Ichihara Domeki

Age: Part 1: 13-14,Part 2: 16-17

Rank:Part 1:Genin,Part 2: Chunin

Birth: November 22

Sign: Scorpio

Seiyus: Romi Paku (Japanese)

Steve Staley (English)

Relatives: Yukata Tamura (Guardian)

Mugi Tamura (Guardian)

he is&nbsp a Young Konohagakure shinobi whose one of the subordinates of Iyo Norimi , along with Nagi Hyuga and Yuo Nakagawa


Domeki was an orphant who was taken in and raised by the Tamura Sisters, Mugi & Yukata, he looked up to them like his mothers or aunts and they even taught him to use Ice release jutsus.

He was befriended by Yuo when he was enrolled to the academy,but after they were teamed up with Nagi Hyuga, He and his best friend fell in love with her, turning the two into rivals.

In Part 2, he and Yuo had evenly promoted to chunin.

When he confessed Nagi his true feelings She turned him down instantly but she told him that they can still be friends,though Yuo was brought down as well.


Domeki is very calm and cool-headed, but ever since he and Yuo had a love rivalry over Nagi he became more short-fused.

Unfortunetly, Domeki is quite shy around women, he often blushes when he gets complimeted by a girl and walks away when he cant take it anymore.

He fell in love with Nagi when she rescued him in their first B-rank mission.


Hair Style: Similar to Sai but less flat

Hair Color: Black

Skin Tone: Slightly Pale

Eye Color: Indigo

Clothes: Konoha forehead protector,pale blue high-collared jacket, fish-netted t-shirt underneath,black baggy pants,dark blue shinobi sandals

Part 2 (Shippuden): The only difference in his new appearance is that hes now wearing a high-collared pale green cape and a long sleeved dark blue t-shirt.


Ice Release

Yukata and Mugi traind him to use ice based jutsus.

Domeki can shape up weapons out of them and even create walls of them for defense,they cannot be melted by ordinary flames or heat and has more advantage in a cold environment or weather.

During the first exam in the Chunin Exams, he used his ice to create small ice mirrors around the corners of the room

Weaponry Expert

Since he uses his ice to create ninja tools in any shape or size, this has become his forte. Unfortunetly hes not as good as Tenten.


Ninjutsu: 2.5

Genjutsu: 2.5

Taijutsu: 3

Stamina: 3

Speed: 3.5

Intelligence: 3.5

Strenght: 2

Hand Seals: 4

Total: 24.


  • His English voice actor Steve Staley is also the voice of Neji Hyuga, while his japanese seiyu Romi Paku is also the voice of Temari
  • He is an inspired character of Gray Fullbuster a character in the Fairy Tail series, due to his power to mold ice to attack and defend
  • He wishes to fight Yuo Nakagawa
  • He had completed a total of 53 missions
    • D Ranks-16
    • C Ranks-16
    • B Ranks-15
    • A Ranks-6
    • S Ranks-0
  • His favorite food is Fried squid while he dislikes ginger

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