"Anything can Happen if you Follow your Ninja Way"

Name: Aki Ōame

Age: Part 1;11-12 Part 2;14-15

Aki Ōame (Ōame Aki)


Aki grew up with her mother in a small village in the Fire Country, called the Village Hidden in Falling Leaves, where it is permanetly the season Autumn. Her father died on a difficult mission before she was born. She traveled to Konoha to take part in the chuunin exams at age 12, one year earlier than most children because of her high intellegence. Her intell has began ranked higher than Sakura and lower than Shikamaru. After seeing the death of a team mate and her good friend Airi, she became very quiet and very cautious. She is currently 15 and still lives in the Autumn Village, but helps Naruto and the others because her village has been lending help to Konoha.


Aki is very quiet and kind. She wasn't very bold to begin with, but did become quieter after seeing the deaths. She believes that, no matter size, shape, or gender, you can be a ninja if you really want to be.


Aki has Reddish Brown hair, Brown eyes, and very pale skin. In Part 1, she wears Black, Jean-like pants with cuffed bottoms and a dark purple tank top with a long sleeve, dark green jacket. Her hair in Part 1 is shoulder length and wavy with full forehead bangs. In Part 2, she wears a dark orange, swoop neck shirt with elbow length sleeves and dark red pants that cut off just above the knee with average ninja shoes. Her hair in Part 2 is low-back length and slightly wavy with bangs that "flip over," and create a large wave near her face. She wears a hitae ite on her forehead.


Aki has Earth chakra nature and is about average. She is quite clumsy with weapons, so she doesn't use them often. Her Taijutsu is also thrown off by her clumsiness.







Stamina- 2.5


Hand Seals-3

Part 1

Aki isn't in Part 1 very often. She was seen at the Chuunin Exams and comments were heard about her and how young she was. She was also seen mourning after Airi's death and with her team, whose names are unknown.

Part II

Aki is first seen catching up with Naruto when visits her village. It's unknown if they were friends in Part 1. She and her team make an encounter with Orochimaru when he tried to sneak in to Konoha and went through their village, thinking no one knew who he was because they're such a small village. They made an attempt to kill him but failed. This failure resulted in the mission to the Tenchi Bridge that Team 7 goes on.

As time passes, she becomes more involved in the story. She has been seen aiding teams from Konoha and going on important missions with her team. Not many people respect her because of her being one year younger. Her mother is seen being quite kind and is a doctor at the small infirmiry in their village. Aki doesn't have many friends because no one liked her and thought she was weird for being so smart. Naruto, Sakura, and Kiba are her main friends. Her teammates kind of her friends.

Her spoiled cousin Hansuke comes to live with her and her mother after his village began to die off from famine. Hansuke was the son of the rulers of the village. Aki and Hansuke absolutly hate eachother because Hansuke is rich and Aki is just average and Hansuke thinks he's better than her. Hansuke was trained less than her, so she has an advantage over him in a battle.

During the Invasion of Pain, her mother was called out to help the revived. Aki came with her to see what she could do to help.

It's later revealed that Madara put a poison in the food to kill Hansuke's village. Hansuke's true form shows and he glows red with "Rage Chakra", or a mass of red or black chakra that is generated through anger. Aki's mother has to seal the chakra back to him because the rage chakra began to deteriorate Hansuke's body to the point that he started dying. Hansuke becomes more mature and less self centered after unlocking his true power. Aki begins to respects him after that.


Aki means "Bright Autumn"

Ōame means "Heavy Rain"

Her Favorite food is Matsutake Gohan

Her least favorite food is Chazuke

Her hobby is drying and framing flowers and leaves

She wishes to fight her cousin, Hansuke


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