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Ken Uchida


(県内田, Uchida Ken)


Appears in

Episode 5, Volume 23

Voice Actors




David Faustino



15px-Astrological Sign Virgo svg August 24th


Male Male


Part I: 18-19
Part II: 22


Part I: 175.32 cm
Part II: 177.97 cm


Part I: 164 lbs
Part II: 170 lbs

Blood type



Clan Leader


18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure




Ninja Rank


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Nami Uchida (Sister)
Kiyone Uchida (Mother)
Jin Uchida (Father)
Jakie Mizuiro (Distant Cousin)

Ken Uchida (県内田, Uchida Ken) is a Knight who currently lives in The Leaf Village


Ken Uchida was born on a far continent, the same continent from which Temujin hailed from. Life was difficult for his family, the land was overun with Warlords trying to find the Stone of Gelel. His father, Jin Uchida, was killed when he challenged an attacking Warlord named Ito Tanaka. Ken joined his people for the next time Ito attacked to finish the job. When he did return, Ken challenged him just like his father before him. Ito was scarred disfigurtivly and before he could kill Ken, his friend Amaya Sato, a member of the Sato clan, on of two other clans that lived with the Uchida clan. She was able to distract Ito, at the cost of her right arm. This allowed Ken to seriously injure Ito and recover some objects that were his father's, including his father's head.

After an incident where some of the women were kidnapped and rescued, Ken left his home to find a new home, and eventually found his then unknown ancestoral home. He found the Leaf Village and his entire village then migrated to the Leaf Village, inhabiting the area where the Uchiha clan resided. Later after an Uchida was injured, certain genetic markers were discovered and Ken found out that his mother was a distant decendant of the Leaf's Mizuro clan and that he had some markers only seen in the Uchiha, making him related to Jakie Mizuiro, if a bit distantly.


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Ken has many abilities as a knight and from ninja techniques

Kekkei Genkai

In Part II, Ken obtains a sharingan, cloned from Kakashi's sharingan. After losing his eye fighting Kimimaru, he made use of an eye patch until his battle against Hidan and Kakuzu. In their skirmish, Kakuzu took advantage of his blind spot, causing him to require a new eye, but due to a rare condition, the only one's that could give him an eye was either another Uchida or an Uchiha due to them having a common ancerstry. Kakashi offered his sharingan to be cloned so that Ken could get his sight back, and by the 4th Shinobi World War, he had a fully functional sharingan to use.


Ken's weapons have evolved quite a bit, when he first reached the Leaf Village, he first had light armor along with his father's shield and sword. After his fight with Kimimaru, he repaired his father's sword, which was broken during his fight, and made a new sword design and heavier armor. By the point of the 4th war, he was given an even stronger sword and heavier armor, making him a very powerful warrior.


After finding the Leaf Village, Ken learned some ninja techniques. His main attacks are channeling chakra into his sword and depending on which nature he uses, results in a differant slash attack. Channelling fire nature into his sword will have a fire slash attack taht when it hits, results into severe burns while channelling wind nature would result in an air slash technique, causing deep lacerations and pushback damage. He also learned to summon his dragon mount, Yofune.


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Ken Uchida belongs to B1izzardHawk on deviantART:

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