Hey there! ;w; Chances are that if you are reading this, you are new to the wiki. If that is the case, allow me to welcome you here! We are very delighted to have you, and we look forward to getting a look at your OC! 

Speaking of which, you probably don't know how to create a page to put your OC's information on. That's okay! I'm here to teach you. 

Below are some steps that you will need to take in order to have your very own OC page here on the N.O.W.: 

Step 1) Find the "Create Article" button.
So, first you'll need to create your page. The easiest way to do this is to go to our home page, and find the button on the right somewhere that says "Create Your Article!" I will provide pictures. Like so: 


Step 2) Click the button, and a message will pop up. BE SURE TO SELECT '"STANDARD LAYOUT!"


Step 3) Write your character's name in the blank, and CREATE YOUR ARTICLE.
You'll get a page that looks like this:


Uh-oh! That template is a little outdated! You'll need to get the newest template. But first, you need to delete the old one.

Step 4) Click the "source" tab. I've highlighted it for you. Once you click it, you'll be introduced to a bunch of confusing code. I'll guide you through how to delete the old template.

Once you've deleted everything, head on over to the INFOBOX INSTRUCTIONS page; every time we make a change to the template we update that page.

Step 5) Copy the new template! I'll show you how. 

Click the "View Source" button. It will, once again, lead you to a bunch of confusing code.


Step 6) Paste your new code into your character's page.

You don't need any pictures for this! ;w; Just paste your newly copied template code into the SOURCE CODE

The rest of the page should be fine to use. If you need more help or are confused, I'm always available! And there are plenty of other members who would also not mind lending a hand! Also, while you're making your page you will probably find it beneficial to use the Icons page.

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