Fanfiction The Exception (Wattpad)
Appears in Fanfiction Only.
Voice Actors
English N/A
Japanese N/A
Gender Male
Status Deceased {Resurrected}
Affiliation Akigakure
Clan N/A

Hiashi was Emiko Uzumaki's best friend and the fastest ninja in Akigakure. He was killed by Taki and is currently revived in order to defeat Emiko.


He is depicted as kind, sympathetic, and honest, in contrast to Emiko who was mean, harsh and loud. He is also very brave seeing as he was willing to risk his like so Emiko could live on.

He was loved throughout the village so it's natural to assume he was kind to everyone, but as he was feminine he was very sensitive when it came to that topic.


Hiashi has shoulder-length silver hair and aqua blue eyes (gold in the manga) and feminine features. Due to this he is often misjudged too quickly and teased, which is the reason he overexaggerates insults to his looks.

He is slender and lean regardless, unusually thin. Over the years he had grown, it is apparent that he was revived a long time ago for his body to have grown. Because of Taki's poor revival jutsu, when Hiashi is under control his eyes turn crimson red.

The Exception

Revival Arc

In the story, Hiashi is revived at the cost of children's pure blood. Taki has revived Hiashi so he can get rid of Emiko, who is the rumored 'demon' who will only bring bad to the world; they believe this because of her hair color, red, which is the devil's color.

When he encounters Emiko in Karin's former village, he seems very experienced with his clan's 'Ash Style' kekkei genkai and is able to fluently move it around and relight a flame. With his progress with his kekkei genkai, Emiko is able to guess that he was revived long before the attacks started to happen.

As he is defeated by Emiko, he gives her final instructions to follow before disappearing in a pile of ash. He is unknown to the fact Emiko believed he was a clone.


  • Hiashi loved Emiko which is the reason he was able to sacrifice his life for her without hesitation.
  • Hiashi comes from a deceased clan that influenced ashes, if you were skilled enough you could 'revive' the ash and make it burn once more.
  • Hiashi's love for Emiko was strong enough that he was capable of temporarily breaking the blood seal that kept him under control to give her orders to help defeat the jutsu.
  • Hiashi's favorite word was 'Tomato'
  • Hiashi's hobby was running laps and trying to be manly.
  • Hiashi's favorite foods were anything hot and/or spicy. He loathed cold food.
  • Hiashi wants to fight (and kill) Taki.

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