Hatara Ryokou

Hatara Ryokou

りょこうハタラ</span>, Ryokō Hatara


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PiscesMarch 13th


Male Male


Part I: 7 months- 9 months
Part II: 1-2

Blood type





Ryokou Clan


Toralei Ryokou (Mother)

Kakashi Hatake (Father)

Sakumo Hatake (Paternal Grandfather)

Daisuke Ryokou (Maternal Grandather)

Michiko Ryokou (Maternal Grandmother)

Amaya Ryokou (Maternal Great-Grandmother)

Ichiro Ryokou (Uncle)

Hatara Ryokou (りょこうハタラ , Ryokō Hatara) is a citizen of Haigakure, as well as a member of the Ryokou Clan, and the illegitimate son of Kakashi Hatake.


Seven months before the series' start, Toralei Ryokou gave birth to the fruit of a night of carelessness and passion. A little boy was born, and later called Hatara. Although being a single mother was highly stigmatized among her clan and village, Toralei chose not to marry while in the first stages of her pregnancy. Fearing that with such arrangement she wouldn't be giving her son the life he deserved.


Hatara is a quiet, shy and overall cheerful infant. He rarely vocalizes his thoughts and reactions, and has the quick and instinctive reaction to slap any stranger that gets too close. He is also very observing and very attached to his mother and great-grandmother.

Even though he has learned to speak, Hatara rarely does so, and is more curious side to his personality surfaces as he wonders off when his mother's (or the person that is currently watching over him) attention wavers or is redirected to some other point of focus.


Hatara is a healthy infant with the chubbiness that is usual among toddlers. He has a good head of silver hair that is normally messy (thanks to him always passing his little hands through it), dark brown eyes and fair skin.

It appears that as he grows up, Hatara will become more like his father as time passes. His eyes and fair skin are the few features he shares with his mother.

Part I

Hatara is first referenced in Part One by Ichiro Ryokou during a conversation with the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Land of Waves Arc

During the time Team 7 was carrying out the task of escorting the bridge-builder TTazuna, Toralei, along with other two chūnin, escorted a few merchants to Konohagakure. In that time, they made some acquaintances, before they returned.

In the end is shown Toralei embracing and cooing at a giggling seven year-old Hatara.

Part II

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  • The name "Hatara" comes from the word "hatarakuhito" (働く人), meaning "worker"/"working person". This name would, in a way, tie with his father's and grandfather's name.
  • Hatara was born in a Friday 13th.


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