Fuin Uzumaki

Fuin Uzumaki
(封印うずまき, Fuin Uzumaki)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Birthdate November 22
Gender Male
Age Part I: 13-14

  • Part II: 16-17
Height Part I: 170 cm-173 cm*Part II: 188 cm
Weight Part I: 57.6 kg-62.1 kg*Part II: 76.6 kg
Blood type O




Partner Kyofu Uchiha
Clan [1]

Uzumaki Clan

Ninja Rank

Part I: Chunin

Part II: Jonin

Ninja Registration 123717
Academy Grad. Age 11
Chunin Prom. Age 12

Nature Release

Wood Release


Fuin Uzumaki is a shinobi who specializes in Fuinjutsu from Uzushiogakure. He is currently the 2nd in command, behind Kyofu Uchiha.


Fuin is the younger brother of Kushina Uzumaki. When he was born, he was covered with seals all over his body, they looked like birth marks and scars. Fuin was constantly teased by the other children, to which he activated one of his many seals to scare the ones teasing him.

During the destruction of Uzushiogakure, Fuin's mother and father activated a seal on his back, that would seal him into a different deminsion, that would stop his time-flow so he could remain youthful for as long as he was in the deminsion. He didn't let the sealing get to him though. He made a little forest using his wood release, as he had some of the First Hokage's power in a seal on his arm.

He eventually made a village using the wood release. He then made multiple shadow clones to be the villagers. " What a bore, if only I knew a way out of here!", said Fuin in anger. Fuin jumped onto the tallest tree and saw a tiny zipper in the sky. " I have an idea!", said Fuin. He dismissed all of the clones he had made, and he unsealed a dragon to fly him up to the sky. He then unzipped the sky, and everything went black.

He opened his eyes, he only saw the ruins of Uzushiogakure. " I'm guessing mother and father are dead. Kushina! She could still be alive, mother and father probably sent her to the same deminsion I came from, but using their own chakra instead!", said Fuin. Fuin looked for Kushina's body for a long time. He couldn't find anything. He fell to his knees. " Kushina HAS to be around here!", said Fuin determined.

" I forgot! I put a tracking seal on her!", said Fuin laughing. He activated the seal, he couldn't find her. " Does this mean...I'm the only Uzumaki left!", wheeped Fuin. " No you aren't", said a man behind Fuin. It was Jiraiya, one of the legendary sannin. " Who are you?", asked Fuin. " I am Jiraiya, the godfather of your nephew.", said Jiraiya. " Kushina got busy?", asked Fuin. Jiraiya laughed. " She was married to the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. They had a child and named him Naruto, before having to seal the Nine-Tails inside of Naruto, they succeeded, but died.", said Jiraiya. Fuin looked at the ruins. " How long has it been?", asked Fuin. " About 20 years.", said Jiraiya. Fuin fell down and started to cry. " Do not worry Fuin. You are now my student.", said Jiraiya. Fuin wiped a tear from his eyes. " Thank you, please, take me to Naruto.", said Fuin. " Okay. Then we will set out for a LOT of training, you got that?", said Jiraiya cheering up Fuin. " I've got it! You know it! Jiraiya-sensei!", said Fuin.

Fuin was in a cloak, to hide all of the seal marks. Naruto walked down the street sadly. Naruto looked ten years old. " There he is.", said Jiraiya. Fuin ran to Naruto. " Naruto!", cheered Fuin. He picked Naruto up and gave him a hug. " Who are you?", asked Naruto. " I am your uncle, my name is Fuin Uzumaki.", said Fuin. " You're my uncle?", asked Naruto. " Correct.", said Fuin. " But you're barely older than me.", said Naruto. Fuin didn't listen. "It's been nice meeting you. I have to go now.", said Fuin. " Wait, please, can you keep me company, the village hates me, you are one of the only ones to treat me with such kindness.", said Naruto. Fuin looked back to Jiraiya. " Go ahead I've got some "research", to do for my next book.", said Jiraiya.

Fuin and Naruto walked down the streets. " Your mother was so nice, too bad she's...", said Fuin unable to say anything else. " I want you to meet Iruka-sensei.", said Naruto. " Sure! Why not.", said Fuin. He followed Naruto to the Academy. " Hello there! Iruka-sensei!", said Naruto, Iruka sensei looked over. " Hello there Naruto.", said Iruka. Iruka looked at Fuin. " Who's this? He reminds me of Kushina.", said Iruka to himself. " My name is Fuin Uzumaki.", said Fuin cheerfully. " The step-brother of the Fourth Hokage", thought Iruka. " You wanna join us to Ichiraku Ramen?", asked Naruto. " Sure", said Iruka.

After some eating, Jiraiya returned. " Jiraiya-sensei!", said Fuin. " Hey there Fuin, I hope you had a nice time, but we need to go.", said Jiraiya. Fuin sighed. " Okay! I'll come back soon.", said Fuin. "Bye.", said Naruto waving goodbye along with Iruka.

Fuin was walking with Jiraiya down a path. " Fuin, I trust you have a vast amount of chakra, but must of your power goes into your seals. So I am going to teach you a helpful offensive technique, but it is very risky.", said Jiraiya. " Bring it on!", cheered Fuin. Jiraiya laughed. " Okay, Fuin get into a meditation position.", said Jiraiya. Fuin did as told. " Now concentrate, and then, let all of your chakra from every seal escape.", said Jiraiya. Fuin nodded. He did as told. Jiraiya got back as a huge dome of chakra surrouned Fuin. " Good job!", said Jiraiya. Fuin was unconscious. Fuin woke up on a bed. " Where am I?", asked Fuin. Jiraiya looked at his pupil. " You are in a house.", said Jiraiya jokingly. " Who are you!?", asked Fuin. Jiraiya looked at Fuin. " I am Jiraiya, your sensei.", said Jiraiya. Fuin evil-eyed his master. " You are not my master! I have no master! You kidnapped me from my home!", yelled Fuin.

Fuin activated a seal that opened the eight gates. He started to pummel Jiraiya. " Old man! Tell me where I am!", yelled Fuin. Jiraiya kicked his pupil in the face. Fuin tackled Jiraiya. " The seal release! It must've unleashed a self-defense seal, he's lost all sanity untill the enemy is killed, or he runs out of chakra and dies! I'm not gonna let him die though!", yelled Jiraiya. Jiraiya used the substitution jutsu, and then made a shadow clone. Fuin destroyed the shadow clone, defeating his "target". Fuin fell to the ground. " I'm sorry Jiraiya-sensei...", said Fuin. " No problem, nothing serious.", said Jiraiya. Fuin looked at Jiraiya, and noticed he was heavily injured. " I'm sorry...", said Fuin, he disappeared in a puff of smoke. " Fuin!", yelled Jiraiya.

Fuin was sitting back at Uzushiogakure. He looked at his reflection in the water. Soon enough, a month had passed. Fuin was playing with a corpse that he had inscripted many seals into. Tsuchi Hyuga appeared in front of him. Fuin looked at Tsuchi. " Who are you?", asked Fuin. " I am Tsuchi Hyuga, what is your name?", asked Tsuchi. Fuin smirked. He jumped to his feet and pointed at Tsuchi. " I am the ultimate shinobi, Fuin Uzumaki! Now you will bow down to me!", yelled Fuin. Tsuchi was fazed by the Uzumaki's dramatic performance. Tsuchi shrugged. " Let's make a deal! If I fight you and win, you will join me, and If I lose, you will return to your normal life!", said Tsuchi. Fuin smiled wide, " Deal!".They had a fight of mostly taijutsu. Tsuchi defeated the Uzumaki in taijutsu using Gentle Fist. Fuin smirked. " You have not seen why I am named Fuin!", laughed Fuin. He took off his raggedy shirt. He had cursed seals on his chest, a power seal on his stomach around his belly button, sealing scrolls on his back, and human seals on his shoulders. Tsuchi surprised at the seals and scrolls laughed in joy.

Fuin grabbed a scroll, and sent many shuriken at Tsuchi. Tsuchi deflected and dodged them with all of his power. Fuin performed his hand seals faster than the speed of Tsuchi's eyes. Suddenly, a storm of kunai came from out of nowhere, and Tsuchi's arms were heavily injured. Tsuchi was lying on the ground, and was not able to get up do to his arms being injured. " Dammit, if only I had sent Kyofu to fight him, it'd be more effective because of his Sharingan.", said Tsuchi. Fuin walked up to Tsuchi, and put his hand on Tsuchi's chest. " Chakra Disrupting Seal!", yelled Fuin. Fuin started to draw a seal on Tsuchi's chest. Tsuchi shocked at the new seal he had never heard of, kicked Fuin in the chest, activating the pressure sensing seals he had on his chest. Fuin was now a walking power house. " Did that activate the Eight Gates!? Dammit!", yelled Tsuchi. Tsuchi jumped to his feet and started to run. He remembered why he came their. Fuin pummeled Tsuchi while Tsuchi was standing idle.

Fuin was about to press on his chakra outburst seal, when Tsuchi kicked him in the side. Fuin's eight gates closed, and he returned to his normal state. Fuin fainted, and Tsuchi regained control of his arms, realizing he wasn't able to use his arms because of a seal placed on the weapons.Tsuchi brought Fuin to the meeting place, and the others were there waiting for himwith their assigned targets. " It is time for us to find a home. Kyofu, if you'd please put a genjutsu over Konoha so they will think we are dead.", said Tsuchi. Kyofu activated the technique, and they all left for their new place of refuge: Amegakure. Pain realizing they were after Konoha too, he let them join, as long as they offer their services to the Akatsuki whenever they are needed. Which they agreed to.


Fuin is exuberant, brash, inattentive, and heedless to formality or social standings. He cought onto his catch-phrase "You Know It" from his sister, who would say "beleive it" when excited or frustrated. Fuin has a number of childish traits, like keeping his money in a fluffy cat wallet he affectionately calls "Neki-chan", being a very picky eater, and being afraid of ghosts. He is also somewhat perverted, something he tends to be reprimanded for by Suito Hozuki and his former academy master, but has only become even more so after meeting his mentor Jiraiya, causing many to say that Jiraiya raised a deadly replica of himself. However, whenever someone dear to him is in trouble or the situation calls for it, Fuin can be very serious, and will instantly try to come to their aid.==Appearance== IN WORK












Hand seals
































Part I


Part II



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