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The Poison Barb of the Sand (すなのどくいばら; Suna no Doku Ibara)



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18px-Astrological Sign Libra svg October 21st (Libra)


18px-Gender Female svg Female


Living, Married


Part I: 14-15

Part II: 17-18 


Part I: 143.34 (4'6")

Part II & III: 149.37 (4'9")


Part I: 29.35 kg (64.7 lbs)

Part ii+: 39.17 kg (86.3 lbs)

Blood type



Support Sensory Ninja


18px-Land of Wind Symbol.svg Land of Wind

18px-Sunagakure Symbol.svg Sunagakure

18px-Allied Shinobi Forces Symbol.svg Allied Shinobi Forces


Mizugame Ryodan

Cardinal Squad

Fourth Division


Shuhou Clan


Ninja Registration


Ninja Rank

Part I: Genin

Part II: Chunin, later Jounin

Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age


Joūnin Prom. Age



Tenousei (P. Grandfather)

Raia (P. Grandmother)

Sokusei (M. Grandfather)

Koucha (M. Grandmother)

Saisei (Father)

Toge (Mother)

Uiiki (Sister)

Fukammu (Sister)

Mittsukinu (Brother)

Yosane  (Sister)

Itsujijou (Brother)

Rokukokui (Brother)

Nanae (Sister)

Hattoku (Brother)

Hin (Husband)

Nature Type


Body Flicker Technique

Summoning Gates

Arm Shield 

Additional Hands Technique

Vibration Tracking

Dance of the Dust Moth

Widow Bite

Water Release: Acid Mist

Water Release: Explosive Corrosive Bubbles

Water Release: Multi-Headed Hydra Technique

Water Release: Narcissa's Pond

Water Release: Enraged Gorgon Sisters

Water Clone Technique

Water Gathering Vortex 

Purification Bubble

Chakra Absorption Technique

Chakra Transfer Technique

Summoning Technique (Jackalopes)


Medical Kit

Antidote Creation Kit

Steel Wire

Poison Dipped Senbon + Container

Hollow Point Cacti Needles 

Daggers w/ concealed poison chamber

Poison Dipped Kunai

Various Tags

Poison Smoke Bombs

Sealing Scrolls

Collapsable Blowgun

Injection Shot

Kurei (主砲の 九礼, Shuhou no Kurei) is a jounin-rank kunoichi of Sunagakure and a member of the prominent Shuhou Clan. Despite the promise Kurei showed as a child the illness she suffered debilitated her body greatly, leading many to believe she would never be suited for the life of a ninja. However, Kurei persevered, joining the Mizugame Ryodan organization in order to be useful to her village. Her interest in poisons and work with senbon needles quickly earned her the moniker The Poison Barb of the Sand (すなのどくいばら; Suna no Doku Ibara). After the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kurei becomes the Mizugame Ryodan's Lt. General (中将; Chuujou) and goes on to become the Supervisor sometime before the Next Generation.

Kurei's story takes place parallel to the Naruto plotline, occasionally she makes an appearance in the larger or sand village-centric arcs, but mostly her story happens just to the side of the main plot.



Kurei was born into the Shuhou Clan as the ninth and last child of Shuhou no Saisei and Toge. She was a lively child, constantly on the move and questioning everything. She enjoyed spending time in the Sunagakure Greenhouses, tending to plants, and studying in the library about poisons. Kurei craved information and knowledge and was never without a heavily ladened bag of books and scrolls. As a child she was surprisingly generous with her belongings, often seen giving her toys and candy/food away to children who had less and giving her time to anyone she found who needed her. Her compassion and intelligence were quite obvious even at her young age and many were expecting a great deal out of the young child, telling her so at any given opportunity. The pressure this added to Kurei was tremendous as she tried to rise to their expectations. Her greatest fear became letting down those around her; being found useless and discarded. This often led to Kurei being overworked and horribly exhausted, mentally, emotionally, and physically. 


At some point, all the stress caused Kurei's immune system to suffer and at the age of five, she collapsed in her family home. Rushed to the hospital, most of the doctors expected her to die within months of admission due to a bacterial infection of the blood. This level of infection was beyond most of the medical staff's expertise. Saisei, Kurei's father, called in an old friend, a doctor of great renown for his work with bacteria, Dr. Yamawaki. It was hard to get the reclusive doctor to return to his home village, but he couldn't refuse a father so desperate to save his daughter. Kurei was wary of the older man and his rough mannerisms. However, through the trials of her treatment, Dr. Yamawaki and Kurei grew close, fostering a tight bond of trust. His constant presence and refusal to give up, or to let Kurei give up, gave her what she needed to push forward on her darkest days. 

She was stuck in the Infectious Disease Pediatrics Ward and was denied most visitors for the first three years. Dr. Yamawaki worked relentlessly to find some kind of relief for Kurei. Eventually, he stumbled upon an old remedy in the archives and, mercifully, Kurei's body took to it at once. With the remedy in hand, Kurei entered into a difficult regiment of medication. As her body began to adjust and the bacteria showed signs of receding, Kurei was considered no longer contagious and moved to another ward. Soon, family and friends began to show up in droves to lavish Kurei with much-needed attention and love. Up until she had seen them, Kurei hadn't realized just how overwhelmingly lonely she had been. As her mother held her, Kurei cried and cried until she finally fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

The road to recovery was a horribly long ordeal for Kurei. Despite how much pain she was in, despite how sick and frail she had become, Kurei never stopped studying. She begged to be enrolled in the Academy, not wanting to disappoint all those who had high expectations for her. Dr. Yamawaki tried to talk her out of it, but Kurei persisted and eventually was enrolled (if only to placate her) and began her studies. It often pushed her further than her body could handle, leading to fainting spells and migraines that lasted hours.


Kurei slowly began to heal. She was still in pain as her body mended and her physical rehabilitation took hold, moving parts that had been rendered useless as she lay in bed just trying to survive. Once she was moved to the new ward, Kurei's childhood friend, Hin, visited her with Academy work and stories and classmates he hoped would be her friends. Sometimes, Taba, a classmate of Hin's, would hold a mock class to help Kurei bond with her agemates and learn more about the subjects they were studying. Kurei never had the heart to tell him she was, academically, far ahead of them.

Kurei enjoyed the challenges her teachers presented her with, each trying to keep up with her thirst for knowledge, surprised by her drive and persistence and intelligence. Her siblings would bring her puzzles and memory games to keep her busy when she was stuck in bed. Dr. Yamawaki enjoyed the conversations the pair had, her deep level of introspection was startling to him. She was an old soul, with all that she had suffered, and knew herself very well. He made her a promise, that he would trainer her once she was healthy enough and would pass on some of his personal techniques if she was interested.

However, her body never truly recovered as her growth hormones were severely stunted by the stress and decayed by the bacteria. Her body was far smaller and more fragile than was normal for her age and sex. It was obvious she would never be able to take a solid hit on the field and her endurance was horrendous. Kurei lamented her failure. She failed her family's expectations, failed her teachers' diligence, and failed herself as a future shinobi of Sunagakure. The stress and depression were so great that Kurei almost relapsed. 

To encourage Kurei, Dr. Yamawaki had a deep heart-to-heart with her and provided a new state of mind. He promised her it was okay to not try and meet everyone's expectations. That it was healthier to find what she could do and enjoyed doing, rather than focusing on what she could not. Together, they concentrated on using her exceptional intelligence and her natural prowess with field tactics to hopefully get her to pass. 

During her Academic evaluation, Kurei tried her hardest to hit all the requirements, however, her body was still weak and, ultimately, she flunked the exam. Discouraged but not ready to quit, Kurei resolved to try again the following year. Backed by friends and family, Kurei began a wide range of training programs to increase her stamina and focus on her mind, speed, and clan techniques.


Kurei is a very small woman, with light olive skin and sharp facial features. She has short, blunt-cut mocha brown hair that curls slightly into her face. Kurei has sharp, deep-set, two-toned plum colored eyes with notable long lashes and large, dark rounded eyebrows. Even after leaving the hospital in her youth, Kurei keeps her hair short and blunt-cut to try and tame its natural curliness. Often when working she pins her bangs back or puts her hair up into a short, spiky, fanned-ponytail or into a covered bun. 

Hospital settei finished

Kurei in the Hospital

When she was admitted to the hospital
, Kurei's hair was cut very short and she used her long bangs to hide the deep purple bruising under her eyes. Her mouth was covered by a large white mask and she had a variety of bandages and cotton patches indicating where IV's and injections were common. Her outfit consisted of a thick, pale pink poncho over a deep plum purple gown with a pale purple tie at the waist. Similarly colored shorts ending just under her knees and brown slippers. As she began to recover and the bruising around her eyes disappeared, Taba gave Kurei some hair clips to pull back her long bangs.
Kurei Genin Lined

Genin Kurei

In Part I
, Kurei wears an orange, open-sided, sleeveless tunic with a dark border that is held at the waist with a yellow sash. She wears this and her yellow bandanna-styled hitai-ate tied at her neck -at various times it is tied over her mouth or on her head- over a black, short-sleeved/legged bodysuit with yellow armbands and arm-mounted senbon shooters, bandages wrapped around her ankles, and black shinobi sandals. When she joins the Mizugame Ryodan she is given a specialized flak jacket to wear as well as a pair of red-tinted goggles and ankle bracers which she wears over her shoes. Later in the series, she paints her nails with plum colored polish that carries a type of neurotoxin.

After entering the Kami no Kado gates, Kurei undergoes several changes. In the First Gate, her hair grows down past her hips, her fingernails lengthen and turn dark, and her eyes have a purplish glow as they turn pitch black. For the Second Gate, her hair grows down past her waist once again but turns pure white as do her eyebrows, her eyes become white and clear. Kurei also gains what looks like scales over her exposed flesh. For the Third Gate, her hair becomes ruffled and extremely curly turning a bright blonde and her eyes turn orange. In each gate, her attire changes as well, though they are all variations of a decorated toga with bits of armor.

In Part II, Kurei's typical outfit consists of a short orange vest with the same design as her Part I tunic. This is over a white tunic with mesh sleeves, both held to the body with a yellow sash. She wears tan shorts with small pouches, fishnet worn over her legs, specifically on her right calf and her left thigh, and black sandals. Kurei wears her hitai-ate on a tan bandanna on her head and has the wrist-mounted senbon shooters from Part I.

Kurei wears a standard Sunagakure flak jacket with a cape attached at the shoulder plates and the hitai-ate on a happuri-styled faceplate and assorted clothing during the Fourth Shinobi World War


Intelligence and Tactical Prowess

Even at a young age, Kurei was startlingly self-aware and perceptive and constantly craving knowledge. Her love of strategy games and puzzles as a kid indicated a high intelligence and proved her to be very competitive and driven. Time and time again, Kurei has demonstrated the ability to take in and digest large amounts of information and quickly fit together scenarios and reasonings that often win her battles, or otherwise, allow allies to retreat with fewer casualties. Her ability to observe and be aware of the actions her allies and opponents makes, to study all combatants behaviors and devising how they will react in ay given situation, allows Kurei to devise multiple strategies and direct those she's leading in an extremely effective fashion.

Kurei remains acutely aware of people's emotions and body language, likewise using her sensory abilities to monitor people's chakra fluctuations to detect if they are being truthful or not, allowing her to avoid surprise and deception. She is known to be a very loquacious individual, being able to talk circles around people. Kurei uses this well-cultivated ability to stall in times of trouble or to allow her allies to move into position in the field, to persuade people to her side of thinking or soothe over a heated situated, or to throw opponents off by taunting or threatening them. Being able to quickly understand what other people want to hear, Kurei can craft responses that, more times than now, sway or captivate whoever she is dealing with. Kurei has a widely known reputation for easily being able to talk herself out of trouble. 

Kurei possesses a very detailed knowledge of human physiology, thanks to the training she received from Dr. Yamawaki. When engaged, Kurei focuses on disabling opponents by precisely hitting key points on the body with her poison coated senbon or cacti needles. She has come to be known for injecting various poisons into opponents with her needles to cause attentional conditions while fighting and even being able to inject a special chemical to track individuals. Her accuracy and marksmanship has been commented on time and again, and is part of the reason she gained the moniker "Poison Barb of the Sand". Kurei's high intelligence, tracking skills, and ability to keep tabs on everything going on around her, as well as her allies and her opponents, has made Kurei a highly respected and trusted leader among her people. 


Kurei has shown to be efficient in kayakujutsu, using exploding tags (and other types of tags) as traps or to add more lethality to her various projectiles. She favors senbon and needles, launching them with a wrist-mounted shooter, has been seen wielding various knives and daggers, and has shown considerable skill with a collapsible blowgun. By the beginning of Part II, Kurei could use the Summoning Technique and summon several jackalopes. Having taught the larger of her summoned jackalopes from the Mizugame Ryodan how to use a few key Shuhou Clan techniques, they could swap places with Kurei and fight in her stead or alongside her. With the smaller jackalopes, she was able to develop such a close bond that she could see what they observed via chakra. By the time of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kurei's natures included Water, Yin, and Yang Release.

Shuhou Clan Techniques

Despite being a member of the Shuhou Clan, Kurei's specialty is not in bukijutsu or close range combat, but instead focuses heavily on defensive techniques such as the Arm Shield technique and keeping herself at long range. She teaches a wide variety of Shuhou techniques to her summoned jackalopes and tweeks a few of her clans techniques to fit her fighting style, coming up with a few new, unique variations which serve to make the clan that much stronger in the overall.  

Sensory Techniques

Kurei is proficient in several different sensory methods, she is especially handy in techniques which hinder others sensory abilities. On top of being able to differentiate individual by their unique chakra signatures, even link them back to relatives. Kurei is best known for being able to tell if a target is lying by the fluctuations in their chakra pulse. By merely touching the ground, Kurei can detect an enemy presence and even figure out how many individuals are in a given area. Due to Kurei's high level of empathy toward other, she is extremely sensitive to people's emotions and can easily tune her chakra with those around her, generally to sooth or calm when they begin to fluctuate, sometimes reaching out with her chakra unknowingly in an effort to help. 


While taijutsu is a skill she rarely uses, due to her childhood illness, Kurei has focused on increasing her speed so she can avoid potential close-combat scenarios and allow her to increase the speed at which she makes her hand signs, which gains her precious time over her opponents. Her combat style relies on keeping her distance from her opponents and moving from one position to another undetected as she snipes her targets and calls strategies to her allies. Even if she is unable to compete offensively, Kurei can provide a quick distraction by pumping her chakra into her legs and speeding around the field, luring her opponents into expanding energy on her after images. 


Poisons and Antidotes

During her childhood years, prior to her hospitalization, Kurei showed a vast interest in poisons. She stated that she originally wanted to be a doctor, working in the Poison Response Unit. Her interest later became an integral part of Kurei's fighting style. She injected and ingested a wide variety of poisons and toxins over her life to build up a considerable immunity. There is seldom a poison that can take this kunoichi down. Due to her love of plants, Kurei started a hybridization project that brought her poison filled cactus needles which she uses in her modified wrist mounted senbon shooters. Other poisons she has injectables, explosive gasses, in the form of techniques sealed in tag and scrolls, and can create from her chakra and pull from her blood, though the latter is only as a last resort. She also has a nice line of nail polish that contains various forms of snake and spider venoms.

As good as Kurei is at creating poisons so too is she adept at making antidotes. She is well versed in making them on the fly and under pressure as well. Much of her toxic collection have an antidote and she keeps them on hand in case an ally should meet with friendly fire. Kurei has mentioned being approached on several occasions and asked to make specific poisons for clients but almost always refuses as she doesn't want that coming back to harm her people. The only kind of offers she considers is those of medical value, such as a chemical to attack a certain strain of bacteria, as that is what saved her life as a child.


Due to Kurei's work in the Mizugame Ryodan, she earned the right to summon some of the jackalopes to further help her do her job. At first, the rabbits aren't very cooperative, skittish and suspicious of their new summoner. However, they warm up to her as she talks to them and treats them with great care and respect. The jackalopes are used in a variety of ways, from scouts and messengers to tracking chakra. On the job, they collaborate with Kurei in the Vibration Tracking Technique to locate water deep underground and scout out the conditions of the aquifer before digging and/or extraction begins. By part II, several of her jackalopes have grown to be four foot at the shoulder or taller and have learned a few of the Shuhou Clan techniques, such as the Arm Shield Technique.


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total


2 1 3 3.5 0.5 1.5 1 3.5 16

Part I

2.5 1 3.5 3.5 1 2 2.5 3.5 19.5
Part II 4 2.5 3.5 4 1.5 4.5 4 4.5


New Era

4.5 3 3.5 4 2 5 4.5 4.5 31

Part I

Introduction Arc

Kurei was initially seen at her second try at the genin graduation exam only to be asked to stop and barred from moving forward in the test. Deeply disheartened, Kurei ran from the building and into her childhood friend, Hin, who held her as she cried and bemoaned her failure. The pair walked around Suna as Kurei worried about her future, giving small flashbacks to all her training and all the people who had worked to help her in the past year. Hin brings up a job opening he found not too long ago for someone with Water Release that maybe she should look into. Kurei begrudgingly agrees to at least check it out, wanting to become a proper shinobi like her family before her but knowing her situation was getting desperate.

As they arrive at the Mizugame Ryodan, Kurei can feel the buzz of chakra and emotion surrounding the people that work there. They are curious about her and excited and Kurei realizes they were waiting for her. Hin says nothing when Kurei inquires and merely leads her to the supervisor's office. Once introductions are had and the organization's main objectives are explained, Kurei realizes the incredible opportunity she has in front of her and knows she would be a fool to turn it down. Perhaps this wasn't her original plan, but she realized it suited her and would make use of her best abilities. Kurei also sees how much she can contribute and help her community as a whole, and, as making her own mark on history is very important to her, she happily agrees to join them.

It is revealed later that Hin had been approached by Hideri to speak with Kurei about the job and that he had also agreed to join on as a bodyguard if, and only if, Kurei agreed to join the organization as well.


  • Kurei's name is derived from Ku (九) "Nine" and Rei (礼) "Expressions of Gratitude". Shuhou (主砲), "Battery/Armament", refers to the Clan's military prowess and their massive supply of chakra.
  • Kurei was named in the fashion of her siblings, the ninth child born they were hoping she would remember all those who would help her and shape her life. To always be grateful for those things she has received and earned and not want for more than she should need to be happy.
  • While stuck in the hospital, after moving wards, Kurei was gifted with several desert-dwelling plants in a planter box. Even after she leaves the hospital she tends to these plants. They are a symbol of hope and renewal and Kurei takes very good care of them.
  • Due to her illness, Kurei was not fit to learn many of the Shuhou Clan techniques due to her inability to adequately handle herself in close combat situations. However, she modified many techniques to be useful at long-range, carving a name for herself within her clan for her creativity and versatility and opening up a new avenue of fighting for the Shuhou Clan.
  • Kurei grows her hair out later in life to symbolize the transition to peace the village is feeling. As she kept her hair perpetually short as an active shinobi.
  • Kurei is always on the lookout for people shorter than she is - who are not children - but is usually very disappointed in the end.
  • Kurei's role models are her mother, Toge, and sister, Uiiki.
  • Kurei's ninja way is to forge forward and grasp the future with both hands, never letting go.
  • According to the databook(s):
    • Kurei's hobbies include studying poisons, strategy games, star-gazing, and tending to the greenhouse gardens in Suna.
    • Kurei does not wish to fight anyone.
    • Her favorite phrase is “Ten Men, Ten Colors.” (十人十色).
    • Kurei's favorite foods are katsuboshi  (as a treat), kenchinjiru , and chilled somen. Her least favorite foods are sweets. A trait which seems to be shared among the Shuhou.
    • Kurei has completed 223 official missions: D-Rank 38 l C-Rank 89 l B-Rank 83 l A-Rank 10  l S-Rank 3.
    • Kurei's favorite word according to the databooks is "survival" (生残, Seizan).


(to Hideri, after lamenting her size) "Hey now, I'm fun-sized! And damn proud of it! Don't let my size fool you either, I can pull my own weight. I have my strengths just as anyone else does. Judge me by that, not by my height!"

(To Hin, about his similarities to Naruto) "I know you recognized that loneliness in his eyes when we were kids, but, look how bright he is now, how he inspires others without really trying! You inspire confidence like that in me, too, ya know! You don't have to be loud and boisterous to let us know you are here, to let us know you care. You do so in smaller, more subtle ways that mean just as much!"

(To Toge, about Hin) "Hm, yes. Yes, I am going to marry that man one day. Not sure he knows that yet, though, he."

(To Tenousei, about his attitude) "Stop that! That stupid amount of pressure you put on everyone. It's nonsense! That kind of talk almost killed me! Or have you forgotten? The stress that was put on me and the stress I put on myself made me ill beyond the telling. Now you want to justify it when another kid is showing similar signs? Are you fucking kidding me?"

(About Hin "You say that one more time. I dare you to call him that one more time because I swear I will turn you into a bloody pincushion you absolute ass!"


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