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Daisuke Ayumu was a boy from Hoshigakure, though died during a fight that broke out in the village.


Daisuke grew up with his father, as his mother had passed away during childbirth. His father was a violent drunk and often unleashed his anger and frustration on his young son. Daisuke has many scars and burns, that he tries to keep hidden from authorative figures, too afraid to tell anyone of what his father had done to him. At the age of three and a half, Daisuke's father died after falling into a state of unconsciousness. During that state, he vomited, inhaled it, and later suffocated. After the death of his parents, Daisuke was sent to a children's home located just outside the Star Village. Until the age of five, he was taken care of by one of the primary caregivers, Aimi, before being allowed to live with the other children in the main home.

Although he was fed and had fresh water to drink, the home was unable to provide all the vaccinations that the children would need due to lack of money.

Daisuke was certainly one of the more friendly boys at the home and easily made friends. Unfortunately there were some children, older than him, who felt they were more superior and bullied him and other children into giving them their lunch and dinner rations. Having had enough, Daisuke spent months crafting a kunai out of stone, which he intended to use only to scare the bullies. However, it didn't work out as he intended and the bullies ganged up on Daisuke and beat him. The other children watched on, begging for Daisuke to win, though the bullies greatly outnumbered him. They fought and knocked Daisuke down, where he cracked the side of his head on the ground.

After the defeat, Daisuke was bed-bound for a few weeks. During that time, Osamu, Isamu and Katsu, three resident wolves of the children's home, saw him and gave him company during the healing process, noting that the boy was very couragous and brave for what he did. They could clearly sense that Daisuke was a well-meaning boy, and offered their services to him. Osamu carried with him a scroll, and guided Daisuke through the process of signing the contract on the scroll so that Daisuke could summon the wolves at will. To make things easier, Daisuke attached a special tag to his handmade kunai so that when he through it, he could summon them.

At the age of eight, Daisuke met Shinuko, a girl of five, who'd been brought in after her parents were unable to care for her due to her visual impairment. The two quickly became acquainted, though their friendship took a little longer to build due to Shinuko's lack of trust.

The pair grew incredibly close over the next 24 months, becoming almost inseparable. Unbeknownst to them both, where Daisuke had hit his head during the fight, a bulge had formed and later it was confirmed that the fluid-filled balloon was, in fact, an aneurysm. Over the months, it's revealed that the aneurysm ruptures, and Daisuke hasn't very long left to live. He was getting weaker and sicker as the days went by, often vomiting and having small seizures.

Unbeknown to the caregivers and the children, a fight had broken out amongst the men of the Star Village regarding the meteor. The fight soon got out of control and much more hostile. The surrounding woodland was set on fire unintentionally, and so was the building with the children inside. Daisuke, with what little energy he had left, grabbed Shinuko and Ren, and made a run for it, narrowly escaping falling debris. Daisuke freed Shinuko, after the door frame fell on top of her, and continued out quickly, not wanting to waste any more time.

Quickly, Daisuke led Shinuko away from the fight and away from the danger. They ran to the rope bridge that went over the poison gas crevice, though weren't aware that somebody was following them. Once over, Daisuke turned and saw the three men approaching, and gave Shinuko his kunai that he'd kept with him in the children's home, telling her to use it to keep her safe when he left her. As the pain came back with an increased intensity, Daisuke turned to leave. Shinuko went to reach out and stop him, and even chased after him up until the point he took the shinobi and himself off the bridge.


Daisuke is a typical nice guy. He is seen to go out of his way to be kind, generous and helpful. On many occasions, he helps out those around him, often giving them some of his food rations that he'd been saving in his room. According to him, he'd sooner die than let a fellow peer starve to death. Many other people find Daisuke to be admirable, and the younger children mostly looked up to him as an authorative figure as he dealt with their problems and resolved many of their conflicts.

Onlookers are often baffled at the kindness Daisuke shows others, considering his abusive past and that both his parents had passed away. When asked why he bears no resentment towards his father for the abuse, he says that his father was suffering from an illness that he couldn't overcome, and added that nobody would reprimand a very young child for committing a crime he or she was not aware of committing, so why would he do the same to his father who was unaware of the pain he was causing?

Daisuke continuously shows a strong, father-like side to him, and is incredibly patient with those in the children's home. He clearly values justice and fairness, and often tries to work things out fairly when two or more children are quarrelling. Despite this side of him, during an intimate conversation with Shinuko, Daisuke admitted that although he's happy to be there for everyone, what he really likes is to just lay in bed, doing nothing and not worrying about anyone or anything. All he wanted was to be a normal kid with normal problems that he could open up about, but he couldn't be that person here.


Evidently, his closest relationship was with Shinuko Obake. They often sat in his room and shared secrets, dreams and ambitions and Daisuke openly expressed his fondness for her. During the night, he would take her out to the courtyard and help her become more independent and, in return, Shinuko listened to all his problems and memories, something that Daisuke could never do with anyone else because of their strong dependence on him to be strong and brave.

On the night of the fire that destroyed their home, Daisuke gave Shinuko the kunai knife, knowing that his friends would protect her and told her to keep herself safe. However, before he could express his feelings for her, a sudden, excrutiating pain erupted in his head, and his vision blurred momentarily, cutting the sentimental moment short as he turned to charge at the three pursuing shinobi.


Daisuke had fair skin and sharp blue eyes. His hair reached his shoulders and was often spiked up on the top of his head. His body was covered in scars that he tries to hide from authorative figures, afraid of the consequences.

His attire usually consisted of dark green, knee-length shorts and a white short-sleeved t-shirt with an olive green spiral on the back. His sandals were dark grey and very basic in style.


Due to the setting where he grew up, Daisuke had little chance to practice any basic ninja skills. However, he often burrowed books from the main office in the children's home, and read every night about the shinobi legends. He also sometimes read the stories to Shinuko. Daisuke had very high dreams of becoming a shinobi, and one that would someday be mentioned in the books he read.

Part I

Due to the recency of his passing, Shinuko frequently mentions Daisuke in Part I of the series. She often expresses regret for not doing more to save him. Daisuke indirectly plays a significant part in the series, especially during the first meeting of Team 7, where Shinuko notices the similarities between him and Naruto Uzumaki. He appears in the majority of Shinuko's flashbacks during the chuunin exams and during the "Invasion of Konoha arc", where Shinuko comes to make some life-changing decisions.

Part II



  • Daisuke's first name means "large, great" (dai) and "help" (suke).
  • His last name means "walk" (ayu) and "dream, vision" (mu).
  • His favourite thing to do was to just lay down somewhere peaceful and do nothing.
  • He wished to battle Shinuko Obake, because he deemed her to be the strongest person he'd ever met.
  • He preferred sweet foods over savoury.
  • Daisuke has admitted that his sole ambition in life, once he was old enough to leave the children's home, was to become a respected shinobi so that he could end all war. The beginning of his speech is a reference to John Lennon's song "Imagine".


(To Shinuko) "Imagine all the people, living life in peace... living a life as one. When I'm out of here, I'm going to be the greatest shinobi to ever walk this planet, so that I can end the suffering and end the war."

(To himself, when charging the three shinobi) "Please be safe, Shinuko."

(To Shinuko, regarding marriage) "Ha, well I'll hold you to that."



I do not own Naruto or any character from the canon. I do own Daisuke Ayumu.

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