"They showed me the meaning of "warmth", and "loyalty..."

Hinagiku Kinomi

Aliasses: Senna

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Bitrh: October 17

Sign: Libra

Hobbies: Pebble skipping, Tree Climbing

Choosen seiyus: Gina K. Bowes (English)

Chiwa Saito (Japanese)

Relatives: Unknown Parents

Might Guy (Guardian)


Kinomi was born in the wealthiest family in her country.

She considers her livelihood boring because of her father having an obsession towards the family's buisness and money, and her mother was so overprotective towards her that never lets her go out on her own.

One night she was taken hostage by a bunch of bandits wanting to claim the riches of her parents.

The bandits made a terrible mistake.Kinomi was actually trained with mixed martial arts and she ends up sabing herself effortlessly knocking down everyone of the bandits (which triggered her likes for fighting).

Ever since that night, she started breaking out of her mansion every night (disguised as a boy) joining in taijutsu compititions and became a famous champion.

Her parents knew about her secret and never let her outside of the mansion ever again, Kinomi has had enough of her lack of freedom and decides to run away. to hide her identity, Kinomi wore her masculine disguise and renamed herself as "Senna".

During her travels, she bumped into Konohagakure and stayed there for a few days of rest, and ended up meeting with Guy when she went to look for a job to get some money, at first she thinks hes insane, but after she found out hes a famous taijutsu ninja, she slowly starts to admire him, not just for his abilities but also for the kinder side of his personality. she started living with him in the end and look up to him like a father.


For a girl,"Senna" is very spunky and strong-willed,and is often careless about everything around her.

She never liked having a luxurious life,shes much more into adventures and action,especially street fighting.Though Senna never really desired violence despite her hunger for battle,she only fights an opponent when neccesary


Senna cutted her brown hair into a short bob,it used to be longer when she was still living with her parents. Her attire makes her look like a ninja,with her purple shinobi coat and a pale pink quipao-like short skirted dress and some black boots


Hand-to-hand Combatant

Her parents paid to give her martial arts lessons, she is really skilled at it and uses them for self defense.

After moving in with Guy, He had also trained the maiden some ninja art taijutsu, she learned to leap and dash in further distances like any other ninja, and just like Lee she also trained with weights on, enhancing her speed and strenght.

Tools and Weapons

Battle Knife

"Senna" carries along a small knife in case her brute strenght doesnt work, it can be used for close combat and for throwing distance.


  • Her personality is often described feisty and tomboyish
  • She is an inspired character of Lili from the famous videogame TEKKEN
  • "kinomi" means Berry, while her last name "hinagiku" means Daisy


coming soon

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