Full name: Kasumi Shimazu

Meaning of name: Mist

Part one: 13-14


Part two: 16-17

Weight: 51.9 kg

Height: 157 cm

Birthday: 4/8

Blood type: B

Rank: Chunin

Village: Sand (Sunagakure no Sato)


Dehydration Manipulation

Rank: B

Skill: Genjutsu

Effect: More effective when used in the desert. The thing inflicted by this jutsu feels dehydrated after, and possibly shocked. Feeling alot of pain towards there body, and still feel somewhat clogged up. The thing inflicted with this jutsu would then vomit. And then feel empty within there body, being tired, hungry, and have a loss of energy.

Special: Dog, Horse, Monkey, Hare, Bird

Drawback: While the user inflicts this to some thing, they cannot move. However they can see around them, and if they feel as though. They are about to be attacked, the only way they can move is by stopping the jutsu. Which is possibly simple because once the user is unfocused, meaning there mind comes off of the jutsu it is dispelled.

Description: The Creature, or human inflicted with this jutsu first sees an endless black void, as if the human/creature sees the user of this jutsu they disappear into the endless black void. After the endless void turns into a desert that covers all of the land. Some rock, the sky, cliffs, and things like that are shown around the thing inflicted by this. But that is all, no other living thing is there except the person/creature thing inflicted by this jutsu. Suddenly the Human/creature feels as though, there body is clogged up. And it cannot breathe, the thing inflicted by this feels like they got to vomit real bad. As the person/human then begin to see Sand spewing out of there body, coming from there eyes,ass,ears,mouth, nose. The person/creature inflicted with this soon fined that they are dying, and they then begin to run. As they then feel like there not standing on anything. As they look down, they see that they ran of a cliff. Nothing left, but to fall in the endesity the creature/human inflicted justs fall. Going,going, and going, until it see's something brown below them. Soon reliazing that it is a large spiked pillar, there face soon impacts into it. As they then go back into reailty.

Limit: Must be a Sand Shinobi, or be taught by a Sand Ninja. Must know Phantasm Perception


Sister: Naoki

Mother: Ayame

Father: Jiro

Aunt: Yuka


Quick facts:

Eheheh right by epiclee-d3hl933

- If she's sad, she doesn't show it because she doesn't like pe

ople worrying for her.

- She is afraid of the dark and being left alone.

- Her wish is to be a person people can rely on.

- Her favorite food: Fried Chicken

- Her least favorite food: Anything gutsy

- Hobby: Long walks, drawing

Backstory: - will fill in later -

Personality Traits: short tempered, ongoing, competative, reliable, paranoid,

Personality: Kasumi has always had a strong fear for blood, and freaks out when she comes close to it. She is also very short tempered, but when she's annoyed it doesn't go long before she's happy again. She tries her best to be helpful in any way. Her friends means the world to her, and she will never let them down. Her biggest wish is to become someone people can rely on. She has a very strong bond with her sister Naoki, and she has always looked up to Gaara. Though she acts very shy around him. Naruto is one of her biggest heroes, and she wishes to become like him someday. Her biggest fear is the darkness, and she has trouble sleeping because she fears waking up being alone.

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