"Hello, I am Asami ♥"
Asami Nishiwaki Portrait by AsamiNishiwaki

This is Asami Nishiwaki, the blue Lily from Ai-Gakure

Asami Nishiwaki (浅見西脇) even called the blue Lily of Ai-Gakure


Asami Nishiwaki is a 21 years old Chunin Kunoichi from the Village "Ai-Gakure"(Ai = Love), a small Village which only train Girls and Woman as Ninjas. As she was 12 years old, her Father was killed by two unknown Nuke-Nins.
After that Day, Asami swear to find the Nuke-Nins(the Murderer) of her Father.
With 19 years she starts to traveling in the Ninja World to search for the Foot Prints of the Murderer.
For her Search she visits many Lands in the Ninjaworld even Konoha-Gakure in the Land of Fire.
Asami Nishiwaki was a Member in "Team Aiko" which included her Sensei Aiko-Sensei, her younger Sister Shizuka Nishiwaki and her best friend in Ai-Gakure called Mimiko Kobe.


Asami is a nice, cute, tolerant, helpfully and strong Girl. Her strongest Element is the Earth Element, so that Element is perfect for her, cause she love the Nature very much. Sometimes she use the Nature to meditate (even find the perfect concentration for her Chakra), and try to find in that way any problem solutions.
In Ai-Gakure she had have one good Friend, but after she leave her Village, the Contact with her best Friend Mimiko gone. In Konoha she had found good Friends. Friends like Naruto, Sai and Hinata.
Before the traveling to Konoha she have meet Sora (The Monk from the Fire Temple)
They become Friends too. Asami have got a Crush on Sora.


Asami have long brown hair and wears a blue Lily on the right side. Asami wears Glasses because
she is short-sighted.
As clothes she wears a blue short Kimono with Lily Prints on it. As Weapon, Asami use Kunais and Shurikens, but often fight with Legs and Arms. (Taijutsu)


She have the Element Earth. So she's very talented in use Earth Style.
Her strongest Jutsu is the "Kiss of Death" (A special feminine Jutsu from Ai-Gakure)
with that Jutsu she suck (like Fuuka) her Enemies there Chakra out.

Part II

Asami Nishiwaki appearance in some Filler Arc.
Naruto has already success a Mission together with Sakura and Sai, as he notice Asami in the Forest Near Konoha. She was in a Fight with some Giant Animal in the Konoha Forest.
Naruto was wondering, as he seen Sora again, and was lucky about it.
As the Fight was over, Asami introduce and said that she is on a Search for the Murderer of her Father.
Sora meet she on her Travel, Sora would help her, cause he know, how she feels.
(His Father Kazuma was "killed" to. For no reasons.)


- Asami Nishiwaki is a composition of some meanings. (Asa= Morning ; Mi= Fruit ; Nishi= West ; Waki= Side) {C}so, Asami Nishiwaki is a "Morning (cute) Fruit from the Westside" Ai-Gakure is a Village on the West in the Ninja World.

- Asami meet the Filler-Character Sora on her Travel.

- Asami was born in the small feminist Village "Ai-Gakure"

- Asami is a Kunoichi from Ai-Gakure. But Kunoichis don't wear Ninja Bands in Ai-Gakure. all Kunoichis have printed a little black Printed Mark "Heart" (The Sign for Ai-Gakure) on her Right Breast. That Mark was given by the Ai-Kage and their is branded in, so there isn't possible to remove it.


Asami watched a strong Jutsu by AsamiNishiwaki

Asami Nishiwaki in a Fight with an Enemy

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