Hikari Shimizu


(清水光, Shimizu Hikari)


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Aries April 17th



Part I: 16

Part II: 19


169 cm


58 kg

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18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svgKonohagakure

18px-Akatsuki Symbol.svgAkatsuki


Shimizu clan


Ninja Rank


Academy Grad. Age


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Asami Shimizu (Mother)
Hotaru Shimizu (Father)

Nature Type

120px-Land of Wind Symbol.svg
Wind Release
120px-Land of Water Symbol.svg

Water Release

70px-Nature Icon Ice.svg
Ice release


Hikari Shimizu ( 清水光,Shimizu Hikari) was an Chunin from Konohagakure, before her defection, becoming an B-rank missing-nin and a back-up member of Akatsuki, who was partnered with Uchiha Itachi and Kisame Hoshigaki.

Hikari belongs to Choconyan on deviantART



The Shimizu clan were from Land of Waters. During the First Shinobi World War, the clan started to have some conflicts with other clans from their country, so, to avoid a civil war, the clan secretly moved to an Mizu no Kuni's island, Fukurō no su (フクロウの巣, Owl's nest). The island was inhabited by the giant shinobi owls, masters in Genjutsu. The clan made an contract with these owls, that they would protect that island and the owls would help them to fight, and teach them their Genjutsu tecniques. At the Second Shinobi World War, the Shimizu and Konohagakure become allies.


Land of Water

After many years, when the Third Shinobi World War had already ended, a few missing-nins from the Shimizu clan organized an attack to the hidden village, together with some rival clans from Land of Waters. This attack was discovered just a few days before it happens, the village called Konoha's help, but it was too late. Konoha didn't managed to get there in time, so the village were destroyed. Only a few members survived, some were saved by Konoha's shinobis, some fled, and some managed to hide. The clan was pratically destroyed, but the owls still live in that island

The clan was specialized in Genjutsus, and Water release Ninjutsus. The kids started to train very soon on how to control chakra and make genjutsus, they made summoning contracts with the owls at 7-8 years old, and were used to read since small, because with more inteligence, more powerful the genjutsus would be.


Hikari's father, Hotaru, was a jounin from the Shimizu clan, her mother, Asami, was a jounin from the Yuki clan. When Asami was pregnant of Hikari, they were suffering a lot. Hotaru's team-mates, one of them was his brother, died in a mission, and Hotaru took all the fault for him, so he fell in a deep depression. He only got better, when his daughter had born, so he called her Hikari(light), because she brought "light" back into his life.


Hikari's childhood was normal and happy, until the day of the attack. She and the other kids were hidding in a sanctuary near the Shimizu village. It was only a matter of time until enemies attacked that place, so she left, to see if the surroundings were safe for her and the kids run away to a safer place. Unfortunately, she end up running into an enemy, but luckily, Konoha was already there, and she was saved by Itachi Uchiha. Most of the kids that were on the sanctuary don't survived. She was 9 years old during this.

After the destruction of the village, Hikari moved to Konoha and started to frequent the Shinobi Academy. She became best friends with Itachi Uchiha, and his little brother, Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke was like a little brother for her, while she had a secret crush for Itachi. She was able to adapt herself well on the Academy and at Konoha, and she worked hard on herself, training a lot for dominate her wind nature.

Hikari became a genin at 12 years old. She was placed in a team with two boys. The team leader was ---. They did mostly D-rank, and some C-rank missions. In this time, Hikari got better at ninjutsu, and luckily, her sensei had wind release too, so she was able to get better at it. Her taijutsu was really bad, she never got too interest on it, her speed was good, but she was realy poor at strenght and at stamina. She also never got interest for medical ninjutsu, she focused herself to train the nature bonds, and some genjutsu with her owls.

She grew a strong bond with Itachi, they hadn't secrets with each other, and spend a lot of time training together. When the Uchiha Massacre happened, Hikari knew about it, and knew the reasons why Itachi did that. She wanted to flee with him, but he doesn't let her. He told her to stay and grow strong, and asked her to take care of Sasuke, and when she became stronger, she could go with him.

After this, was when Hikari developed her mom-like personality and her hobby for cooking. She took care of Sasuke like he was her own son, and also focused a lot on training, she used to train almost the whole days. So she awakened her Kekkei Genkai (Ice release) at 14 years old, and become able of using wind release almost fully, and a little bit of water release.


Hikari became Chunin at 14 years old, together with her team-mates. After this, she asked Sandaime Hokage to let her visit the place where the Shimizu clan lived, because she wanted to see if she founded any survivors, and wanted to train with the owls, but Sarutobi didn't let her go, because it was too dangerous.


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