Kahli Senju

Kahli memory

(千手一族,Senju Kahli)


Appears in

Episode 20 Part I

Voice Actors







Part I: The Dancing Leaf  ダンスdansuのno葉ha

Part II: Will of the Leaf  葉haのno意志ishi


 October 26th (Scorpio)

Gender Female


Part I: 14-15

Part II: 18-19


Psrt I: 161cm - 164cm

Part II: 175cm


Part 1: 49kg

Part II: 55kg

Blood type



Mid to Long range


18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure

Nature Type


Team Surudohia (Team 6)

Team Arisha (Team 2)

Team Kahli (Team 14)

Infiltration divison 4

Third Divison (Later transferred)

Fifth Divison (Transferred from Third)


Ninja Rank


Ninja Registation


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Katsuki Senju (Deceased)

Ren Hamatya (Deceased)

Jutsu List

Wolf Summoning Jutsu

Weapon Summoning Jutsu (Of the blade Hisokue)

Water clone jutsu

Water Release: Water dragon bullet jutsu

Water Release: Water prision jutsu

Water Style: Water wall jutsu

Water Style: Gaint vortex jutsu

Water Release: Water hand of waves jutsu

Water style: Waterfall basin jutsu

Water style: Water lotus jutsu (stage 1)

Water style: Water lotus jutsu (stage 2)

Earth style: Earth wall

Earth style: Moving land river

Earth style: Earth dragon missile

Earth style: Earth clone

Earth Release: Earth style rampart

Wood Release: World of trees wall

Wood Release: Wood clone

Wood Release: Wood weapon jutsu

Wood Release: Wood spikes ring

Wood Release: Wood locking wall

Wood Release: Hokage style-Sixty year old techinque

Wood Release: Advent world of flowering trees

Wood Release: Tree binding jutsu

Wood Release: Transformation

Wood Release: Great spiked forest

Wood Release: Wood spike jutsu

Wood Release: Four pillar prision

Wood Release: Great forest techinique

Wood Release: Smothering binding

Kahli Senju (千手一族,Senju Kahli) is a Jonin rank ninja from the Village Hidden in the Leaves.


Early History

When Kahli was just a baby Orochimaru came to the village seeking to re-trail his experiment on making a successful wood release user thus so he trialed it on Kahli. When Kahli continued to live despite having being experimented on Orochimaru returned her to the village planning to come back and get her later when she was a little older. Escaping Sunagakure

Kahli was orginally born in a small village on the edge of the land of fire, right next to the land of wind. However when she was still just a baby her village was attacked by a group of sand ninja who heard that some might have the wood release ability. With her family killed one of the sand ninja named 'Taora' took her planning to sell her into slavery when she was old enough.

Growing up in the sand village Kahli was locked in her room during the day when Taora was out but of a night she always snuck out. One night she was about to leave when she heard Taora talking to someone. In the conversation Kahli over heard Taora talking about his plan to sell her as a slave when she reached the age of ten. Kahli who was seven at the time freaked out and once she was sure Taora was gone ran out into the streets. She considered leaving the sand but she had no where to go and how was she meant to escape? After all she knew Taora had a lot of friends who were ninja. Upon her woundering Kahli ran into Yashamaru a jonin rank ninja. By this point she was in tears and Yashamaru asked her what was wrong, when she told him he agreeded to help her escape by first teaching her some ninjutsu skills as well as general skills in return for doing jobs for him each night. .

A year later Kahli meets Gaara on one of her trips. Having not being outside the house during the day Kahli hardly knew anything of anyone in the village. Because of this she had no reason to judge Gaara for the demon in him and soon became friends with him. The rest of her time was spent with Yashamaru teaching her everything she needed to know in order to escape and hanging out with Gaara and sometimes his two older siblings. When the time came for Kahli to escape the next year she managed to pick the lock on her bedroom door stealing money and a handful of documents from one of Taora's cabinates in the house. Running from her home she heads to Yashamaru's where he gives her a small pouch of herbs and bids her farewell and good luck. Lastly she heads to Gaara's to say farewell to her friend. There Gaara gives her a small book which he had being planning to give her on her birthday and in return Kahli gives him the only worthy thing on her, a stuffed bear. Gaara responds by giving her a toy dog telling her to give it back to him the next time she soar him. Kahli leaves the village heading straight to the leaf exactly as Yashamaru had told her too. It is a total of one day before Taora is after her. Now being hunted by Taora and two of his friends Kahli heads as fast as she can to the protection of the leaf village. She is half way there when she first enocounters the sand ninja or they more so encounter her. They manage to get her cornered the first and when one ninja throws a kunai it slices her left upper arm. Managing to escape this first encounter using subsatution Kahli uses some of the herbs and part of her clothing to bind the wound. Only minutes later she is attacked again by the sand ninja only this time she can't escape using such a simply trick. As Toara approaches her Kahli seems to black out, when she comes back to earth a large forest of wooden spikes shooting out of the ground are impaling the three. Exhusted Kahli stumbles to the leaf village.

Arrival at Konoha

Reaching the leaf village finally Kahli is regarded with suspison as a young girl coming from a hostile village with her chakra activatied already could always be a transformed ninja. She is taken by the ANBU to a waiting room somewhere in the leaf village and left gaurded by a single ANBU member. Curiously Kahli wounders why they would only leave one if they thought her a hostile ninja. Kahli questions the ANBU who ends up being revealed as the sage toad Jaryia. The hokage, Itachi and Jaryia quiz her before giving her submission to the village. During the quiz they ask her how she escaped and quickly Kahli decides to tell them nothing about what had happened to Taora and his friends not fully understanding how they had being impaled like that herself. Kahli asks the hokage if she can train to be a ninja and he kindly agree's. A week later Kahli starts at the academy and meets Kabuto who offers to show her around. After Kabuto shows her around Kahli meets Iruka, who was to be her sensei. She joins a class two years younger then herself so she can catch up however she quickly works her way to the top of the class beating even Saskue Uchia. Disliking the fact he was no longer the top of the class Saskue grows a small amount of hositility towards Kahli though she hardly notices. Kahli makes friends with Shikamaru and Choji easily also meeting Rika Hyuga and Azakai Inuzuka who little did she know were going to be her future team mates.

Later on in the year the class takes a survival test in pairs, Unfourtunetly Kahli and Saskue get paired up. During the test the class is told they will have to find something important in the forest and protect it in order to pass. Come night time Saskue and Kahli have found nothing worth protecting unless you count rocks or tree's. They were just about to set up camp when they hear a scream. Kahli goes to help while Saskue stays behind stubbornly saying it wasn't their problem and whoever it was could take care of themselves. Kahli finds three young girls her age running from two dark figures. Instantly Kahli helps them setting up a simple trap for the two figures whom she soon discovers to be ninja. Managing to delay the two ninja Kahli and the three girls run as far as they can but not far enough. When Kahli turns to fight the two Saskue suddenly appears to help. Managing to fend off

Kahli makes friends in her new village...

the two attacker's Kahli, Saskue and the three girls set up camp and the next morning head to the meeting area together. While all the other groups have a speacil item with them Kahli and Saskue have nothing having completely forgot. When Saskue begins to freak out Kahli tells him not to worry they did have something important with them. When it comes their turn to explain to the class what the important thing is Kahli explains how Saskue and her found and protected the three girls from the village and it was a ninja's job to protect the village and everyone in it. The village is the most important thing for a ninja to protect more so then any object because the village people are what hold the leaf together. Impressed with her answer Iruka asks to see both her and Saskue seperately after class. Biding farewell to the three girls as the class is dismissed Kahli waits back to talk to her sensei. When every has left the two ninja from the night before appear. Iruka explains how they were just to test the skill of Saskue and herself. The ninja Kahli fought was a Jonin Kakashi Hatake while Saskue fought Gai another Jonin. Considering the lack of training Kahli had had so far Iruka was surprised at her progress and offers her a chance to take the genin exams early reminding her the chances of getting through were about 8% for someone with her training. Excited Kahli accepts deciding to take the exams in half a years time.

Kahli spends the rest of the time training with Saskue who had over come his dislike for her. Kahli is surprised to discover Itachi is Saskue's older brother and when he grudingly accepts Saskue's begging to train the two Kahli is even more surprised. She mentions nothing about knowing him from the day she had arrived at the village he does likewise. The three were out training one day when out of the blue someone attacked them. Kahli reacted without thinking and a wood wall appears infront of her and Saskue to save them from an on coming wave of shuriken just as someone sneaks up behind them knocking Saskue out only to be taken down by Itachi. The three head home in dead silence with Itachi carrying Saskue. 

A week later Kahli takes the genin exams passing relitivly easyily. Becoming a genin Kahli is placed on a team with two other exceptional kids her age, Azarki Aburame and Leo Kurama. The three made up and awkwardly quiet team with Azarki saying next to nothing at any point of time unless it was extremely smart, Leo just be rock silent unless it was to make fun of Kahli and Kahli herself unless it was to ask questions. The three of them meet Surudohia their sensei who tells the  next to nothing about anything. For their test Surudohia takes them out to the cliffs on the edge of Konoha and asks for a volunteer, which Kahli stupidly puts her hand up for. Moments later she is sailing over the edge of the cliff as Surudohia unexpectedly throws her over. With Surudohia refusing to rescue Kahli, Leo and Azarki take off down the edge of the cliff with out thinking to save her. Meanwhile Kahli attempts to slow her descent by grabbing onto the stone wall cutting her hands. Leo and Azarki manage to save Kahli and the three make it to the top of the cliff mega ticked off only to be congratulated by Surudohia. Surudohia explains that while most people who hesitate in saving their team mate knowing nothing about how to go about saving her, they didn't and so the three graduate to become full fleged genin.

It's not long before the team figure out why they were made up of such young member's. The hokage summons them and tells them that they are to be a speacil infiltration team to take care of the intel missions that the ANBU didn't have time for as a result the first five months of their time as genin was made up solely of learning to gather intel from other people, reading their actions like you would a book and learning to hide your own intentions. The team taking a small amount of D rank missions to keep them out of suspision are soon on their first mission.

The teams first mission is an easy infiltration into a lords house who may be planning to betray some secret information on the leaf. The mission goes incredibly well at first with Azarki, Leo, Kahli and Surudohia recovering the information and reporting back in time for a team to capture the lord. However not long after the team is requested for a speacil mission by a rich merchant. The mission soon turns out to be an attempt on their lives after having stopped the information to getting to it's desination in their previous mission infuritating the person waiting for it. The mission quickly moves up to a B rank mission and Kahli is captured by the enemy. The enemy take her placing her under a strong genjutsu trying to pry the information they were looking for out of her. Unable to suceed

First kill under cover

using genjutsu they move to more...effiecent methods but Kahli tells them only lines with great struggle. Eventually  Leo and Azarki show up to save her despite orders from Surudohia. The three escape with their lives and go find their sensei at a small inn. However their relief is short lived as the inn becomes under attack by the very same people whom they had escaped. Ending up alone and cornered Kahli once more uses her wood release in secret to escape trouble. The team returns to the Leaf Village the next day and recieve a full week off.

Kahli spends this time to invesigate her speacil ability heading to the libary. She finds a couple of books with some description on her power and where it came from but is not satisfied so she sneaks into the ANBU ristricted section. There is finds out about Orochimaru and his tests on trying to recreate the Wood Release ability to which their was one survivor. Continuing her research Kahli gets sprung by Itachi who softly tells her she shouldn't be there and to get out. On the way out she stops to put the book she had being reading back when she overhears a conversation between Itachi and two other ANBU, the two other ANBU are telling him he has to make the kill tonight otherwise they will. Kahli leaves puzzeled by assuming it's some other ANBU mission thing. Later that night Kahli decides to go see Saskue when she reaches the Uchiha village all the lights are off despite it only being early in the night and that's when she see's the first body. Kahli jumps onto one of the roofs to get a better look seeing everything. That's when Itachi appears infront of her and tells her she shouldn't be here. In response she calls him stupid and tells him it's to late now. He asks her if she would tell anyone what he had done and suddenly the conversation before clicks with Kahli and she responds with a no but swears that whoever ordered him to murder his own clan would pay. The conversation ends with Itachi saying 'Good-bye Senju'

A year later Kahli and her team are sent on another large mission except it goes horribly wrong. They are to infiltrate a lords home but when her three other team mates get found out and sent to be executed. Unable to contact anyone for reinforcements if there were even any nearby Kahli attempts to free them herself but gets discovered by the lords son. Kindly the son decides not to tell on her if she swears to become one of his body gaurds. Hesitantly Kahli accepts figuring if someone like Surudohia or Leo couldn't escape there was no way she would be able considering she was the weakest of their team. Kahli is forced to attend the execution which was
Ninja Base by Darkling Mitsune

Azarki to the rescue

meant to be hanging. Kahli stands in the front row behind the chairs of the lord and his son when she attacks. She breaks the rope around her teams neck freeing them. As a result the nearby gaurds catch her but it's already to late as Kahli's team mates are free enough to escape. However Kahli finds herself being dragged away before they can help her escape the massive gaurd around her so once more she waits. She ends up getting stuck in a dungeon being tortured for information. De Ja Vu almost. Kahli in the end tells them one thing they want to know, where she was from. So she tells them she's a ninja of the leaf. Kahli is moved to a wooden building still on the grounds of the main building. Kahli takes the chance to escape. Sinking into the wooden walls of the building Kahli attacks the men gaurding her by appearing then disappearing as if she was dancing. At this time Leo and Azarki appear to save her and see her using the wood style. They escape and meet up with Surudohia who was meeting up with a near by unit on a seperate mission. Kahli makes Leo and Azarki swear not to tell anyone about her wood release having decided long ago not to tell anyone. The last thing she wanted was more questions. 

As time goes on Kahli and her team face many missions with more times then not if anyone Kahli was captured for knowledge. In fact the team came to rely on it as Kahli learned to get information out of the gaurds while they tried to get things out of her before she simply escaped while Leo, Azarki and Surudohia pinned other bits of information. Surudohia taughts all three many ninjutsu techniques over the time while Leo secretly worked on his Kurama genjutsu skills with Kahli and Azarki. As it turned out everyone thought Leo was just another worthless Kurama member though his genjutsu was secretly much stronger then needed but he didn't want extra attention drawn to himself adding that what's the point of having a good skill if you cant surprise your enemies by using it.

The Time Skip

During the time skip Kahli heads to Sungakure in order to secure the peace between the two nations with Rika. She is part way through a negotiation between the two villages when she and Rika are ordered back to the village hidden in the leaves. Kahli is from there sent on a series of infiltration missions in a new infiltration team made up of three other girls, Sazumii daughter of Surudohia, Taya Inzuka and Maya Sabaku fromer member of the sand village. The four of them gather intel on a rumoured secret weapon in a group of small villages and in that time come with minimal information. After three months of intel gathering the four of the return home. Recieving three weeks to train before the Jonin exams Kahli goes and trains with Kakashi before taking the exams which she passes.

Not long after that Kahli is asked to help with a survival exercise similar to the one she took as an academy student. Kahli is paired up with Gema one of the chunin exam procters from last year. Having no missions to do for a time Kahli continues to help out at the academy where she does a team exercise with three of the students. During the excerise the team is supposed to work together to fight off some of the academy teachers with bare help from their leading captain. During the fight with the chunin teachers Kahli provides cover for her fear filled team telling them they had to clear their minds. The team successfully fights off the chunin teachers and reach the desination point. Not long after Kahli is sent out on a mission with Gai and Kakashi to take down a large cave of high ranking bandits.

Upon arriving back Kahli discovers she is to be given one of the graduating genin teams after having proven herself

A picture of Hiskue Katumii

a worthy teacher. Kahli excepts the offer and tests them in the same way Surudohia tested Leo, Azarki and herself however the team fails to save their falling team mate and therfor are sent back to the academy. Kahli is asked twice more and both times the team fails until she meets team 14. Team 14 consisting of Ayumu Nakashima, Hiskue Katumii and Junoshu Taikshio pass the test and thus Kahli recieves her first genin team. Kahli and her team train extremely hard Kahli focusing on team skills and each of her team members strengths even making them use more complicated ways for completing simple D rank missions. The team was doing well until Kahli was summonded to take an S rank mission under cover. Kahli temporaily leaves the team heading to the mission in the land of birds when she discovers her team has followed her to late to turn back they undertake the mission with her. During the mission Ayumu is captured and nearly killed when Katumi saves her. Meanwhile Kahli busy at the time and unable to help has to blow her cover in order to evacuate
Taikshio and Ayumu

Taikshio and Ayumu fighting...again

her team with out them dying. Partly failing the mission Kahli and her team are suspended from missions for a month. Kahli spends the time teaching her team the skills of infiltration. Also during this time a long missed Arisha Hatake returns and Kahli and the rest of team 14 agree to verse Kahli's old team in a spar. When at last they are summoned again for a new mission it is a C rank mission gaurding a rich lords son and niece. The team begin the mission with random attacks from a new group of bandits. Kahli and her team soon discover that these attacks were designed to be weak solely so that the people standing by could assess the skills of Konoha ninja and then wipe them out. Nearing the end of the mission a large attack is made on the group and the team is loosing when Kakashi and Gai show up to help. With three days journey to go until the end of the mission Kahli is forced to leave her team (regretfully) in the hands of Gai and go with Kakashi on a new mission where a weapon had being put up for auction with the ability to wipe out an entire village. Kakashi and Kahli complete the mission managing to destroy the weapon and are heading back when they run into Kabuto and a small group of curse marks. Unable to fight them off Kahli makes a deal with Kabuto, Kakahsi gets away and Kahli goes with Kabuto. Kahli wakes in Orochimaru's lair with Kabuto trying to figure out where her wood release ability comes from. He discovers that it simply encoded in her DNA and was activated when she was threatened all those years ago by Taora. With no further use for Kahli Orochimaru orders Kabuto to fight her and kill her. During the fight having had no sustainble amounts of food or water for quiet sometime Kahli struggles to fend off Kabuto but manages to knock him out with a lucky hit. Somewhat interested in her ability to beat his

Kahli proving that she would live...

henchman Orochimaru goes to put the curse mark on her but finds it wont work. Completely surprised by this herself Kahli uses it as a bluff to buy herself more time and prevent Orochimaru from disecting her. She tells him that it was a speacil technique she had learned and desperate to find out what Kahli is sent to be tortured. In a total of three days Kahli is worn down so much that it feels as if she had being there for months the only thing keeping her alive was Kabuto's medical ninjutsu skills. Finally Kakashi, Shikamaru, Katumii, Choji, Sakura, Ayumu and Taikshio appear to rescue her and return her back to the leaf. Kahli spends the next few days in isolation trying to recover. When she at last does Kahli finds herself back on a mission to the sand village once more. 


Kahli is passionate in her actions often letting her heart take rule over her head. However there are times where she will push back all her emotions either because she feels she should not express them at that time or trying to be strong for someone else. Where previously Kahli often struggled to keep her sarcastic and rebellious attitude in check she has much control over it now though occasionally she still has her random out bursts. Despite being a jounin Kahli still struggles to kill an opponent often trying to get them to repent before she is ordered too however she has accepted that there are bad people out there who need to be taken care of and if it is to save one of her younger team mates or one of her friends the grief of killing another human being she will crush her emotion and kill them. In frank Kahli can be a confusing person to understand. She will be kind at times open to anything but bring up the wrong words and she may just shut down on you and force up one of her infiltration acts. Many view her as a trustworthy person who tells the truth and has nothing to hide but Kahli is always hiding something secrets, memories, emotions anything to keep back the feeling of pain or to stop those around her from feeling pain or sorrow. Despite her secrecy and at times dishonesty Kahli is extremely loyal to her friends she will always stick by you unless something happens that she feels she no longer must or should. She won't ever let anyone accuse her friends unjustly and despite insults and the pessimistic side of your talents she states she will do anything for her friends. Kahli is a well known stubborn person and with her stubbornness, cautious and sly attitude to situations around her she can be an interesting person to get to know. But with her slyness remember just because you think you know her doesn't mean you truly do, you could be her bet friend and barely scratch the surface of Kahli's true self. She is harsh and blunt at times telling it as it is and tries to be fair but at times it can be hard for her to hold fairness and keep open ears and mind. She has a fairly proud attitude and won't take crap from anyone. She has reserved respect for the people around her and doesn't find it inconsiderate to test each person she meets in their own way. At times because of this she an be infuriating however when she finally determines how much respect you deserve from her it can be a great feeling. Kahli has a knack for thinking up plans at last minute and is fairly intelligent and doesn't mind a good puzzle or two. Sometimes though when you notice an odd flux in her mood she is probably just thinking about something she doesn't wish to speak about. Her mind is often wondering to some place she doesn't wish to talk about. As said before Kahli ha many personalities but she has even more faces to hide behind, she won't let you in until she is ready and even more so she won't ever burden with her emotions or her secrets, only a very very small group of people know Kahli inside out. 


Before Part I:

The Sand Village:

As a young child, growing up in the sand village Kahli's attire consisted of a baggy cream shirt and loose brown pants. Occasionally she was seen wearing a light fawn coloured wrapping in the colder seasons. During this time Kahli has long tangled blonde hair with little streaks of brown in it. Her eyes are more blue then green at this point and she wears a crystal necklace that looks similair to that of the first hokage's.


Kahli Senju and her genin team.

Upon becoming a member of the leaf village Kahli obtains a new outfit consisting of a green blue quapo knee length dress, dark blue tights, dark blue arm warmers, ninja shoes and a dark blue obi sash. At this point Kahli has her hair cut shorter to about shoulder length with her fringe constantly falling across the left hand side of her face, by this time her hair has gone more brownish then before and her eyes look green in colour.

Part I:

Fly 2nd angle

Kahli Senju as a genin

Up until the chunin exams Kahli's attire consists of a simple long sleeved red shirt, black fingerless gloves and long black pants. Up until her first B rank mission with Team Surudohia she wears her headband on her right upper arm, afterwards she wears it on her forhead. During this time Kahli has her hair grown out and wears in back in a short ponytail with two small bangs and her fringe pushed to the side. Upon the reaching of the chunin exams Kahli's attire changes back to her first appearence in the academy so she can easily slip in under cover as a target. Also due to the 'bind snake' she has on her at this point in time she has changed her hair so that it is out with part of it covering her face. Upon the conclusion of the exams and attack on Konoha Kahli's attire changes once more to a black tank top with bandages around her mid-drift, black fingerless gloves and long black pants with her hair still remaining out. 

Part II:

During the first couple of episodes in Part II Kahli is seen weraing a dark red long sleeved shirt similar to the one she wore before the Chunin exams complete with long black pants and black fingerless gloves. Her hair is chopped short and kind of messy with a little bit of it still falling across her face. Soon after her attire changes to a tank style of top the same shade of dark red with long black pants and black fingerless gloves. After this point Kahli grows her hair out pushing it back off her face and wearing it down. 


Due to the fact that Kahli was selected spefically to be a member of an infiltration only team her strengths lie mostly in strategic based area's.Often Kahli's strategies move on the concept of keeping the enemy at a distance and follow a process of elimination. If she finds herself outskilled or out numbered with no way to escape depending on the circumstances she will either surrender and escape later gathering intel on her enemy at the same time or she will attempt to join the enemy and maker herself seem somewhat useful to them. As far as physical abilites and jutsu go Kahli's speacility lays in ninjutsu. Thanks to her kekki genkai Kahli has use over three elements (Earth, Water and Wood) making her vairety of jutsu a considerable amount larger. Kahli has a decent amount of skills in both genjutsu and kenjutsu though she rarely uses them. However despite the fact of knowing kenjutsu and being a Jonin Kahli somewhat lacks skills in the area of taijutsu. Kahli does know some sealing jutsu however has never really had a cause to use it so despite her potenail skill in the area she lacks the experience to use it in battle.

Kekkei Genkai

Kahli possess the rare kekki genkai, Mokuton Release (Wood Release). Though she is not entirely sure how she came to possess this ability Kahli has being able to use since a young age. Due to this fact she has taken on the last name Senju being that the first hokage was the orginal user of the wood release ability. Being a strong ninjutsu user Kahli tends to use her Wood Release quiet an amount as a result she has good control over it.


1 - 2: Debilitated, 3 - 4: Below average, 5 - 6: Average, 7 - 8: Above average, 9 - 10 Talented

Time Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Handseals Will Total
Pre. Part I  5.5 4 5 5.5 4 5.5 5 5 7 50.5
Part I 7 4 5 5.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7.5 51.5
Time Skip 8.5 5 6 6 5 6 6 7 8 57.5
PartII 8.5 5 6 6.5 6 6 6.5 7 9 60.5

Part I

Kahli makes her first appearence in part I during the chunin exam arc. She and her team mates are sent undercover to root out some of the candidates having become chunin in the previous exam. Going under cover once more Kahli gets the chance to catch up with the rookie nine once more. During the exams Kahli and her team fight a total of three other genin teams during the second exam eleminating each from the exam and taking their scrolls which they later plant around the arena. Heading to the building in the centre of the forest of death the

Team six

three are revlieved hoping their missions end was near. That's when they find out that Orochimaru had already attacked during the chunin exams and so they were to stay undercover with at lest one of them going through to the finials to keep an eye on the candidates encase someone was leaking information to the evil sanin. Heading to the prilimaneries Kahli watches as Azarki and Leo are picked to fight eachother however Azarki instantly with draws from the fight. Kahli is chosen to fight a genin from the stone village. Comeing out victorious Kahli and Leo are both accepted to move onto the final rounds. When it comes to choosing who fights who in the finals Kahli draws the short straw and ends up finding out that she must fight Leo. However the two friends decide that team mates or not they wont hold back.

During the months of training that follow the first part of the chunin exams Kahli finds herself mostly training on her own as Leo and Surudohia spend a lot of time together for some reason. As for Azarki she is constantly disappearing and when Kahli does see her she explains how her family is detesting the way how she doesn't act like an Aburame and want to keep her under constant training with in the clan. Kahli left on her own spends her time working on a new jutsu called the water lotus jutsu. A month into the training area Kahli is working on her jutsu when someone sneaks up behind her. Whoever it is tells her that he was looking for some amusement and that she would be enough to suffice before disappearing he places a Bind snake near her which quickly resides in her body. Scared Kahli returns to the libary once more to read up more on this snake and discovers it is a type of parisite that feeds of chakra and once it has completely worked it's way around the victims body it squeezes the life out of them. She also finds out that the max amount of time she could possibly have is until the night before the finals start but really she could die any time. It doesn't take Kahli long to figure out that Orochimaru was the one who did this to her. Kahli spends the rest of her time training despite the fact she wouldn't make it to the finals. A couple of times she meets up with Kabuto who was practically a brother to her. Come the night before the exams Kahli, Leo and Azarki decide to train together when they fall under attack. Though they attempt to find their attacker they find whoever it is gone but Kahli see's a small white snake slither away as they reach the spot where he should have being standing. Everything seems to hit Kahli in the head and she tells her team that they have to get to the hokage. They are on their way when the bind snake starts snaking across part of Kahli's face which was covered by her hair squeezing her from the inside. Kahli yells at her team to go find Jaryia who was in the village somewhere guessing he should be notified about Orochimaru's presence. Leo and Azarki head off and Kahli reaches the hokages building alone only to find out that the ninja gaurding the door wont let her in. In the end Kahli jumps over them and up the side of the building managing to make it to the hokage's office before they get her where she tells him that Orochimaru is in the village before blacking out.

Surprisingly Kahli wakes up the next morning the bind snake somehow having being removed from her body. Kahli heads to the chunin arena and manages to win her fight with Leo though both team mates get fairly badly burnt from one of Leo's fire style jutsu. Kahli is resting for her next fight when the whole attack on Konoha begins. Instantly Kahli goes to help but Shino stops her saying that she has to wait because she's not a chunin or higher and that's when she breaks her covering saying that she's being a chunin since the last exams and that she orders him to go help Shikamaru where ever her got to. Kahli jumps from the platform meeting up with Surudohia who informs her that Leo and Azarki are protecting the hospital area. Kahli and Surudohia join the fighting in the streets against the sand and sound villages. When the two find themselves cornered alone against a number of enemy shinobi they manage to fight off most of them. Most of the fight going to Surudohia considering Kahli was still a little low on chakra from her fight with Leo. They face a sand ninja Jonin with a deadly use of wind style and just when Kahli seems to be winning the ninja goes for a killing blow and Surudohia pushes her out of the way making her land on the side of her body that was burnt making her mind go fuzzy. When she comes back the Sand ninja

Kahli see's her sensei die right before her...

and Surudohia are locked in battle. Kahli goes to help but the Sand ninja keeps her down using his wind style and then he strikes at Surudohia killing him. Kahli runs to her sensei just as she see's a red flash in his eyes disappear. Mourning the grief of her just lost sensei the Sand ninja makes the mistake of making fun of Kahli and how weak she was. That's when something in Kahli snaps and she no longer thinks killing the Jonin with her wood release she continues through the village using her wood style to help in one street she moves onto another still full of rage. In this street Kahli helps out the few amount of ninja from Konoha by impaling a number of the enemy which just keep appearing. Kahli turns around at the voice of Kabuto and find him standing with a group of sound ninja. He remarks on how she kept such a wounderful secret then tries to kill her however Kahli manages to escape as another group of Konoha ninja distract him. Kahli is just about out of chakra but her rage still smoulders as she watches her village loosing the fight so she uses her ultimate wood defense putting a large barrier between the konoha ninja and the enemy when she falls unconsious. 

When Kahli wakes she is in the hospital and Leo is there. A ninja appears telling Leo that he's needed and when Kahli tries to tell him not to go he bends down and kisses her leaving and Kahli blacks out again.

Upon waking a second time Kahli is questioned by an ANBU member about her wood release though there's little to tell him. When he leaves Shikamaru and Choji appear and stay for awhile when Kahli asks about her team mates Shikamaru is the one who tells her that both Surudohia and Leo were dead while Azarki was in a coma.
Mourning - Copy

Kahli Mourning the death of her first team.

Distraught by the news Kahli spends the time up until the funeral alone struggling to deal with the sadness of loosing her closest friends. At the funeral she is the last one to leave and only when Iruka and Kakashi come to tell her not to worry. Retreating to the cliffs alone Kahli tries to calm her sadness when she is called for a new mission. Put on a team with Kakashi, Neji and Sakura Kahli and the rest of the team are supposed to infiltrate a village that may have a deadly weapon in their grasp. During this mission Kakashi tells Kahli about how he lost his own team and not to hold back her emotions so much like she does and that she doens't need to distance herself from her friends they only want to help. The mission goes off successfully and it's discovered there was no weapon in the village. The team returns to find the new hokage has being chosen. After a couple of weeks on missions with random teams Kahli is summoned to the Hokages office and discovers that she has being put on another speacil team. The team was made up of Rika Hyuga, Azakai Inuzuka, Sachi Nara, Arisha Hatake and herself wtih Arisha the captain. Kahli spends the rest of the time training and taking small missions with her team and a tiny handful of higher B rank ones since everyone but Arisha and herself were still genin. During this time Kahli discovers that she has being entered for the upcoming Jonin exams. Right before the time skip occurs Kahli and the rest of her new team are sent on a mission to drive out a group called the Akatsuki whom Jaryia had being watching for quiet some time. Arisha who excepts the mission with out question recieves a beating from Kahli for excepting such a dangerous mission so carelessly before they head out. The team moves out and are met with Itachi, Deidara, Kisame, Sasori and a samurai. Arisha orders Kahli to fight Itachi which she reluctently does. Her team are failing incredibly when Arisha finally orders a retreat just as he goes to fight of an army of shadow clone samurai. Sachi and Azakai take an unconsious Rika from the battle field while Kahli watches the Akatsuki. The Akatsuki then offer her a deal saying that they wouldn't kill anyone if she told no one about them. Kahli instantly excepts the offer and retreats as the akatsuki disappearing leaving only the

Arisha Dies

samurai and shadow clone army. Kahli fixes her dislocated shoulder as quickly as possible planning to help Arisha who was fighting the army when it ends. Arisha freezes a sword producing from his stomach as the dying samurai behind him stabs him through the gut. Kahli blank faced orders Sachi and Azakai to take Rika back to the village as she runs ahead with Arisha hoping to get him to the village before he dies. Luckily he doesn't however Kahli is ordered to not tell anyone as he now had to leave on a top secret mission so keeping her mouth shut Kahli goes to meet her distraught team. Keeping her word to the akatsuki Kahli wipes her friends memories clean of most of their fight so they could tell no one of what they soar. Later before Arisha leaves for his new mission Kahli tells him not to tell anyone of their fight with the akatsuki and he agree's. Just before the time skip Kahli accepts an offer from Kakashi to train with him.

Part II

Still in the sand village during the Akatsuki attack Kahli is one of the first people to react to Gaara's capture. As the sand village council tries to determine what to do about Gaara's caputure Kahli sits in the room listening having being asked to attend by Kunkuro. When one of the council member's suggest just leaveing Gaara and that the village should be grateful to be rid of such a burdern Kahli snaps at them telling them how weak they were to just turn their backs on their own Kage. In the end she joins team seven on their mission to rescue Gaara. During the team splitting Kahli heads off with Kakashi and Naruto after Lady Chyo tells her that she and Sakrua could handle this one. Silently Kahli leaves hoping she really could. Kahli catches up with Kakashi and Naruto just as Kakashi seals Naruto's tailed beast cloak. As she goes to help Kakashi and Naruto fight Deidara Zetsu appears in front of her telling her she really shouldn't interfere. Unable to help because of Zetsu blocking the way Kahli watched as they fought. 

Returning to the village Kahli heads out with her own team on a mission gaurding a young princess to her home country. During the mission Kahli and her team surpress an up rising rebellion as Kahli and Ayumu head under cover in the enemies castle in order to figure just what their plan was. Meanwhile Taikshio and Katumii attempt to
Sakura Base 12 by tragedie 50

Kahli tries out her jutsu.

hide the princess who stubbornly refuses. When Kahli and Ayumu return from the infiltration the royal town has being over run and the princess with Taikshio and Katumii are no where to be seen. Kahli and Ayumu eventually find them hiding in a cave on a small island just off shore from the main land. In the end the team manage to defeat their enemy and return the princess safetly to her home. Upon returning home Kahli finds that the village is in danger from the Akatsuki. As a result she is put in a divison with Shikamaru, Asuma, Izumo and Kotetsu. The team meets Kakazu and Hidan. During the fights Kahli attempts using a veriaty of jutsu however when none have effect she retreats to the back lines with Shikamaru and focuses on observing and absorbing information on the two akatsuki members. Upon Asuma's death Kahli attempts to help the three team mates cope with the los only to be pushed away. The next notible appearence of Kahli is during the mission to search for Itachi where Kahli is sent along by the village council in order to stop any word of what truely happened at the Uchiha massacre from slipping out should they truely meet up with Itachi.Upon discovering Itachi's death Kahli finds herself silently mourning the death of her long ago friend. The mission ends for Kahli when Rika and Katumii show up telling Kahli that she needs to head to the sand village to have another go at discussing the treaty between both villages. During her stay at the sand village Kahli hears of Jariya's death. Upon returning to the village Kahli is debriefed about what happened to Jariya and given a copy of the code. Kahli manages to figure out the idea that it was from one of the Icha Icha books when Shikamaru comes in annoucing he had de-coded the code. Kahli spends the rest of the time before pain's attack trying to figure out the meaning of Jiraya's code. She is with team 14 when Pain attacks the village. During the fight Kahli and her team gets seperated and she finds herself fighting off one of the Pains. Kahli leaves the battle with the Pain as four ANBU arrive to take over and heads into the village seeing who else she could help.

Kahli after Kakashi's death

She manages to help evacutate a number of villager's as she goes about. When she comes across Kakashi and Choza with Choji fighting Pain. Kahli seeing Kakashi dead begins to shut down mentally blurting out that she didn't want him to die because she loves him but it was already to late. Kahli manages to recover enough to get up and keep fighting until the whole of the village is destroyed. At this point Kahli is knocked into a building and it collapses on her killing her. In those short moments Kahli's soul leaves her body and she see's her old team again. During the clean up following the attack of Pain once everyone is brought back to life Kahli begins helping with clean up when Danzo is elected hokage and requests a meeting with her. Instantly Kahli knows what is coming her knowledge about Itachi's order to kill his clan from Danzo was dangerous. Danzo makes a deal with her telling her if she became a member of the ANBU abandoning team 14 her former team would not be accidentally killed on
Base 11

Kahli gets the ANBU tattoo

their newest mission. Kahli agree's recieving the ANBU tattoo and being moved to a small rundown building until the seal can be placed on her tongue. That's when Kahli finds out about Danzo heading to the five kage summit to represent Konoha. Sensing that it was a bad idea to let Danzo do this Kahli manages to escape and takes off after him. She ends up catching up with Kakashi, Yamato and Naruto who were with the Raikage and stands up against the Raikage as henhas a go at Naruto completely forgetting to tell him not to trust Danzo. Kahli returns to an inn with Kakashi, Yamato and Naruto and when Tobi appears and begins talking about Itachi she lunges for him to try and stop him only to get a praylisis seal placed on her. When Tobi finishes Kakashi removes the seal and Kahli can move again. When the sand siblings appearing naming Kakashi the next to be hokage Kahli laspes into a some kind of silence. She had no idea if Kakashi had heard her say she loves him and had no idea what to do now. She stays behind with Yamato as Kakashi goes off after Sakura and then Naruto after Kakashi.

Upon returning to the village Kahli sets to work in shaping up her team organising a small game between her team and the other chunin teams to increase their skills as they prepare for war. Kahli spends this time helping with the organisation of food and acts as a messanger between the village's at some points.

During the shinobi war Kahli is sent on a mission to try and get Yamato back from Madara and Kabuto however fails the mission when her memories are wiped and joins Madara helping in the attack against divison three she nearly kills some of her friends and Kakashi. As a result when the seal on her mind is lifted she is somewhat reserved amongst the divison. Kahli temporaily stays with the third divison then is later transferred to the fifth where she would be most useful.


  • Kahli's favourite foods are chicken and rice dishes.
  • Her lest favourite foods include cauliflower, cucumber and very greasy or sour foods.
  • Though Kahli graduated the academy early (Which is rare) she had, had enough training before attending the academy to make up for the two years she missed.
  • Kahli's favourite colours include Fawn, Red and Black.
  • She hates the colour pink.

Reference - My DeviantArt account - Link to Tragedie-50 who I get my bases from

And to Arisha Hatake for some of the group images

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