Hiro Higashiyama

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(Hiro Higashiyama, ヒロ東山)


Appears in

Naruto Episode #20

Chapter #35

Voice Actors


Katsuyuki Konishi


Todd Haberkorn



20px-Sagittarius.svg.png November 15th


Male Male


Part I: 8-9 Part II: 12-13


  • Part I: 128.9cm-130.9 cm
  • Part II: 145.1 cm


  • Part I: 28.8kg-30.5 kg
  • Part II: 38.9 kg

Blood type



Mid-Range to Long


18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure


Team 5


Ninja Rank

Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age


Known Family

Hiromasa Higashiyama

Chiyemi Higashiyama

Fumito Higashiyama

Jin Higashiyama

Akina Higashiyama

Yuugiri Higashiyama

Aki Higashiyama

Jun Higashiyama

Hikaru Higashiyama

Hiro Higashiyama (Hiro Higashiyama, ヒロ東山) is a Genin level shinobi of Konohagakure.


Hiro is the Realated to Higashiyama; Hiromasa ,Chiyemi ,Fumito,Jin,Akina ,Yuugiri, Aki, Jun and Hikaru. He is usally seen with his friend Akikio and later in part II LisayaHe tends to spy on Team Aoi to try to have is revenge on the Jonin, as this usally and always fails also pulling is team into the situation. Usally he tends to end sentences when he is annoyed or extreamly exited with 'aru'

He also been seen with Team Guy, with his secret Crush Tenten .In Part 1 he met her while buy weapons for him and his little sister. After after being invited to see her train in action started to follow her. He likes to look up to her as a rolemodel and someone he would like to be. They are seen to be discussing types of weapons, talking, or simply just to annoye their team mates brag about each other.


In part I Hiro has shaggy Red hair and Blue eyes, his bangs are pushed to the left. He weard a light blue T-shirt with cakies. He is wearing a Eye patch ,and also a cast.

In the Time Skip he dyed his hair Blond for a period of time. He changed it back not to long later.

In Part II he seen to be wearing something similar exept dark Blue lines are patterned all over his shirt and he weards his forhead protecter on his sholders. He grows his hair out in the back , so he now has a pony tail. His scar on his left eye is also visable; in part one is was covered.


In Part I he is only seen to know the simple Academy Jutsus; Cloning,cloaking and transformation techniques.

In part II He is able to use jutsu use of his Kekkai Genkai for protective monivers.

He has alot of chakra, making him able to perform more chakra related techniques.Hiro is very analytical in battle, he is able to quickly analyse and understand his opponent's technique

Kekkei Genkai

Sludge Release (泥遁,Deiton, English TV "Sludge Style") is an advanced nature kekkei genkai of the Higashiyama Clan. Two natures are used, water and earth, They are then combined into one, creating a sludge like substance. This sludge is dark purple in color, very thick, and is mud-like in texture. The sludge typically comes out of the mouth.


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Part I

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Part II

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  • The name Hiro means "generous" and they name Higashuyama means "eastern mountain"
  • Hiro was named after Hiro from the book Extras
  • Hiro tends to love anything Sour or Tangy.
  • He dyed his hair Blond during the time skip, but with everyone mistakeing him for Naruto Uzumaki redyed his hair back to its normal color.


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