Jade Yuki


(結城ジェイド, Jeido Yuki)


Appears in

Coming Soon - (Title to Be Determined) by

Almiaranger at

Voice Actors







Scorpio November 11th

Gender Female




157.5 cm


46 kg

Blood type



Mid to Long Range





Ninja Rank


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age




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Jade Yuki (結城ジェイド, Jeido Yuki) is character created by Almiaranger for her fanfiction which has yet to have been posted. She is genin-level ninja from Kirigakure.


Before the story, Jade lived an enjoyable and unique life. She was born to an average middle-class family, and lived with both her parents until sixth grade. When Jade turned twelve, her father was laid off his job and her family began having economical problems. Knowing Jade was a bright girl; they had her take the entrance exam for private boarding school, and applied for a scholarship. Her parents had known that if she did succeed in earning a scholarship, she would be one less expense to them, and she would be in a safe and secure place.

Jade did in fact earn the scholarship, and so she attended Sunny Valley Academy in sixth and seventh grade. In this school, she became friends with a number of individuals.


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I credit the anime character creator from the link below. I used it to create a headshot for Jade at the top of this page. Feel free to use it yourself, as it was a valuable tool in the creation of Jade. (Link Below)

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