"The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it"
(勝美詩織, Shiori Katsumi')

Katsumi Shiori (勝美詩織, Shiori Katsumi)


Katsumi grew up in the Moon Country as an orphan. Her mother died of an unknown sickness and and her father abandoned her when she was born. She has an older brother, Yushio, who has alway been at her side to help. She is searching to seek revenge on her father for his abandonment. During Katsumi's early ninja years, she awakened her power with water. When her brother resistered Katsumi in the Chuunin Exams, she ment a girl named Cho Saki. They became best friends because of Cho's humor and personality. After the Exams were over, it was revealed that Cho lived in the Moon Country as well. Both being Chuunin, they could train together. As they became better, Yushio was keeping a secret all the while. Yushio knew Katsumi and his father, though not sure where he was. Katsumi knew something was up with Yushio, and knew he was keeping something. She is still seeking to find out what it is.



Katsumi is very loving, funny, and caring, but is tough and won't give up in a fight, even if it means her end. This strong will equates to her being stubborn outside the battle field.


Hair Color: Blue/Black

Eye Color: Yellow

Katsumi wears a maroon shirt with a loose collar and short sleves. A black body suit with a strappless top and bottoms with the appearance of average ninja pants. Her shoes meet the bottom of her pants in her upper calf. They are maroon and cover her feet completely. She usually wears her hair down, despite when she is disguised for a misson. In that case, she will wear a ponytail that sticks out from her head. When her hair is down, it reaches her mid back with bangs coming down on each side of her head. She will also wear a mask on missions.


Katsuki's chakra nature is water. Her biggest positive is her intellegence, She is very smart and is very observent as well. One of her negitives are is her lack in speed.


Nin: 4

Gen: 2.4

Tai: 3.5

Intell: 4

Strength: 3.5

Speed: 2.5

Stamina: 3

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