Inna Yoru(インナ夜) its Souro's daughter, she have 13 years old, and lives in an orphanage in Konoha, after her mother's death, she knows about her father, and acquired the Kekken Genkai from her father, so she can use some techniques of her dead father


She lived for three years with her mother, her father was still hunted in season, with the mysterious death of her mother, she was taken to an orphanage, her father visited him every night, she understood why she can not go along with her father, and was practicing her skills based on the keys of the eclipse, its only difference is that it does not seem to have the Kinjutsu of his father. Apparently she has Fenix ​​Bloom, a plant capable of reviving a spirit who died by their own volition. one of their unique abilities is called the "Key Number 0 - Moonlight Flower" this ability is unique, many say it was the treinamneto with her father that she got, but others say it was a skill that has been created by the girl herself Inna was present at the death of Souro, so with the Fenix ​​in Bloom, she believes that she can revive her father.


She is shy, but when she knows the person very happy, when not training, she is doing flower arrangement, their most popular techniques are the "Key Number 0 - Moonlight Flower" and "Key Number 1 - Dark Wave"


She has long brown hair that reaches her knees, often are trapped in a one braid, his eyes are green and blue, a rare heterochromia, she often uses a skirt and a shirt that shows her belly, some fishnets on her arm and legs, sandals and a ninja.


She can only use the skills of the keys of the eclipse from 1 to 5. The Kekkei Genkai its the use of the techniques. after it acquires the scroll of the eclipse (where the techniques are the keys of the eclipse), she can master 29 of the techniques, except the Kinjutsu of her father.

Related in Naruto Shipuden

She only appears in her father's death, Tsunade does not allow the delivery of the scrolls and buries them along with Souro, Inna devises a plan to resurrect her father and acquire a family relic


  • She like's to fight
  • She posses the only Fenix Bloom in the world
  • She dont have any tattoo
  • She apparently likes Sai
  • She's favorite food is Lamen


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