"We are the holders of knowledge of the Ninja World"
Helixian Clan Symbol

The Symbol of the Helixian Clan.

(JapaneseTextIfApplicable,Romaji) "He-lexi-an Clan"

Helixian Clan (name written in Japanese, Romaji name)


The Helixian Clan are distant relatives of the Senju Clan. The clan has 5 Branches. The Leader of the Clan is Kana Korimachi, his spose is Naomi Senju and they have 2 children, Ace Korimachi (18) and Saisha Korimachi (17, Deceased). The Helixian Clan is known as the most knowledgeable clan in the ninja world, being that they have knowlegde of the many dojutsu and elemental styles known to exist, as well and knowledge of the Accepted Entity, the Exiled Entity as well as connections with Amaterasu, the Goddess of Creation and all things Good.

The Demise of Hexoshigakure

The Helixian Clan once had its own village, Hexoshigakure, but it was destroyed by accident. When Niyya Korimachi was 4, a terrible accident occured, resulting in most of the Helixian Clan getting wiped out. Every since Niyya was born, her mother took her to visit her grandparents in two-week intervals. One day when she was in the Helixian Clan's Village, she suddenly started absorbing chakra from everything and everyone around her. Since most Helixians learn to condense their chakra when they are young, a lot of chakra was in the area. All the chakra she absorbed started condensing and her aura began to glowing brightly. Several memebers noticed her glowing and tried to inform the Kana Korimachi, but he was in Konahagakure at the time. They informed the Village Elders and they went to address the situation. They didn't know what was going on because they never witnessed anything like it. They were about to send for Kana, but it was too late. Suddenly everything turned blinding white and a sphere of chakra rapidly expanded from Niyya as the immense chakra released itself. Niyyas body released all of her excess chakra, almost instantly wiping out everyone and everything in the village. Several hours later, Kiki had heard the news and used her Light-Speed Technique to travel to the Helixan Clans Village. She appeared in the village, and was shocked in horror at what she saw. She could see nothing but a burden wasteland and a few pieces of debris as tears began forming at her eyes. Suddenly she heard a familiar cry, and rushed to the source of the cry to find her child lying on the ground. She quickly took off her cloak and wrapped her child in it and returned to Konahagakure to inform the Hokage of what had happened.

The History of Hexoshigakure

Hexoshigakure was founded by an unknown Helixian. Kana Korimachi


The Helixian Clan has knowlegde of All 35 Chakra Types, as well as sealing jutsu. Their knowledge of sealing jutsu came for the Uzumaki Clan. They became so close that they passed on some secrets of sealing jutsu to him. When the Uzumaki Clan met it's demise, the Helixian Clan promised to never forget them and they kept this promise by taking their sealing techniques even further, to the point of being able seal almost anything.

Over the generations, the Helixian clan developed it's own system of hand-signs that branch off rom the traditional 12-Animal Hand-sign system. They name the 35 different hand-signs base on the element that it holds. Due to the clans highly secretive and complex hand-sign system, no ninja outside their clan can copy the styles or techniques, even if they do know the system.

Element | -NAME- | Style | Element Combination | *Notes* | ~Users~ | [Example Jutsu - ENGLISH / JAPANESE / {OFFE/DEFE./SUPP.} / RANK / *SPECIAL NOTES* / EFFECT / USER ]

1. Earth -DOTON- Earth Style

2. Water -SUITON- Water Style

3. Wind -FUTON- Wind Style

4. Fire -KATON- Style

5. Lightning -RAITON- Lightning Style

6. Plasma -GENTON- Plasma Style *Wounds caused by this element heal slowly if it can be healed.*

7. Aura -ORATON- Aura Style *This element can increase ones life-force and the life of things around it, as well as decrease it if used carelessly. The full extent of this chakra type it not fully known.*

8. Space -SUPESUTON- Space Style ~Kekkei Genkai of Ace Korimachi~ *This elements allows the user to manipulate the space around them. The user can even defy the laws of physics themselves if they're skilled enough at using it*

9. Time -JIKANTON- Time Style ~Kekkei Genkai of Ace Korimachi~ *Allows user to manipulate time by slowing it down, speeding it up, rewinding, and even stopping it if the user is skilled enough. When used, it consumes a large amount of chakra. If the user runs out of chakra while using techniques of the type, they will get caught in their own jutsu, and escaping it is possible, but highly unlikely due to variations in the end-time of each technique.*

[ Examples of Time Style Jutsu ]

Forbidden Technique: Time Dialation / Jikan Dialation / TIME / {Supplementary} / X-Rank / Slows down time for a certain amount of time. / Ace Korimachi. ***Found in the Helixian Clans 14th Forbidden Scroll of Jikanton (Time) Style Jutsu. #2 ***

Forbidden Technique: Time Rift / Jikan Rifuto / TIME / {Supplimentary} / X-Rank / *The amount of time it will last depends on the users chakra level * / Slows down time within a certain radius. / Ace Korimachi.
Forbidden Technique: Time Rift Destruction / Jikan Rifuto Hakai / TIME / {Offensive} / X-Rank / *Ace failed in an attempt to kill an intruder and got caught in it, but didn't die do to him being Biologically Immortal.* / The user traps their opponent in a time rift, then extremely accelerates time within the rift, causing the opponent to age and die. ***Found in the Helixian Clans 14th Forbidden Scroll of Jikanton (Time) Style Jutsu. #3 ***

Secret Forbidden Technique: Time Deccelleration / Jikan Kasokudo / TIME / {Supplementary} / Secret X-Rank / *All Ranges *Creates an invisible sphere (only the user can see) that's 20 meters in diameter (default, can be extended), and whatever enters the sphere gets it's movement is slowed down (from 1/50th of a second - time actually stopping). The time on the target itself is accelled to an unknown amount, causing it to age and die. ~Kinjutsu - Banned by Helixian Clan Leader.~ ***Found in the Helixian Clans 14th Forbidden Scroll of Jikanton (Time) Style Jutsu. #4 ***

10. Space-Time -JIKUTON- Space-Time Style *Users of this style can manipulate the fabric of Space-Time.*

11. Electromagnetic Radiation -DENJIHOTON- EMS Style *Allows user to manipulate all radiation of the Eletromagnetic Spectrum. Kiki Asannoo is so skilled in its use that she can convert her entire body into radiation, allowing her to move at the speed of light.*

12. Unknown -FUMEITON- Unknown Style *This element is mysterious in nature and is extremely dangerous to use by anyone. It allows the user to turn matter into it's opposite, anti-matter. Due it's nature, it is highly explosive. The Helixians though it was possible to actually make "Anti-Chakra" but before they got a chance to study it thoughly, they were wiped out.*

[ Examples of Unknown Style Jutsu ]

Secret Forbidden Technique: Inevitable Fate - Eternal Stasis Cosmos Seal / Hi Kinjutsu: Fukahi Unmei - Eien Kosumosu Shi ru / UNKNOWN / {Supplementary} / Secret X-Rank / *This Technique can not be undone by anyone but the user* / The user must apply 2 seal-markings to the opponent and utter the targets name and shortly afterwards, time completely stops within the medium of the target, trapping the target in Eternal Stasis, and finally seals the targets medium in a pocket-dimension. This attack can't be avoided or evaded once the seals are applyed and the name is said. ***Found in the Helixian Clans 12th Forbidden Scroll of Michiton (Unknown) Style Jutsu. #1 ***

Secret Forbidden Technique: Infinite Seal / Hi Kinjutsu: Mugen Shi ru / UNKNOWN / {Supplementary} / Secret X-Rank / *Permanently seals away an elemental chakra type that the target last used. Can be released by SFT: Infinite Seal Release.* / Seals away elemental chakra. / Ace Korimachi. ***Found in the Helixian Clans 12th Forbidden Scroll of Michiton (Unknown) Style Jutsu. #3 ***

Secret Forbidden Technique: Instantanious Counteraction Elemental Seal / UNKNOWN / {Supplementary} / Secret X-Rank / * When an attacker attacks the user with an elemental jutsu, the jutsu activates and the chakra type of the attacker is instantly sealed. The damage that the attack was going to inflict is also neglected, and the effect can last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks* / Instantly Seals Elemental Chakra. / Ace Korimachi. ***Found in the Helixian Clans 12th Forbidden Scroll of Michiton (Unknown) Style Jutsu. #2 ***

13. Yin -INTON- Yin Style

14. Yang -YOTON- Yang Style

15. Yin-Yang -ONMYOTON- Yin-Yang Style

16. Creation -SOZOTON- Creation Style *Objects created from this element can't be destroyed by anything and will only go away at users will or if the user dies. This element can't penetrate Destruction Chakra. Given to the Helixians by the goddess Amaterasu Omikami* **It's known as the Ultimate Defence.** Users: Ace Korimachi, Niyya Korimachi, and Natsumi Sora.

17. Destruction -HAKAITON- Destruction Style *This element destroys anything it touches, including other chakra. This element can't destroy or penetrate Creation Chakra. Given to the Helixian Clan by the goddess Amaterasu Omikami* **It's known as the Ultimate Offense.** Users: Ace Korimachi, Niyya Korimachi, and Elite Yoshifumi (Sword of Destruction)

18. Light -KARUTON- Light Style *Users of this style are unusually skilled at healing and using healing techniques.*

19. Dark -MEITON- Dark Style - User of this style can absorb, manipulate, and release chakra taken from the opponent.

20. Blaze -ENTON- Inferno Style ~Fire + Wind~ Users of this style can release and manipulate the black flames of Amaterasu.

21. Boil -FUTTON- Vapour Style

22. Crystal-SHOTON-Crystal Style

23. Dust -JINTON- Partical Style

24. Explosion -BAKUTON- Explosion Style

25. Ice -HYOTON- Ice Style

26. Lava -YOTON- Lava Style

27. Magne t-JINTON- Magnet Style

28. Scorch -SHAKUTON- Magnet Style

29. Steel -KOTON- Steel Style *Allows the user to make their skin almost indestructable, although Creation Style is far superior.*

30. Storm -RANTON- Storm Style

21. Swift -JINTON- Swift Style *This element allows users to move from Point-A to Point-B almost instantly, although Space-Time Style is far superior.*

32. Wood -MOKUTON- Wood Style

33. Void -BOIDOTON- Void Style *Users of this style can create a space of absolute nothingness. It acts like a portal without an exit. It's also said that if you get trapped in it, it's inescapable by any means because there's no way of pinpointing where you are compared to where you want to go.*

34. Jet -JETTOTON- Jet Style ~Fire + Lightning~ *This element electrifies and scorches nearby objects. Looks like fire but moves like lightning.* Kiki Asannoo was known as Kiki of the Jet Style because of her exceptional use of this element.

35. Typhoon -TAIFUTON- Typhoon Style ~Lightning + Water~

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Helixian Clan Chakra Chart-1

All 35 Elements.

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The Helixians wear clothing specifically for each branch.

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Each branch of the Helixian Clan specializes in a certain field.

Korimachi Branch members specialize in Fuinjutsu, Kinutsu, and Space-Time Jutsu.

Asannoo Branch members are specialize in Tracking and Sensory Techniques and Ninjutsu.

Ohmaha Branch members specialize in Defensive Techniques, Supplementary Jutsu.

Kishimora Branch members specialize in Taijutsu Techniques and Shurikinjutsu.

Yoshifumi Branch members specialize in Offensive Techniques, and Genjutsu.

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Kekkei Genkai

The Tri-Force is a dojutsu unique to all members of the Helixian Clan and has 7 variants, and each one has a number of phases unique to each members

1. Alpha Tri-Force (Alphatri) - Allows the user to use very powerful genjutsu techniques and increases the offensivness of their offensive techniques. Revolves around Offensive Techniques.

2. Beta Tri-Force (Betatri) - Allows the user to create a shield of energy that can reflect almost any attack and it increases the defensiveness of their defensive techniques. Revolves around Offensive Techniques

3. Meta Tri-Force (Metatri) - Allows the user to see the Aura of objects, and beings around them, as well as the chakra network of others. Revolves around ESP Techniques.

4. Zeta Tri-Force (Zetatri) - Unknown as of right now. More info coming soon.

5. Psi Tri-Force (Zetatri) - Allows the user to analyze objects and attacks with extreme detail as well as see and track the movement of others. Revolves around Analytical techniques.

6. Sigma Tri-Force (Sigmatri) - Unknown as of right now. More info coming soon

7. Omega Tri-Force (Omegatri) - Allows the user to use very powerful Space-Time techniques, analyze their and track opponents movements, and increases the accuracy of predicting their opponents next move. Revolves around Space-Time Techniques.

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