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Kanna Uchiha


(うちはカンナ, Uchiha Kanna)


Appears in


Voice Actors







15px-Astrological Sign Virgo svg September 16


18px-Gender Female.svgFemale


Part I: 12-13

part II: 16


Part I: 147.1-150.3

Part II: 159


Part I: 36.0-36.5

Part II: 46.0

Blood type





18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure

Akatsuki symbol Akatsuki


Team Miroku

Eight Man Squad


Ninja Rank

Part I: Chūnin

Part II: Chūnin

Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Suzuki Uchiha (Father)
Miyuki Uchiha (Mother)
Shun Uchiha(Borther)

Kanna Uchiha (うちはカンナ,Uchiha Kanna) is an OC/RPC for the Naruto universe created by UchihaChildDoll. She is chuunin level shinobi of Konohagakure's Team 3, She betrayed the village and she later became an antagonist who is affiliated with the Akatsuki, she later return back to Leaf Village


Kanna was born into the Uchiha as the youngest daughter of Suzuki and Miyuki Uchiha. Suzuki named her after his grandmother, Kamikaze. But for some reason Miyuki didn't like the name and so she name her Kanna. As the youngest child grew up in a family of love for a child like Kanna is lucky things to happen, but as time went on Kanna's father had started to pay less attention to her, becasue Suzuki want Shun to be greatest shinobi in the Uchiha, becasue Shun's teachers said his progress hardly required any help, and so Suzuki Uchiha train him ever thing he knows. In the age of 4 Kanna's father started to teach Kanna jutsu and in the same time Shun Uchiha had graduated from the Academy and became a Genin. and so Kanna have learn jutsu from her father, medical jutsu from Miyuki and some training from Shun for one year, later that year Suzuki has decided to test Kanna and see how stonger it she, and so he ask Shun to sparring with her and they did, however at the end Kanna have failed and felt sorrowful, because she made a promise to her father and borther that "one day she will surpass them and pay more attentionto her". When Kanna is in the age of 6 her father told her and Shun that their mother died in a mission, since then kanna have never smile at her father any more, because in the mission Suzuki went with Miyuki and what happens is Suzuki got injured and almost got killed but Miyuki protect him from the danger and she got killed because of that, On one fateful night Shun and Itachi slew every member of the Uchiha clan, Shun even kill his own father, Suszki, but he didn't kill Kanna, at that time she wasn't at the Uchiha clan she was in the village with the Haruno family, because before that night Suzuki knows something is going on with his son and so he send Kanna to Haruno family with out telling Shun.

After when Kanna know what happened to her father and clan she have felt sorrow and in the same time she has lose everythings and everyone that she cared and loved, but when she have remember to ask about Shun the Haruno's only told her that he was no where to be found, Kanna didn't believe what they siad, she keep asking the same question but no one have told her what really happened to Shun. 


Kanna is a kunoichi who likes to inventing new jutsu and some time she get into trouble by her teammates or friends, high thinking skills just likes her parent and likes to be alone, hard working, likes to figure out things and serious in mission, some time she get teased by Natsuki and Naruto, Natsuki and Kanna can't work together in any things, but they olny can work together in mission. When she was a child, Kanna was very kind and loving towards her parents and older brother, when she was olny two years old she always wait at the door for her Shun to come home and play with her. When she was still a child she have sed she want to be kind and beautiful like her mother, strong like her father and smart like her brother, 


After Kanna known what happened to the Uchiha clan she have become lonely, but later a girl named Akari who are the same age as Kanna from the Haruno family have know what happened to Kanna and so later they both have become friends, their hairstyles, clothing, weapons and other physical traits


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