Amenoko Kozue is a Chuunin from Amegakure


Name: Amenoko Kozue

Age: Part 1: 13 Part 2: 15 - 16

Gender: Female

Birthday: January 17

Height: 5' 2

Rank: Chuunin

Village: Amegakure (Rain)

Weapons: 3 Umbrellas, Whip

Hobbie(s): Training and Writting Caligraphy

Peronality: Procrastanater, Laid Back, Does't attention well

Relation: Amenoko's Mother and Father, Akemi(Sister), Raiden(Brother in Law), Emi(Niece), Akira(Nephew)


Little is known about her childhood. Her parents were killed by Hanzo during the Civil War. She was sent to live with her 22 year old sister Akemi, her husband Raiden, their 1 year old dautghter Emi, and their 4 month old son Akira. When Hanzo died, she was very happy. She was shown only in the begining of the Chuunin Exams, but, was never shown fighting. She is shown training in Part 2, she is very good with a whip and can control 3 umbellas. She can use Senbon Shower, she can shoot wires out of the umbrellas' tips and shoot an electrical charge through them and electrocute enemies, and the handles are cases for kusasagi swords. When Pain died, she was quite sad, but, when Konan died, she was very sad. She has sworn hate against Madara.


Hair color: Auburn (Not the Uzumaki Red, hers has a different hew to it)

Hair style: Shoulder length with choppy bangs slanting so that then cover her left eye. Styled like the female Animal Path of Pain, including her onion-looking bun.

Eyes: Shaped like Bentens's, Dark Blue

Clothing: Shirt like Hisame's, except it's light gray and doesn't have a colar-like thing. Her tube top is wrappings instead. She wears light gray shorts like Karin's and fishnets going just up above her knees. She wears black, normal shoes. She wears her Hitai-ite around her neck.

Skin: Very pale because of the ususal cloud cover

Figure: Petite, average figure for her age


Amenoko literally means "Rainy Child"

Kozue means "Treetop

Her favorite foods are Baked Cod and Apples

Her least favorite food is beets

They assume that she wears the bun out of respect for Pain

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