Hiroto is an easy-going and laid-back person. He's also warm-hearted and kind, and has great interest and faith in the new generation of the Path's Enforcers. He is well respected by the whole Orginazation. He also appears to be a bit absent-minded and oblivious, and apparently doesn't pay attention to what he's doing. He also has a tendency to break through walls with his Shinra Tensei in order to pass unhindered.


Hiroto is a tall and muscular man with shoulder-length orange hair, which is kept pushed back, and some stubble around his mouth and on his chin. His body has suffered many injuries due to his confrontations with rouge Enforcers: he lost both his left arm and right leg, plus an unspecified organ. He initially made use of very rudimentary wood prosthetic arm and leg as replacements, with an armoured knee-guard on the leg’s zone supposed to be his knee, but later switched to more functional, armour-like prosthetic limbs. His chest sports many scars, two of which are recently stitched closed.

Hirotos’ attire is simple and practical, consisting of a dark colors primarialy. In fact the only light colored object he wears constantly are his Sash and Headband.

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