akina chi

Kamiya chi

(明菜ホーチミン,Chi akina)


(バランスの雪の花,snow flower balance)

(できる天,capable heaven)

(白のビーズ,the beads of white)


Manga chapter #
fanfiction Story #
Anime Naruto Episode #

Appears in


Voice Actors


burionia shitchi


bryony marsh



February 14



part l:8-9

part ii:11-12


part l:120cm-125cm

part ll:128cm-130cm


part l:25kg-27.6kg

part ll:30kg-32.3kg

Blood type


Sarced beast Yin,yang dragons(forms)



18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure


Team Zero


chi clan


Ninja Rank

part 1:Academy Student

part 2:Genin

Ninja Registraion 024578

Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Chi Fuyu (older sister)


Chi yuki (mother)

Chi Furēku (auntie,gudience)

Chi yue (grandfather)

Nature type

Water (水, Mizu)

Yin Release (陰遁, Inton)

Yang Release (陽遁, Yōton)

Yin–Yang Release (陰陽遁, Onmyōton)

Adding onto the thought that her Character is in the works.That anything r maybe all of it here won't really be concided since it's been a lng time since i've been over anything Naruto so the latter of my knowledge isn't what it used too be anymore.And that My Skills of such have also much improved.

The statement is that Her Design, and information has too be very updated. She'll only be a one time Character in a future Planned Naruto comic set like the Movies have been done so.If she still seems powerful and everything that is because it has not been edited or because My knowledge lacking.Its been awhile and i do hope too revist her charcater and story soon once i've re-eppiuped myself with the facts. 

I thank All comments and thoughts shared as it helps to better improve her.

This bio is very out dated.

Akina chi (チー"千鳥"明菜, Chi Akina)Is my main Oc and Rpc that i have made for the naruto and naruto shippuden series.She is a genin level shionbi of Konohagakure,Overknown as the latest in the chi clan as the holder of yin,yang and successer to be next head of the clan.The creater also has a DA under the name Genko-mo.

(author note.Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes or holes in any storys connected to naruto/shippuden.I have not read,watched all of naruto or naruto shippden yet)


'Kamiya was born into a wealthy and 'secret (秘密,Himitsu) clan.She had been born 5 years after the 'nine-tailed fox attack' In a house far into the detphs of Konohagakure forest.Her mother Yuki chi give brith to kamiya on the "10 year passing mark"where yin,yang could be passed to the next keeper.When the passing had done its duty"fuyu Chi" signal handerly killed both there parents loseing control of "The scales of death(死のスケールの,Shi no sukēru no" which upon it she never seen or know her parents.After the events of her parents deaths she came close to her older sister and the "step-ins twins" where they were assinad to take care of the sisters by the 3rd head of the chi's.For regarding akaina's safty she goes by the codename"kamiya" so nothing is suspected of her or power hungary hands do not get(seek) her.

She was taught at home and rarely went to school with the over childen of the village.Because of her skills and understanding of things she had to live low and records of her were kept to scolls which are at the home base in the land of yin,yang.Because of those she found mixing with overs hard and to get her opinons out,so at times she stayed in her room writing on scolls which included files of each shionbi she comes across(from there name to there flaws).

when every she would go to the school she was outstanding at takeing in the information and what they were taught.Her sensie would of seen this and worried about here un-steady pace she was going at.For this she was ever mocked or bulllyed as for ever makeing the overs look bad or for being a weird egg.Resulting in the problem where no one wanted to be her freind or help her when ever she asked,so she was left alone and sadden by this she give up trying to make friends and carried up her work under her sensie whom infromed the hokage of her progess which later on ended up where her gradution was haulted untill later years(otherwise see would of gradutioned at 7)

Because she only had time for her sister she would often asked her what the world is like because as for her sister she didnt had to lay low and could go on missions and go down to
Chi clan symblo

chi clan symbol

wn often(becuase of the chi's strict rules upon yin,yang holders) .prier to this she would draw paintings of anything to do with her feelings and cheer her sister up.

When every she would be leaving the grounds it would be often sercued by by the outside 'yin' workers under the orders of the chi's so where she went was limted.Often her auntie would come from the land of yin,yang to teach her the history of the chi's because they had no records of the history of the chis anywhere else as to protect the 'holders' from the wrong hands and away from the 'their so called leader hokage'.

As she was sealed with yin,yang it was unknown to her that there were others who were called tailed beast and one existing in the village who she later came to meet and co-exist with which the chi clan did not approve of.For the reasons of the chis hateing the tailed beast and there holders being called "Jinchūriki" where most casers are unknown,yet the only information know about there hated for them is because they regard them as "they are not anything or nothing just a disgrance to the holders of yin,yang as they are yet anything like the mightey drangons who hold are world in palce.But them,those things only bring us this world we know now...only are they Jinchūriki.So never call are holders that cursed word!!!"-the thrid head of the chi's.


Kamiya is a quite and hard working student and mature for her age.She takes information or tasks differently to others resulting with her compeleting or doing the objective where the actually meaning is missed or misunderstand.She has high ideas on trust and on teamwork so if it seems unsetteld to her,she would want it sorted out or the objective will fail in her point of view.When it comes to new stuff or new people she finds it award and struggles to corp with the change and also comes to being shy and then needs to build her likeing to the person or place before she can do ought with ever them.She can be a very careing person and so results"if she hurted them,she'll fix them" and so leader her to makeing her own rules towards stuff.As for holding yin,yang she keeps her emotions balanced otherwise it could lead to serious prombles or yin,yang being releasened,so when it comes to stuff she makes sure shes not sad or angry at the same time and just one of them.Most of the time when she first meets somebody she'll speak her mind.But normally doesnt mean to offend anybody with what she says so at first nobody seems to like her.When infact she meant what she said in a tottaly different way.


Kamiya is a tridation young girl so normally sticks to wearing different styled kimones.She also wears protictive gear underneaf incase she took a hit from someones attackes.She has her hair tyed up in too piggeltails which have her tri-pads hang around.Aswell with her hair she wears a set of bells that belonged to her mother.Which where one of them,your supporesed to give it to someone you care about to symblozizeing your friendship to love.She wears a long scaf which has a bead at the end of them.The top part is twisted so her headbend that is connected to her scaf sits to the right of her neck.She has green eyes with light skin tone.She wears sandles as in a manner to be peasentable to people.Also she dressers in away which makes it unfitting for her to fit.The reason for this is because she normally doesnt get into fights so she normally goes into fights unperepered and with unfitting clothing at times.She has a faint seal or mark around her heart to her bellybutton.One of the amy seals to seal yin-yang away.She also has a burn mark on her lower right wrist.Part of her cermany as in a way to take pain.


Even if she apperes to have stregth or strong,shes a weak character normally haveing to rely on the stregth of the beast sealed in her.As such she also has low stamia meaning she struggles with speed,as well performing her handseals in a set time.Most of the time which she can do.If she is'int careful she can end up tripping over her own feet or needs to take long perids of rest after hard training or battles,which she may not have the time to do so.Meaning if she goes on a long mission,someone may have to carry her part way.Meaning as wel that her taijutsu is weak and that she users a move in order to power up the taijutsus she learns.Which only lasts for a short while.however she can come up wit good plans which she hands over to someone else to led since she is'int a good leader or team worker so finds it hard to work in groups or teams with other ninjas.As well with th lack in may other skills she can be good in genjutsu.Since she has a vivid imagation and good range when to use it.

Kekkei Genkai

There is no information or anythought of a kekei genkai.Im still working on it.


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
First 2 1 3 3 1 1 2 3 16
Second 2.5 2 3.5 4 2 2 2 3 21
Third 2.5 2 4 4 2.5 2 2 3 22

pre shippuden(8-9)

Kamiya first apperes in her room.In a scene showing a room filled with scrolls on every wall.This happens around after the death of Zabuza Momochi and Haku.It can been seen kamiya putting a cross through an image of the two died mist missing-nins.

She can often be found in her home or in a different class from Konohamaru.But she doesnt interact with anyone so finds out information about whats happening after it has happened or by her 'source'.

Around the time when orchimaru attacked the village,since kamiya was at home within a unknown part of the woodland in the village,she only was able to watch affar,that her home was being attacked by a man whom she had heard of.Who she described as "i dont get how you cant see it in him.But i wish i could kill him myself so i could become a hero of balance.I dont want everything to tip to the darkness if its people like him."

There wasnt much she did around this point of time since she was mostly hideing at home or attendeding school.

So she never appered in the actual Canon story line or fillers.


Kaimya starts to make her apperence in Naruto shippuden in some parts of the story and in fanfiction pus fancomics that will come in the near future. Kamiya doesn't appere in the canon story line as in a way to not screw it up or change the matter so it be most likly in fillers or eve it bits of the canon story that wouldn't affect it at all. However Kamiya is one of the main characters that would appere in the my Fancomic/manga for Naruto shippduen wherei have a sort of story planned which willbe made in the near future. For the basic of the Story Kaimya is paried up With Yamato to be here teacher/tutor for a set period of time till her teched choosen by her family is offical and sent to khona.Through this period Kamiya comes to meet the Naruto cast  Till a moment that ruins everything that sets Naruto off to go and rescue hi new found freind to rbing her back to her true home after having to leave to go back to her own home due to the chi's claming her back from Khona due to whats happeninga round her and Naruto himself.The story will feature quite alot i n it such as her realations to the Naruto cast and a wide story ti bng her back home.Thats the gust if the fancomic/manga


Here you should bulletpoint things such as favourite foods, basic hobbies and name meanings. To make a bullet point:

  • Kamiya's personitay,traits,actions and a little of her history have been based or infeluced by her creater:bryony marsh
  • Kamiya is a weak character and has poor stamine.So she normally fights long ranged or doesnt at all
  • A special cermony goes off for when the yin yang holder turns ten.Which allows them full use and command over yin,yang that they are sealed with
  • The beads that are in her hair have symblos wirtten inside them by pervious yin,yang holders.They are normally called tri-pads.tri stands for trap as in insealment.
  • She wears a set of beal hair dreesings hat belonged to her mother.Which where she wore one of them and handed the second to her husband.kamiya has it after there death
  • She doesnt like spicy foods,is a picky eater
  • likes sweet stuff
  • Kamiya means 'capable',whch is her code name.That she is a relibly person and finds it hard to not trust someone or say no
  • Akina means 'spring flower' She was given the name based around when she was born and the hope she will bloom into a great holder of yin,yang.
  • Chi means 'earth'It an have many meanins such as 'life force; or 'blood' This can relete to what the chis did before the duty of being the holder of yin,yang.They were medics and lowever cilvens.
  • She has diffeculties getting along with people and so normally stays to herself
  • kamiya can say somethng to someone and not understand how much it would affect them till after it had been said.Such as saying that it be better if sasuke was gotton rid of infort of naruto and sakura.
  • Her grandfather is only one of the two males who have ever been allowed to live in the chi clan from birth.
  • She has a hobbie of growing flowers,makeing bells and drawing.
  • her room is filled with scrolls containing information on shiobis and kunichis from al different countrys.But they are maily ones she has seen or found out about.
  • She has only compelted about 36 missions. 9 C ranked missions and then 27 D ranked missions
  • She lives in an isolated area from the left village,somewhere in one of the forests areas.
  • She is scared of the dark and so finds it hard to go into caves or sleep with no light at night.
  • Another reason why she harldy fights is because shes knows very little jutsus.About 5 to 7 jutsus.
  • Her family own a little land off the couse of the land of snow.Which they have named the land of yin,yang.meaning her family orginated from the land of snow but kamiya has lived in khona all her life.
  • The creature has paried Kamiya up with Konohamaru as a sweet and cute couple with their own problems.Due too it being a nice idea to the creature and being different to the normal paried OC's,Which would most likely be called 'scaft love' or 'konokam'


MY accont on DA

A thanks can go too a online (most likly) Naruto inspired game called 'Ninja saga' that sparked the idea of the chi clan.

Naruto and naruto shippuden belongs to it's rightful owner masashi kisomoto

The chi's and mentioned/related oc characters belong too myself and/or my Sister.

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