There's not much known about Keigans past except that he and his mother are the last alive in his clan, in which was plagued with a mysterious disease, which hadn't gotten to them.

Keigan started the Academy in which he met Hoshi and Mizuki.


Keigan is very childish and playful but during battle he is the most calm. Though he may crack a joke about the opponents appearance or their abilities to throw them off guard for a few seconds.

Keigan is a Quick thinker and that's what his team mates benefit from. He can come up with a plan and spread it to his partners without even uttering a single word.

Even out of battle he likes to poke fun at people. Especially his team mates in which he find both attractive.

Keigans jokes annoy his sensi more than it does the people he says them to.

Hoshi usully has a comeback to his jokes which makes Keigan furious and doesn't hesitate to quickly reply rudely. Though his "bestfriend" is female Keigan finds Hoshi as another side of himself that makes him realize that's why he's such a quick thinker.

Another person Keigan is close to that makes him realize why he's such a talented ninja is Shinju, his Sensi.


Keigan has blond hair spiked directly upwards, while he has long strands of hair covering his ears. Keigan also has dark skin with exception of dark blue eyes.

Keigan wears a fitted short-sleeved turtle neck shirt with a blue waist length scarf loosely wrapped around his neck. Keigan also wears black pants with a small Konoha symbol on the back pocket. He wears standard black ninja sandals and a black forhead protector in which he wears on his forhead and ocassionally around his neck.


Keigan never uses chakra in unless it's necessary. He is better with using weapons and Tai Jutsu. He has never been forced to to extents to use his chakra but Keigan's quick thinking keeps him far away from using it. His Tai Jutsu skill is even above Shiju's.

Keigan's Kekkei Genkia is the ability to steal another opponents chakra and store it as their own until later on. Though the stored chakra has to be released eventually before it overloads with the holders chakra and crashes.