GaaFuy (Japanese ガア冬, GaaFuyu) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Sabaku no Gaara and Kuro Fuyu. 

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Fuyu meets Gaara at a very young age during one of his attacks. Her life is saved by Temari and the current Kazekage, Gaara's father, went to inspect her at the hospital. She awoke to see him with a not so pleasant expression and instantly became afraid. However, her leader left her without a word and she gained a scar which spreads along her cheekbones from the encounter with his son. 

Gaara and Fuyu meet sparingly prior to the Chūnin Selection Exams where she meets Ichiki Kuran. She tries to strike up a conservation with the raven haired girl, but ultimately ends up speaking with her teammate -- Orokana Redi. Fuyu is then seated between Sakura Haruno and Enma Watanabe during the first test. She watches Gaara use his sand to cheat and becomes sullen, wishing that she could use his method as well. 

Her life is once again put in danger by Gaara during the second test, but she is rescued by Naruto Uzumaki and develops a crush on him. Sadly, she is promised to marry a Shinobi from her home village of Sunagakure. 


During the Gaara Rescue Mission, we learn that she has accepted her role as Gaara's wife and has developed love for him. She's gained control over the beast inside of her and goes after the Akatsuki alone, which nearly results in her death. Deidara spares her, calling her weak. This angers her and she attacks, almost removing his head from the body. She's sent to the Sunagakure hospital to recover and isn't seen again until Gaara visits Konohagakure to drop by Ichiki's place. It is here that she learns about Gaara's troubled childhood, brought to light by Naoki Kuran's eyes. Feeling like it's her personal duty to set things straight, Fuyu disappears and doesn't return for five months. During the war, it is revealed that she asked Kabuto to reanimate Gaara's father so that Gaara could get closure on his past. Her stomach also has a budge, which confirms to be Gaara's unborn child. 


 They're married with children, happily living in Sunagakure and sometimes visiting Kohaku Uchiha. Fuyu comments to her husband that Kohaku is just as wise as Ichiki, but visibly more content. Sadly, Fuyu dies when her team is sent as backup for Kohaku's team. She sees Kohaku's limp body, loses control of her demon, and basically self-destructs. Her death is met by red and black light shooting out of her body until she crumples to the ground. Before her fall, Fuyu thinks to herself that she wished that she could've said goodbye. It is unknown if she referred to her family or the now deceased Kohaku Uchiha. 

Gaara dies of old age before the news can reach him of his wife's passing, the message instead relayed to his brother who becomes Kazekage until one of Gaara's children are ready for the mantel. 


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