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Katashi Hatooshi


Katashi is a young ninja from Kumogakure, although he has long since abandoned his village. At the age of 9 Katashi is seen trying to rob Niiro Kyuui and the other members of Suterusu, unsespecting of who the four travelers really are. Thinking they are just a few vulnerable tourists, Katashi swoops in on a sheet of scrap metal (will soon be explained) and tries to grab Niiro Kyuui's bag. Although surprised by the young boys's ability to glide through the air on a sheet of scrap metal, one look from Niiro Kyuui's unknown dojutsu knocks the boy out cold. Katashi wakes up in a warmly lit room in a bed, at the foot of the bed sits a smiling Niiro Kyuui holding Katashi's sheet of metal. At first Katashi tries to grab for the piece of metal before noticing Niiro is smiling. Katashi is questioned by Niiro on his abilities and background. Katashi emotionally explains how he is the last of his the Hatooshi clan. He then goes on to explain how the Hatooshi clan was reduced to a clan of street peasants after many were secretly killed by Kumogakure shinobi in fear of their powerful magnet release kekkei genkai. Only the weekest of the Hatooshi were allowed to live on the streets, still being shunned by the villagers and having to eat scraps. All of the Hatooshi's died off by natural means except for Katashi and his parents, his parents were killed trying to rob a wealthy shinobi family's house. After this Katashi resorted to robbing people on the street and was able to escape due to a technique he developed with his magnet release allowing him to ride a sheet of scrap metal through the air. At the end of his story Katashi breaks into tears and there is a long awkard pause while Katashi cries before a still smiling Niiro tells him that he will take Katashi in as an apprentice. Katashi stops crying and looks up at Niiro, clearly dumbfounded. Niiro tells Katashi that he will take him on his journeys with Suterusu and introduces him to Noboru. Katashi and Noboru seem to immediately hit it off and and after being fed a generous meal the two are seen walkng in the moonlight together. Katashi, Noboru, and Konshasu (The third apprentice of Suterusu) become the first genin of Yamigakure.


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Magnet Release

Katashi from the start is very skilled with his magnet release, so much so that he was ableto develop his metal sheet technique and magnetize objects at a basic level with no training at all.

  • Sky Surfing Technique- Katashi uses his magnet release to create magnetic fields to deftly guide his magnetized metal board through the air while he stands on it. When we first see him using this technique he can use it competently, but only at moderate speeds, he is also very shaky and stumbles a few times. After some training with Niiro and Suterusu, he significantly improves this to the point where he can use it as a basic form of transportation and move at very high speeds. His sheet of scrap metal is also forged into a much more aero-dynamic metal board, allowing him to move at these speeds, control it much better, and ride more smootly.
  • Chakra Conductor Ball Technique- After some training from Niiro, Katashi develops his External Chakra Conductor Jutsu, allowing him to form a ball of his magnetized chakra attracting any weapons he throws in any direction, allowing him to hit targets with amazing accuracy.
  • Katashi was last seen working on a technique that allows him to magnetize two twin sai, enabling him to use magnetic fields to fight with the sai from great distances. His ultimate goal is to master the use of his magnetic fields so well that the sai will move in time and in the same direction as his hands. This has the potential to be an amazingly useful technique because it allows Katashi to use melee style jutsu and fight with close range weapons without having to get close enough so that his opponent can strike him.

Kekkei Genkai

See main article on magnet release:

Katashi is quite adept with his kekkei genkai, seeing how he was already able to develop a technique of his own without any training at all. Katashi uses this technique on a regular basis and it serves as his main weapon in all of his battles. Katashi has a considerably larger chakra store than other shinobi so only after hours on end using his kekkai genkai does he tire.


Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals Total
3 3 1 2 3 3 2 3 20

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