"Rats can become tigers when trapped"
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(中原 佳タロウ, Nakahara Kaitarou)


Yuriko Nakahara (wife)
Kaitsu Nakahara (son)
Kazuki Nakahara (son)
5 more unknown sons
Takahiro (great grandson)
Amaya (great granddaughter')
Mayumi Nakahara (great-g. granddaughter)
Makoto Nakahara (great-g. grandson)
Tokutaro Nakahara (great-g. grandson)

Kaitaro Nakahara (中原 佳タロウ, Nakahara Kaitarou) '' was a warrior from the Land of Water, and the founder of the Nakahara Clan.


Little is known about Kaitaro. He came from the Land of Water and was reknown for his excellence in summouning jutsu, as well as his skills in body art. He travelled around the lands with no real aim, later gaining the fame for his tattoos/irezumi. Because summouning jutsus often required large scrolls and such, Kaitaro began searching for ways not to have to carry such inconvinient luggage around. He soon came up with the idea of using irezumi as a way to embed the summounings into the body. During his travels he met Yurkio, a widow from the Land of Keys and married her later on. When 2 of his sons were born, Kaitsu and Kazuki, the family settled outside of Kirigakure. He eventually had 5 more sons and taught them all the embedding technique, which evolved into a family tradition.


Kaitaro was known to be a merciful and caring but an eager man. He was often frustrated with his wife who always would come up with quotes that beat his, however he always stayed calm and balanced.


Not much is known about his appearance apart from a wooden print of him, which portrays him as a tall, skinny but muscular man with black hair and a large jaw.

Kekkei Genkai

Kaitaro has invented the Irezumi. It is the ability to embed the summouning jutsu materials into one's body.


  • Kaitaro's name means "excellent (佳), foot (タ), man/husband (ロウ)", possibly a reference to being a family man and a traveller.


The picture of the wood print has been found on Google Images, "Toyokuni 1st - Chushingura". All credits go to the artists. I do not own this picture.

OC by xStarcandy

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