro and Yuki.


Kyo is a kind, polite, and rather shy person. He is easily embarrassed and has little confidence. Howevevr, Kyo is intelligent and isn't easily fooled. Many tend to trust him due to his soft nature and being physically weak/innocent looking. Though self- deprecating, he is a determined individual. He is highly perceptive.

Kyo originally did not want to be a shinobi, as he couldn't stand pain very well.


Kyo is the shortest member of Team 5/Team Tanaka.

In Part I, he wears a red shirt with Konoha leaf print and black pants. His black headband is on his head. He wears black sandals. In Part II, he wears a green shirt with a high collar. He still wears his black pants and a medical pouch.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he is shown wearing Konoha's uniform.


Kyo has good chakra control and as such, is good at genjutsus and is a medic- nin. Kyo has Fire Release and knows some jutsus. Though he serves as a medic-nin for his team, he prefers to use genjutsu.


Due to his chakra control, Kyo has a natural aptitude for genjutsus. He often utilized them in battle and has the ability to use and dispel high- ranking genjutsus. Kyo's genjutsus are complex and he often tricks the opponent into harming him/herself. His ability level is very high for his age. His specialty is messing up the senses. He was mentored by Kurenai Yuhi.

Chakra Control

Kyo could control his chakra exceptionally well. Because of this, he trained under Kurenai Yuhi for genjutsu. Kyo conserves his chakra, saving a lot for emergencies.  It's been said that Kyo shows the potential to be a sensor-type shinobi.

Medical Ninjutsu

Kyo serves as the medic of Team 5/Team Tanaka. During the time- skip, he was taken in by Shizune as an apprentice and is able to heal extreme injuries. He has also learned how to make and use medicines. His medical skills make him a useful asset to any team. His chakra control allows him to do difficult surgeries.

By Part II, Kyo decides to go back to learning genjutsu. Kurenai helped him for some time, even after becoming pregnant.

Ninjutsu: 3.5 Taijutsu: 2.5 Genjutsu: 4 Intelligence: 3.5 Strength: 2 Speed: 2.5 Stamina: 3  Hand Seals: 3.5

Total: 24.5

Part I

Introduction Arc

Kyo is seen waiting with his teammates, Noboro and Yuki for their sensei to arrive. They spend the time, speculating on Shou Tanaka, their sensei. They at first think that he seems strict, though realize that he is actually quite friendly. He hands them a package as a gift-there is a weapon in each one. Kyo receives a shuriken.

Shou (after learning of Kyo's chakra control) recommends him to Kurenai Yuhi, who begins teaching him genjutsu. She is amazed by his abilities, especially his chakra control.

Chunin Exams Arc

His team competed in the Chunin Exams. In the written part of the exam, Kyo and Noboro were able to get information from Yuki and they pass the first stage.

In the second phase, Team Tanaka/Team 5 were in the Forest of Death with the heaven scroll. They managed to get the earth scroll with a trap.

During the preliminary round, Kyo was put against Keiji Tamura (Noboro and Yuki were pitted against Keiji's teammates). To everyone's astonishment, Kyo executes a high ranking genjutsu, perfectly trapping Keiji. He wins though is later disqualified along with Noboro while trying to fight Kohana Takahashi (Yuki's opponent) after she nearly killed their teammate.

Kyo is present at the final round along with Noboro. They watched the matches, and were shocked by the battles.

Invasion of Konoha Arc

Kyo repelled the genjutsu. He found Noboro and they did their best to hold off the Oto and Sand- nin. They are later seen mourning the Third Hokage's death.


Shizune takes an interest in Kyo's chakra control and trains him. Under her tutelage, Kyo becomes a talented medical- nin (though still prefers genjutsu). He also becomes a chunin during this time period.

Part II


Kyo and Noboro both guard the village gates.


  • Kyo's favorite foods are riceballs and seaweed. He also likes fish. His least favorite foods are bitter foods.
    • Kyo's hobbies are studying and hanging out with Noboro.
  • Kyo has completed 38 missions in total: 14 D- rank, 16 C- rank, 7 B- rank, 1 A- rank, and 0 S- rank.
    • Kyo's favorite word is bamboo, while his favorite phrase is 'Never give in!'
  • His surname is based off Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto's creator.
    • He likes salty/spicy food.
  • Kyo is scared of a lot of things, such as the dark.


  • (To Noboro) ''I will never let you down!"


Special thanks to ShadowPuppy270343! Thank you for all your help :)

Kyo's surname Kishimoto is the same as Naruto's creator.

I have to get Noboro's page...

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