The Etsuko 


The tattoo

(Etsuko, 悦子)


Appears in


Try Reviving Your Clan Now, Duckie

The Etsuko are a nomad clan, slowly dying out


The Etsuko were founded by the singer, Etsuko May, who had twelve children, despite her career as a dancer. The clan bloomed, producing many singers and dancers, so theirr jutsus are based around hypnotism. Over time, the Etsuko grew to be very beautiful people, many women luring men from towns away. They specialise in taijutsu and have some generation genjutsu users, every other generation or so. 


The Etsuko can be seen as manipulative, using their powers, like the Kotoba (see below) to extract information, or mostly in the women's case, to make people fall in love with them. They are free spirits, willing to sing or play any instrument. 


All of the Etsuko have a mark on their left shoulder, showing the clan mark (see above). Aside from that, they are usually very small, an example of this is Etsuko Kohaku and Etsuko Ayano, two kunoichi who both went on to be very famous for thier powers. Another feature of the Etsuko is that they wear their bandages are the bridges of their feet and the palms of their hands, betraying their gymnastic abilities. 


The Etsuko use taijutsu , because of their physical ableness andgenjutsu , partly because of their doijutsu

Kekkei Genkai

Their kekkei genkai is the Kotoba, meaning 'words' because of it's hypnotic effect. If the user is strong enough, it has been known to overcome the Sharingan. It is said that when you hear it, it sounds like angels singing. 

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