Kanzen Sukochi

Kanzen Sukōchi( スコーチ, 完全版 ) is an Jōnin shinobi from Sunagakure no Sato ( 砂隠れの里 ) hailing from the Sukōchi Clan of the Sun. Currently an S-Ranked nin, guarding the current Kazekage.

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Kanzen Sukochi

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The Sukochi Clan

The New Sukochi Symbol

The Sukochi Clan

Before the migration over to the Sunagakure no sato, the Sukochi Clan residence was located Southwest of the land of Earth, and Northwest of the land of Wind, neighbors to the Ishigakure no Sato that stands now. During this time, the elder Sukochi members supported the upcoming Ishigakure with fire to make weaponary, armor , steel , and generally supplies and equipment for they resources. Deep east of Sunagakure no Sato, the Sukochi Clan compound can be found, surrounded by scorching hot metal gates. The Sukochi Shinobi mainly known for they supreme flawless Scorch and Fire Release natures. With this technique they supply the village with weaponary,very intelligent and masterminds in carperatory and crafting weapons. Also, the Sukochi clan shinobi are mainly called in for mission more frequently for higher ranked mission, due to they physically capable to alter the form of flames to increase their power and their excelling prowess in ninjutsu and they high vitality of charka. They aren't many numbers in the Sukochi clan and business with the Kazekage sometimes goes downhill and plans fall short, but eventually, they make up for their loss and continue on with their jobs, businesses and life. During the First Shinobi War, the Sukochi Clan was best by the Uchiha Clan of the Sharingan. Having no knowledge of their visual prowess, the Sukochi was easily destroyed by the Uchiha clan. Sukochi Clan now rival the Uchiha Clan, having knowledge and awareness of they visual jutsu are prepare to face them again, but unfortunately the Uchiha was annihilated by an shinobi of their own clan. The remaining numbers of the Sukochi Clan, still ambitous and willingly to overcome any obstalce or challenge that might come forward.

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