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"Azusa" is merely her alias. she is a travelling kunoichi whose village is never mentioned,most about her remains a mystery

Seiyus: Tara Strong (English) , Mariya Ise (Japanese)

Age: Part 1: 11-12, Part 2: 14-15

Gender: Female

Rank: Unknown


She has chocolate brown hair with a short back base tied into a high ponytail using a yellow ribbon,her bangs and sideparts are much longer.Azusa has almond shaped purple eyes,her main accessory is her red framed glasses,which she frequently takes off when in battle or when activating her Kekkei Genkai.

She also wears a an orange-red one piece dress,with black shorts underneath,her equipment pouch is attached to her upper left leg,fish net leggings and the original shinobi sandals,along with some red-violet fingerless gloves.

Despite her nerdy look,Azusa can look alot more attractive without her glasses and wears her hair down. but when shes mad, its terrifying

In Part 2,when Azusa reappeared in the series. her attire looks as casual as her previous appearances in pre-shippuden. she wears a plain white polo-shirt and black jogging pants ,her sandals are now green


Azusa specializes in wind-based jutsus

Cyclone Barrage

Using her enhanced speed,Azusa swiftly attacks her opponent from all angles in a circular motion

Wind Style:tornado Wand

She can control a tornado that works like a giant drill or spinning blade

Wind Style: Breezy Roar

Azusa can blow a strong gust of wind outta her mouth,the wind preassure is powerful enough to easilly wipe the opponent off his/her also has a slight freezing ability

Air Needles

Using her chakra to mold the wind into small invisible needles making it harder for the enemy to evade.


Azusa is very optimistic and cool-headed,and usually speaks in a teensy giryl-girl sort off way.unfortunetly she sometimes fail to see the bad points of almost everything and is utterly clueless.Accoding to Shikamaru , shes too open-minded and easilly impressed.Despite her positive nature,Azusa tends to get *a little* violent when getting into a fight,making several Jonin men,including Naruto and the league fear her.


  • "Azusa" means "Catalpa tree",she got that name from Azusa Nakano,whose a character from K-ON!
  • her hobby is rock-climbing
  • Her favorite food is pastry puffs,while her least favorite is Octopus
  • She was surprisingly talented at singing,Accourding to fanfiction,she once sang Gohan wa Okazu, a song from the K-ON! series

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