Koumorino Clan
(コウモリノ一族, Koumorino Ichizoku)

Affiliation Konohagakure

Kekkei Genkai

Shōgekiha no sakebu

Known Members

Hayato Koumorino
Kanaboshi Koumorino
Kotori Koumorino
Tsubame Koumorino
Tsukimaru Koumorino

The Koumorino Clan (コウモリノ一族, Koumorino Ichizoku) origins are greatly surrounded in secrets and rumours, the most prominent of which is that of their coming forth from Orochimaru's experiments.

The current Konoha sect neither denies nor accepts this as truth, but they are a relative new addition to the village and the rumour is strong.

Little is know of the clan beyond Konoha, but within the village gates, the Koumorino are a small family with traditional values.


Roughly ten years before the Kyuubi attack on Konohagakure, the young Tsubame Koumorino (コウモリノ燕, Koumorino Tsubame) approached the village, accompanied by his father, Hayato Koumorino (コウモリノ隼人, Koumorino Hayato), and his young bride, Ayame Harada (原田あやめ, Harada Ayame). Their original village was kept a secret, but it's been known that the Koumorino stretch across various lands and that they keep a certain level of peace amongst themselves; It's been speculated that a Koumorino from one village will hesitate to fight one from another village, making them wildcards while on missions.


Kekkei Genkai

衝撃波の叫ぶ (Shōgekiha no sakebu; shock wave scream) The Koumorino will admit to have been a breeding project for several decades. It's through this discriminating act that they've developed abnormal vocal cords that, once chakra infused breath is pushed through, with proper support from the diaphragm, it creates a high frequency yell capable of severe damage to enemy eardrums. At this time, chakra is used to seal the user's own ears thus saving them from the technique's effects.

A little know bonus is an echolocation application. By reversing the amount of chakra to throat and ears, the user has an effective radar.

This ability is easily countered by a sharp jab to the throat or by keeping the mouth shut. Unknowingly, the body naturally mixes chakra with breath, making control over this ability a necessity for everyday life.


  • The clan symbol, a stylized winged kunai, is both a symbol of the clan's status as a ninja orientated family and a reference to the family name; Koumori, (蝙蝠) meaning bat, lends it's wings to the symbol.
  • Born Koumorino have the clan symbol tattooed just below their navel, while those married into the clan have their's on their left hip.
  • Different sects seem to have theme naming for born members; The Konoha sect have bird or bird related names, while Tsukimaru and his father, Kanaboshi, are both named after celestial bodies and are originally from Shimogakure.
  • Ayame had deviated her career from kunoichi to professional singer before she was chosen to wed into the Koumorino, it's this career path that made her valuable to the breeding standards. She claims, however, that she'd be happier if Kotori, her daughter, wouldn't have the kekkei genkai, because then they'd be able to sing together.

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