Rōmaji Mugen Honoo no Tekunikku
Literal English Infinite Flame Technique
Classification Ninjutsu
Type [1]

Fire Release

Class Offensive
Range Short to Mid
Hand seals Horse-Dog-Tiger-Rat-Tiger

The user first creates a clone that is shaped like themselves but is composed entierly of fire. This clone's main power is to burn what-ever it touches and can even engulf a target within itself. This clone can even change its shape as long as it has enough fire to do so. Also due to being made of fire it is very fast and can jump high. The clone can even concentrate the flames to make them hotter to due more damage. This clone can also gather some fuel for itself (ex. wood, oil, ect.) if some of its body dissipates in some way. The weakness of the clone however is fire's weakness itself, water. For example if it is soaked in water then it will disapear and would've been a waste of Chakra. This clone is still very versitle in combat if it can avoid Water and in theory could stay on the battle field forever as its name implies.


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