"I will prove you wrong one day!"
(中原 佳津, Nakahara Kaitsu)


Yuriko Nakahara (mother)
Kaitaro Nakahara (father)
Kazuki Nakahara (brother)
5 more unknown brothers
Takahiro (great-nephew)
Amaya Nakahara (great-niece)
Mayumi Nakahara (great-g. niece)
Makoto Nakahara (great-g. nephew)
Tokutaro Nakahara (great-g. nephew)

Kaitsu Nakahara ('中原 ', Nakahara Kaitsu) was the son of Kaitaro Nakahara and most likely the creator of Shigematsu's Claw.


Kaitsu was the eldest of the 7 sons, however was also the weakest one. He was often teased by family members for his dislike of fighting and violence overall. One day he heard about the rumour of Shigematsu, a legendary dragon living in the mountains on the shore of the Water Country. In order to prove himself worthy of the clan and to show his bravery to his father and brothers, he decided to find and defeat the dragon. Without saying a word to anyone, one night he simply left home in order to find Shigematsu. He has returned 10 years later with a sword and has not said a single word since. He has died 2 hours after his return home. To honour his death, his brothers broke the sword into 7 pieces, with each brother carrying a piece around, and one of them being buried with Kaitsu.


Kaitsu was said to be a loner in the family; while his brothers would coragously train, trying to impress their father so that they can be chosen as the heirs, Kaistu would write poems and help his mother around. However, Kaitsu proved to have strength of will and honor when he set out to defeat the dragon.


Kekkei Genkai

Like all of Kaitaro's sons, Kaitsu was able to use Irezumi, however it is not known on what level.


  • Kaistu's name means "excellent harbor"


OC by xStarcandy

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