Higashiyama Clan


(東山一族, Higashiyama Ichizoku)




Kekkei Genkai

[[Sludge Release|Sludge release Sludge Release]]

Known Clan Leaders

Current Clan Leader

Jin Higashiyama

Chakra Elements

18px-Nature Icon Water.svg Water Release

Earth sign Earth Release

Known Members

Royal Class

Hiromasa Higashiyama

Chiyemi Higashiyama

Fumito Higashiyama

Jin Higashiyama

Akina Higashiyama

General Class

Aki Higashiyama

Hiro Higashiyama

Jun Higashiyama

Hikaru Higashiyama

Naomi Higashiyama

Yuugiri Higashiyama

The Higashiyama Clan (東山一族, Higashiyama Ichizoku) is a huge clan considering the deaths of many people with Kekkei Genkai of the Lands of Kirigakure . Most people born into the clan possesses a Kekkei Genkai , which is known as Sludge Release. This form of jutsu combines water and earth based chakras to create this sludge like substance. The clan members are easily identified by their exotic features and the scars that run over their eyes.


The Higashiyamas were one of the first to inhabit Kirigakure and were highly respected amongst other villagers. Living in Kirigakure at its beginning years gave the other citizens the impression that the Higahiyamas were trustworthy. But a group of family members known as the Kaguya clan barbarically attacked Kirigakure unexpectedly, a clan that had unique abilities similar to the Higashiyamas. The attack from the Kaguya clan caused huge suspicion and distrust of the Higashiyamas, fearing that they too would try to attack the village. The suspicions of clans having a Kekkei Genkai lead to the persecution of those with genetic abilities. A very big part of the family was killed off from the persecution and remaining clan members moved out of the village to a place away from the destruction. While other Higashiyamas moved out to different villages, still feeling that a mob of villagers would find them; this is why so many of the clan's members are scattered around in almost every village. Not until the Third Mizukage came into power were the Higashiyamas welcomed back to Kirigakure due to the agreement the clan leader and the Mizukage made. The clan is made up of two classes, the Royal Class and the General Class. The Royal Class is made up of the clan leader and their close relatives while the General Class is made up of the more common Higashiyama family members. The people that are part of the Royal Class are the ones that make most of the important Higashiyama decisions, while the General Class members are the ones that are in charge of most of the clan's ninja duties. Those of the Royal Class are usually very respected and admired, however there are some that do not like how these classes are set up.

Customs, Culture, and Etiquette

Customs and Culture

This clan has many customs, some of which would be considered “cruel” by other people. Their most well-known custom is “scarification ”. This practice is done by scratching, etching, or burning of the skin to create designs as a permanent body modification. Many of the members do this for no special reason, just for visual appeal. However, there is a required scarification technique that is done when puberty hits children of any gender. This ritual is a huge ceremony and is still very popular. It is done by the current clan leader of the time, and makes scars from cutting the skin near the eyes. The required scarification represents the “strength” and “endurance” of the overall person. If you make it through it all, you are considered to make it through anything. If the receiving person shows any type of pain or reluctance while getting the scarification done, the practice is finished. This tradition is called “Nairyoku” (内力, English TV ‘Interior Strength’). There are four stages in total which are…Higashiyamaeyes Marriage is very big in the clan. Males of the clan propose to the woman they believe as their destined soul mate with a red string, and tie it around both of their fingers. This is from a popular myth, known as “akai ito” (赤い糸,English TV “Red String of Fate ”). The newly engaged couple that is connected by the red string are supposed to be destined lovers. In the myth, the thread is invisible and is tied around the fingers of the couple. It may stretch or tangle but will never break. Higashiyamas also believe that if you keep the real thread, the marriage will never fail. Unlike most weddings where they only last about a day, Higashiyama weddings last for about three days. The weddings have three ceremonies in total, one for each day.

The first ceremony is where the meeting of both families (if they are two different ones) meets to get to know each other better without the presence of the bride and groom. This ceremony is generally the smallest ceremony, and is usually just a big feast.

The second ceremony is the biggest of them all. The second ceremony is where the actual wedding vows take place and the reception. Higashiyama weddings are decorated in to the finest, beautifully decorated with the most perfect flowers and to the best of their abilities. The reception is just like any other reception, a dinner, music and dancing, and a toast.

The last day is where the newly wedded couple is sent somewhere alone together, a place where the families specially garnished the bed with the finest silk bed sheets and decorated with flowers. Other special items are also are put around, like candles. This is the night where consummation takes place.


The Higashiyama clan members are very conservative people. Clothing rules are very strict. Women are not allowed to wear low cut shirts to show cleavage, shorts or miniskirts, or very form fitting clothing for everyday wear. Males are required to be fully dressed, meaning they cannot be shirtless, pants cannot be above knees, and clothing must not be form fitting. The only other exceptions are during training or on missions, swimming, and if they are in privacy or their own homes. They generally do not marry people with different Kekkei Genkai, due to the fact that it may ruin the reproduction of their own Kekkei Genkai. Though this marriage rule has been broken many times, it is not a forbidden law and the people will not be punished. In the past incest was a very common practice, inbreeding was encourage for the protection of their Kekkei Genkai and their physicial traits. When it was seen that more Higashiyamas were getting weaker immune systems due to having lack of various genes, outbreeding became a common practice. Because of this situation, incest is currently a rare case amongst the clan.

Like most traditional clans, they treat women less than a man. The Higashiyama Clan is not traditional when it comes with roles of a women. They believe that most sociaties use gender roles as a justification to limit their attitudes and behavior. Males and females are both entitled to do what they want if it's becoming a ninja, staying as a housewive or a househusband, or not becoming a ninja at all.


They are known to have a great amount of chakra , making them able to perform more chakra related techniques. The Higashiyama clan specializes in ninjutsu, especially their Kekkei Genkai , Sludge Release.

Most members only use Sludge Release rather than using other Water Release and/or Earth Release jutsu; water and earth based chakra are key imponents to create Sludge Release. However, Hiromasa is one of the few members that actually takes advantage of his Kekkei Genkai's nature requirements. It is also infrequent to see a Higashiyama being a Medical-nin or use Genjutsu; since they do not specialize in either practice.

Even though Higashiyama clan's people are known to have a large amount of chakra within their bodies and have their own advanced nature kekkei genkai, they do not have a normal lung capacity. Their lung volume is on the smaller side due to the fact the most of the members aren't very tall or big; lung capacity can be affected by the height of someone. Thus most people in the clan cannot withstand a big quanity of physicial exercise; some even have cases of asthma. Their lung capacity can also be infuenced by what village they are from. People of villages were the altitude is low is at a higher risk of getting a smaller lung capacity than villages with high-altitude.

Physical Traits

The Higashiyama people are not very tall. The most a woman would reach as their full growth is 161.5 cm while males can reach up to 173.7 cm as their full growth. Though there has been a few cases where both genders have reached a greater height. Their hair colors mostly range from red, dark red, a dull red, a more bright pinkish-red, or orange. The most common hair color is red while the two more rare hair colors are the pinkish-red and the dark red. Straight hair is a dominant trait for hair types, sometimes with a hint of spike. There are some rare situations were they a hair type which is curly or wavy, but it's usually when a Higashiyama clan member marries outside of their clan. While their eyes are pupil-less, and they are usually big and very prominent. The colors range from many colors like bright pink, green, orange, red, blue, and purple. For the eye color, there isn't a exact dominant trait. Though it seems that most clan members of the Royal Class have green eyes. As for their skin coloring, they range from peach to tan.



  • Higashiyama( 東山 ) means "eastern mountain". The name can be a reference to the mountainous country of Kirigakure
  • Even though the Higashiyama Clan treats women with a high respect, there hasn't been a female clan leader in their clan's history.
  • Although there's members scattered in almost every village, there is no trace of any members in Iwagakure. This is because both Kirigakure and Iwagakure are not in good terms with each other.


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