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Michiko Hatake

This technique is where the user focuses chakra to their feet and releasing the chakra repeatedly at a timely rate, giving them superhuman speed. Michiko made this jutsu to amplify her performance of taijutsu, which makes the opponent have a more difficult time blocking her moves or fighting back.

This jutsu requires a great quantity of physical training, because the muscles of the body cannot handle this jutsu well because of the intensity of the speed. The average human can only use less than 20% of their muscle strength but using this jutsu can force the muscles to work slightly more powerful by using chakra, adding to the high speeds. This is also shown in the eight gates, but not as nearly as powerful. Chakra Enhanced Speed does not need the eight gates to use it.

Chakra control is a key impotent to handle chakra enhanced speed as well. Without good chakra control, it is nearly impossible to use.

Like mention before, training physically and practicing performing the jutsu is necessary to use it successfully. It took Michiko a very long time for her to be able to use it decently, even with the good chakra control she has.


Because the human legs cannot...

to be continued...

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