"After all!,a cage is no place for a bird"

Tokasa Hime

Age: Part 1:12-13,Part 2:15-16

Rank: Part 1: Genin,Part 2: Chunin

Birth: May 21

Sign: Gemini

Fav Food: Tanuki Udon

Least Fav. Food: Bean Soup

Hobbies: Sparring w/ Yasha

Occupation: Swordsmens' Court Soldier

Choosen Seiyus: Jeannie Elias (English)

Yuki Matsuoka (Japanese)

Aki Toyosaki (Singing voice)

Relatives: Tokasa chief (Uncle)

Kino Tokasa (Father)

Satoshi Tokasa (Cousin)

Yasha Tokasa (Twin Sister)

a Konohagakure kunoichi whose the younger identical twin sister of Yasha Tokasa


She along with her sister Yasha,were born in the branch family of the Tokasa Clan (despite that their female),they gladly helped their father serve the main branch,until one day,when Satoshi became the new head of the clan,the rights of the branch family have been neglected,Yasha was furious about it and stood up against Satoshi.Hime felt useless during the war,but was in complete disgrace when her father died in front of her bare eyes,as her sister finally snapped,she was amazed at how Yasha's chakra broke through her curse mark and tried to clash against Satoshi,but lost miserably and Satoshi escaped.Hime tries to wake up the unconsious body of her twin,until some jonin ninjas came into the scene and mistook them as lost orphans and told them to leave the area.Hime begged on her knees to help her sister,the group thought twice at first but the leader told hem to take them to their village,since their just little children.

The village that they were taken in was Konoha,as the shinobi men took Yasha to a hospital,Hime waited waited for her to recover and was relieved whenshe finally awoke.One of the mn who rescued them before came in the room telling them that the Hokage wants to see them.

When their story finished,the third hokage clearly understands their pain,so he decides to let the twins stay on their village and resereved an apartment for them.

The twins enrolled in te ninja academy to continue their training,and repay their depths to the village.

Hime was determined to get stronger and wishes to be able to break her curse mark like Yasha did,and be able to help out in defeating Satoshi.


Unlike her silent and emotionless twin,Hime has the more cheerful and friendly nature,which makes her easilly befriend even the serious Neji Hyuga and silent Shino Aburame,(she thinks that their both similar to Yasha, making her feel comfortable around them).but dont let this side of her fool you.Hime became famous for her Genjutsu experties,And trust me you dont want to see her wacky illusions that'll haunt you for life!.Despite that the twins arent exactly alike,they both share the loyalty and justice for the village and for eachother.


Hime's face and body structure is exactly the same as her twin sister,except for their eye color.

Hime's attire is like a japanese school girl's uniform,with a blue collared white blouse with a red bow tie, a blue school mini-skirt and black under-shorts,she also has some matching pink elbow & knee straps,and fingerless gloves.Her konoha crest is worn like a hair band over her head (just like Sakura),and wears blue shinobi sandals like every one else in the series

In Part 2,her hair is much more longer,and the crest of her village is on her forehead like Yasha's,and wears a plain light-green t-shirt with a ANBU flat jacket worn over it,she also wears a darker green skirt with an open slid on it (like Ino's) and black shorts.Hime still wears the same sandals only this time their black


Genjutsu Expert

Hime can cast different kinds of illusions to a victim depending on the situation,she can create an illusion by singing a melody.If you think that NOT hearing her voice makes the genjutsu uneffective,then wrong.Hime was only using her singing voice to spread the chakra in the surroundings to trap the enemy.

Swordsmanship Expert

Like Yasha.Hime also has samurai instincts,though they werent compared to her skilled and intelligent sister

High amount of chakra

As a member of the Tokasa clan,Hime has more chakra than the average,but it is sealed by her curse mark.With the help from Yasha she was able to break free from it.


Blade Jutsu: Dual Slash

Blade Jutsu: True Dual Slash (With Yasha)

Voice of Nightmares

Ambush of Darkness


Ninjutsu: 3.5

Genjutsu: 4

Taijutsu: 2

Speed: 4.5

Stamina: 4.5

Strenght: 2.5

Hand Seals: 3

Intelligence: 3.5

Total: 27.5

Mission Experiences

D Ranks-19,C Ranks-12,B Ranks-10,A Ranks-15,S Ranks-0,Total-56 missions completed


  • Hime also calls her friends by their surnames (Uzumaki-san,Hyuga-kun,Aburame-kun,etc.)
  • If Yasha is the left-handed twin,Hime is right handed.
  • The creator suggested that Hime should have romantic feelings towards Neji,or Shino.but it is still undecided
  • Her curse mark is located on the back of her hand just like Yasha
  • "hime" means "princess"
  • She too is also a member of Konohagakure's Kunoichi society and The Swordsmens' Court, though she isnt seen wearing her hakama uniform often.
  • She wishes to fight her sister, Neji Hyuga and Shino Aburame


(To Neji and Shino) " You two remind me alot like my sister ,Yasha-nee-san..."

(To Neji and Shino about Yasha) " Shes smart!, cool!, and a skilled ninja!, just like you guys!"

(To Shino) "Disgusting?!, What are you talking about?!, you and your insects arent disgusting!, I thinks its really cool on how you use your insects in battle!!!"

(To Neji) "Well..., I guess you and I are the same then...."

(To Neji) "You know what they say, "birds with the same feathers flock togather!""

(To Yasha) "Like what you just said to me once.... "Im not leaving this cage without you!!!""

(To Yasha) "Dont be upset nee-san...everythings gonna be just fine..."

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